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good morning welcome back to screen junkies Universal as we call it shapes to junkies universe I guess now as this says facade it is I Daniel Radford ruler of the panel and guide to the SJ Universal Thank You Ryan and with me today we have got Marquis McCarty Holly oh yeah thanks for having me kind of good to see you we've got my Sojo star [Laughter] once again if they give us free stuff Joe and I suggested we go further and just like depending on what you work on you have like don't like stripes and badges on your sink yeah engineering yeah and all the writers are red shirts alright we've got a few things coming up today that we're gonna be covering we've gonna be covering some Keanu of course Johnny silver hands so exciting Jana Abrams is writing a Superman or a superhero comic and then we've got some fan questions but first I wish I had like a cigarette so I could Edward or Amaro this we have reached day 154 the Keano sobs and now we have learned that Marvel has a Keanu obsession just like the rest of us there's via Brandon Davis of comic book calm Kevin Feige has been all over the press as he plays person at the party who knows the gossip stuff that you don't tease his fans he was III Jesus so he's been teasing about what's gonna be coming at the MCU after Avengers endgame and spider-man far from home so after being rumored about the Eternals he was asked by Brandon Davis of comic book calm about big-name actors that might join the MCU one day and he specifically was asked about mr. John wick himself and fy'y confirmed and he said we talked to him about almost everything we make was a lot of time they make a lot of movies so that's a nice like every other month it's like Kevin's on the pad again they're coming up you want to be in it people that get offered every movie whether they're right for not the rock Keanu and Tiffany Haddish just get offered every movie it's like part of their contract I love that Kevin Hardin wasn't on there but the rock was no the rock is every time it's like oh we're gonna do a biopic of George Washington the rocks at the top of our list from those three comes their extended family like Adam Sandler you know like if you if you're gonna do Sandler you're gonna do Spade like it's just it's not even really a thing you negotiate it's like pork chops and applesauce you've got the rock and then you've got the applesauce I think the trick is Keanu's grown-up screw is life itself it's like there's few people that can reach like Jeff Goldblum status monkey on is the yes yes status I mean seriously on one hand we could count the people that are like that epic that iconic yeah that comfortable with themselves yeah you know that charismatic but in are like a positive beloved way right I argued it up movie fights a targeted again we don't love Tom Cruise we fear and respect him so where are we feeling good about mark of getting in on the year of Keanu do we think that this is a good move for them yeah more Keanu is always a good thing you know like always it's like he's the really great vegetable that's made out of candy and gold potatoes but you need the potato you need do not equate potato would you call Kyani clearly I'm the vegetable expert which is why I was brought in on today's panel thanks for setting me up yeah they put like a leaf of lettuce under my spaghetti one time and I was like Yuri club is just a card box everything out for you what was the question I'm talking about you know the Keanu and how he winds up pulling everything together so I will ask you this one vegetable questions are off the table I didn't know so sending such a sensitive topic knowledgeable character do you think it would be a really good fit for um do you accuse me of stealing this from you but I'd like to say great minds think alike I feel like he's the only person now that could if they did a flashback could be Uncle Ben in a spider-man you think of two things one who would Marissa Tomei like be attracted to because she's not eighty years old yeah but also always still will be when she's 80 right the great power great responsibility thing it's now become like so trophy that like when you hear it's it almost grown inducing but like the only person that could deliver it with like a half a percent of Ernest E is Keanu Reeves and I feel like he would like twist it just and now for I'd be like I believe that yeah and we know that he's gonna die so why are you like punching us in the gut right now gene leaves halfway through this movie I'm fine but if you know know what you were doing especially if it's like you know it's like Thomas and Martha Wayne it's like we're gonna see the alley thing again like we get it we know and so I think yeah you do need that little bit of extra oomph of like oh but it's you know that's where he got all of his movie references that's why he's always like you ever see that really all what do you got work you oh I I went a bit more old-school comics with it because like in Santos's quest and in the affinity gauntlet you go through like the the elders you have like you know the collector you actually saw that and guardians of the galaxy played by Benicio del Toro I want Kenya Reeves to be the gardener and the gardener is just as really that's too deep a pole for me Marvel expert assisting mortal God was a custodian of one of the I keep them there's so many words now one of the infinity gems infinity crystals custodian of one of those like and he can literally make anything grow supers and extremely powerful and it's just like chillaxing I like that the picture pulled is him looking like you know Moses we're gonna stay on this yeah it's a yeah but extremely spiritual and and just a real chill dude I mean the iconic answer for County is Silver Surfer you know that's that's one of the things everybody kept on saying like back in the day but ya know I'm sure we could bring him because like with with the stance that we have right now with like the Infinity stones I think it's very possible to continue with like infinity watch type of a deal and that's necessary and you can toss the Gardner in there that's great I would love him to surf for two and um if they adapted it was Dan Slott that did that most reefs yeah yeah without word drawing like that was such a just sweet nice like yeah superhero story that would that would be a great that'd be a great Keanu Reeves thing I'm gonna pick remember how bad Iron Fist was there's only one man that can do triage on Danny Rand and that's Keanu Reeves so I go Iron Fist because at least the dude it's not just like another like blond white dude playing the kung-fu guy but I would also continue the MCU tradition of mentor-mentee with going Scott Lang instead of Hank Pym and I would go ahead and set him up in the position that he's been doing this for a while and just go ahead and because Matt Fraction when he needed when he did the comic he set up the idea it's been it's been like a really cool legacy oh yeah Dana back there was a pirate yeah Queen yes she was amazed she like just to continue our spirituality and weird avatar stuff with generations yeah I think you go ahead and set it up that he's been doing this for a while and he's training someone else because I also like the add the Metis of Keanu Reeves now teaching the next generation about spoons and the lack their own as opposed to like learning metaphysics from somebody else I think that'd be fun that's great now continuing with this side of the tables tragedy thoughts they're gay that he would make a really good dot Connor slash lizard first spider-man someone who is again like a t-shirt and he's someone that Peter winds up connecting to in a big way he wants you know he turns into the lizard because of this tragic accident and he's always trying to fight that lizard part of himself and get back to being doc Connors and again the power of Keanu means that you're automatically gonna care about him and you're gonna care about this tragedy of him accidentally turning himself into a big jumpin green lizard well that gets us close to a Michael Keaton Keanu that was what was missing well there was a lot of things wrong with the amazing spider-man but it's like I never really bought the tragedy the lizard and I thought that that's where they were gonna go with Tobey Maguire ones cuz they had put that guy in there for like a couple movies at that point every now and then he just walked by in the background on my arm what an interesting if you didn't know I couldn't interesting choice just a one-armed teacher I guess sure yeah but yeah I think yeah I mean I'm with you I think if you have Keanu you've already got the audience to like you like you have a built in like sympathy meter forum vulnerability strength so you avoid it a hundred percent yeah you have to make him a tragic character because you've already won the audience over before the movie starts yep and then this will make you actually care about the wizard which I he's one of my favorite of the spider-man villains because I always like that kind of like oh I'm a villain but like I'm good dude kinda but then Chomp Chomp yeah I definitely wouldn't I don't think I'd have them be like a protagonist or like a Wolverine and something like that soon because I think especially with with the new phase with so much of the old guard out I think you need some established people to now put over like a next generation yeah a further for the next phase is like you yeah exactly you need to bring in some heavy hitters to be like here's ironheart here's like a young Luke Cage or over for the people who aren't at this table who are really into wrestling is a wrestling tournament needs to like build someone up and make them cement for you let's just stop talking about this like an Iron Heart it's a cut a promo yes well so speaking of this what 1995 gave us our canon sasha deep pool now that is like connected yeah a long time literally just going through like every theater class I ever took worse at some point someone was like ours was always the Romeo and Juliet where they would have to fast-forward through that one scene so no but thank you Mark here for bringing this up so now that it looks like they're also starting to cater some big stars but like Joe says it seems like they're not going to be doing as many as sort of these big leads who else would you want to see come in and do a character and who would you like to have play them for me since you said ironheart I know this isn't a huge actor but I think Marseille Martin from blackish would be the perfect ironheart if you've ever seen blackish she plays Diane she's very smart very smart alecky the the character herself is but also Marseille Martin is incredibly smart she produced she's like the youngest producer of all time she produced that movie little that she was in she's a fantastic actress I think that she would be my ironheart well yoga well I've got two choices the rock and Tiffani had series in the rock now I mean literally that is one of the ones oh well I want Denzel Washington I know that's a really big pull especially for like superhero movies because he's basically a superhero already right I mean you've seen was it a the ejector what was it what was a the ejection asleep eliezer the inflationary enforcer like a crazy dentist or doctor or something but I would love for that character kind of that I'm retired but I've been pulled back into the life to put that and like the MCU like maybe set him up as a possible shield liaison and like black panther to kind of a thing are just something just utilize Denzel in some way I think he'd be a great Bishop I'll he be at me like just like a weary come back from the future everything is messed up oh no what happened you know that he'd be really good at that what do you got Billy I here's the thing like I I guess it would have to be like a side character because I feel like we're the MCU really did its best work was not casting someone distracting like in their minerals like Evans wasn't that big of a deal back then he was like the the fire guy from Fantastic Four yeah that was actually in his credits if I had to choose someone actually connect kind of cheat and bring back someone that they're never gonna use ever again because I actually had one of those as one here or bring back the guy who's gonna be the leader what's his name Tim from Incredible Hulk and like you see his head bubbling and you're like oh Samson yes yes he was the guy from hell man brother word yeah nope nope Tim Roth wasn't that abomination but no like he goes who's been talking to the entire time and then he like tries to like control the Hulk and then the the army comes and swarms the place yeah yep Tim Blake Tim Blake yes yes so I don't know like the like I remember cuz there was like a Hulk cartoon that was around the same time as like x-men the enemies hears everything like the leader was like big like oh cool they're like setting this up like you see him like on the ground and it's four heads bubbling you're like oh it's gonna happen if you guys don't know the leader got a big ol head huge hit the head yeah anyways sorry like I just I really like Incredible Hulk and I feel like they tiptoe like around it I'm like no just bring back Liv Tyler what happened to you brought back Ross yeah yeah they certainly did yeah so it's not like it doesn't completely exist they reference Harlem and the Avengers what happened bring back Liv Tyler and bubbly head leader big dumb heads we did big dumb heads in Aquaman like I have what to pusher in the arrow big dumb heads and gamma clickers embrace them I have a few people roll their eyes because I was shouting about him again yesterday when I was because they announced some Wheel of Time casting and so I was talking about justice Smith again but he's from Louisville to get down and he did a great job screaming and being a dork detective Pikachu he's my Cyclops I think oh he makes Cyclops interesting I also think the x-men need to come in young looking what they need to come in like as kids in a school I think we should just put the x-men back in the box Oh No put it put it over there on the shelf for a while sure doll so that kids not gonna age so like he can he's really not yeah he'll still play a teen when he's thirty it's fine I was reading I've been reading champions and what's the the visions daughter's name I think his vision is I think they just call her vis I always mess that up because I forget I mix it up with like the Scarlet Witch and they're fake kids yeah I have Maisie Williams for Vivian oh I think can be fun and then not because I'm was it a New Avengers isn't coming out anytime soon yes yeah that's going to hurt I would totally watch it on Disney Plus yeah on Disney plus I would watch it and then bringing endorsement I would watch that for free oh my god and then from Cobra Kai Shalimar dueña he is the lead I would have him play Nova he was he was made to play Nova I think enough people have been yelling it on Twitter that he's even like poked at Marshall times like how do I do this yeah show was great and yeah that kid's gonna be a star pretty soon so they might as well jump on it you know it'd make a great name or Daniel Dae Kim yes they're so close to like hmm how would Daniel day-lewis you know who I mean yeah from lost right uh from there always be my maybe yeah he was an always being immediately yeah he's in tons of yeah a lot of things what's he a Miami Vice no that was my Daniel day-lewis Daniel Dae Kim exactly what we need we do need that black pepper they decided they wanted to touch this again I think Anne Hathaway would be a great Jessica Jones maybe something a little closer to the comic book version just because they sound like what she didn't colossal if you know if you take that performance where you know she's this person kind of struggling with her own powers and like her alcoholism and her life falling apart I think that she would do a really good job as Jessica Jones but I thought about that yeah I'd like the TV show Jessica Jones I really liked the comic book so whatever interested me as a society decided we did not like her either so thing that we do especially with actresses where we love you we love you we love you and then the hard fall comes it's like when we all love Jennifer Lawrence and then finally so one person on Twitter was like if I have to watch her trip one more time and then everyone was like oh thank you I'm over it too and then the tide turns yeah you know like Leto can just throw condoms at people everything's like do you want more jobs as a vampire like she could not smile once and everyone's like I think she's probably you see the way she answered that interview about that time but that embarrassing thing has saved oceans ain't for me like a nap I agree turn that movie around like the minute she came in it was like injected with emotionality it just wasn't quite hitting for me at that point yeah I agree she's good Princess Diaries – is she good I've enjoyed our work did you did you see how the remake of dirty rotten scoundrels I didn't even know yeah it was was it her and Melissa McCarthy know [Laughter] if it helps any I confuse Daniel day-lewis with the other week I realized that all the directors named Gareth are actually different I thought it was a fun remake I thought it hit it hit everything that it needed to so I mean if you see it on Netflix or something you know yeah look nothing but respect for my Princess Diaries and then nothing but respect so we've got a couple of fan questions just to kind of round out this section one of them is from Josie Grace who asks in honor of Keanu Reeves turn and always be my maybe watch that movie that is on Netflix you get on that what are your favorite appearances on screen of actors playing yourself or themselves or your your least favorite is playing me well now I'm gonna do that now I'm just gonna do all of them I'm gonna go back to vine I'm gonna make vitae thing and I'm just gonna be fans of Joestar so for me this is a really really weird one because it's not a good movie I'm tickled pink by Tom Petty and the postman because they hint that it's supposed to be Tom Petty but they don't actually tell you it's Tom and so what happens is kevin costner and another who like weird post-apocalyptic movie that don't make no sense he goes to a bridge town and the guy there is like hey man like we're a bridge town and you can't bring no guns and and the postman goes hey I think I know you I think you're famous uh-huh and Tom Petty's like I'm not really famous I was once and almost weeks but then doesn't and then when he finds out the Kevin Costner was the postman he goes nah you're the famous 105 you want to hear me scream about this very subject more you can buy Joestar heroic effort available now and Tom Paine doesn't look older so it's like did you did you finish like recording learning to fly and then the bomb fell like when Kevin Costner era where was just like I'm gonna do all these Apocalypse movies we're gonna start in the middle because I also didn't understand that nonsense apparently the postman happens in the future of like six years ago it happens in okay 13 okay so maybe Costner vanity it really like I know you you're famous I was once and then you know he's like cut yes yeah Tom Petty tells me that I'm the famous swimmer here what do you get oh this is a hard pole for me actually you know like celebrities playing themselves I mean the first one I thought of was John Malkovich Being John Malkovich where it's just like I enjoy a movie where it's like you're yourself the entire time that's that's really awesome and then the second one that I thought of and I don't know why but it just it's stuck in my head did any of you watch juanita on Netflix no one Oh No this an alfre woodard vehicle and it's all about like a coming of age even though she's like older she's you know she's raised her kids help starting to help them raise their she's like you know what nope I'm cutting loose I'm getting on a bus and wherever it takes me and wife watch this I know what this is No yeah yeah in that blair Underwood plays himself is a dream version that one need a you know it's like what she has time to herself so what is just like he was like oh yeah i'm blair Underwood Oh sexy you know and like hey can I borrow five dollars sexy gyrating blair Underwood topic um I think one of my all-time favorite comedies that's it's a newer movie but it this is the end yeah I think it just took me by surprise and I think the standouts for me are Jonah Hill who just like totally plays up what a dick he probably is like dear God it's me Jonah Hill Moneyball and then Danny McBride Danny McBride steals that entire movie and I I want to believe that's how he actually is even though he's terrible but what he like takes that God he puts these mouths like just kill me there that's what I thought nerd they're all just playing there's the worst accurate which was amazing yeah every Brides one where I'm always like this is just like 80% you like everything he's ever done I'm just like mm-hmm like even way back with foot fist way.if which if you've never seen it as so good it's like he's a small-town Taekwondo instructor I have a horse so you know how their stuff is their stuff together has evolved and it's more like funny than bleak a lot of the time now this one's just like no man bleep Blake Blake down your throat into it but yeah but even that you're just like this is just this dude on camera like Malkovich is the same way like where it's like if he did yeah that Danny McBride thing you're just like this is just Danny McBride was Malkovich the blu-ray of this is the end I think the funny seen the movie is where Franco gets mad because there's stuff on his adult magazine and they argue but if you watch this he's like I'm going to bed no one come in here now there's about 12 minutes of just unbroken takes because they just couldn't do it because they were laughing so hard and if you watch the movie the final cut whenever they cut to Franco in the balcony that shot from behind you see Seth Rogen and he's just his shoulders McBride takes it so seriously so hard the best scene in a comedy from my mind oh that's great and so there's also a follow-up to this what celebrity should appear in the MCU but as themselves mine is Beyonce just because I imagine her like when we talk about tall Oprah I imagine her just coming in as tall Beyonce she's not Galactus she isn't anyone else she's just exists in the cosmos and everyone's like oh it's Beyonce and she walks by with her ovulation you can literally have a scene where it's like her and Dazzler friends yeah yeah yeah I think where it's just like hey BAE hey there's a news party and she's comes up and randomly hug someone and leaves the way that she does and everything that was that and this world Dazzler cut her from Kelly Rowland connect I was thinking about this when you guys are pitching Uncle Ben but I would just make him Keanu Reeves that's great anybody else got any ones oh I don't know anytime they do that because it does happen in movies sometimes it just pulls me right out yeah their cameo stuffs weird like Tony Stark fist bumping with Elon Musk yeah it's like it works in like a comedy like I still think like the Bill Murray cameo and Zombieland is like one of the funniest just like reveals and yeah movie but if you're trying to like make me take your things seriously or escape like the minute you put in like you know Beyonce I'm like like Beyonce yeah you know Dazzler thing I think then it's okay because it's like building a world that I completely understand what you're saying yeah it's just a little father-son there hanging out and Michelle Obama shows up and she's like don't forget to eat your vegetables or whatever yeah well even that's even hard to sometimes we're just the pop-culture references get challenging right cuz it's like start naming enough movies or called enough people Squidward's or Legolas or whatever and then you start connecting like oh well this person that's in this movie was in that movie so then then and yeah if you really want to go for it it's like okay so let's last action hero this you know like if if Robert Downey jr. was in that movie buddy read someone reference it like who who played them instead yeah I mean I guess then my nose bleed on him you couldn't be him because Point Break exists does exist in that universe Tom Holland says you ever seen that really old movie Point Break my uncle is in it anyway in this universe in a world with it's the ultimate Uncle Ben moment that way you don't have to do anymore uncle because everyone has an Uncle Ben in there in their movie like someone's got to go and like but once it's all right so once again we are fandom Entertainment make sure to LIKE and subscribe and obliterate that freaking Bell says the producer thank you boo phantom empowered is out we're really excited about it check it out if you haven't yet it is great we sent some people we sent a rock and our producer max out to Forks to go to this large Disneyland for Twilight fans it's amazing and it's very sincere and it's a good chance to check out what different fandoms look like so go check that out if you haven't already and comment down below in that video what fandoms you would want to see explored so do that the link is in the description and now Ryan's been trying out different bells on offense all right and that we have JJ Abrams is writing a spider-man comic with his son this is via the New York Times JJ Abrams and his son Henry will be writing a five-part spider-man comic series that will introduce a new villain cadaverous so like a dead body or sign so he says here's the things you've written the cider like JJ Abrams son definitely wanted to write us by this reminds me of all those times when we find out they're now – no Joss Whedon's doing this great project Joss Whedon's dollhouse Joss Whedon's you know agents of shield and then it's not Joss Whedon it's Jed Whedon is a producer of movie fights I was like I'll come on in help and now my cat has a credit in the description if I were a betting man I would say JJ had very little if anything to do with this actual comic so if you're interested in JJ's kid's comic great but if you're like oh this is from the mind I mean I'm not saying that it's I I don't know this person so you know I don't know this might be really great ideas it might be a really great story it's just you know it's kudos for having the access and opportunity right yeah you did it yeah I don't know just all of us for the entire episode yesterday's are em being cynical it's also like this happens like probably probably more frequently than people think in terms of like celebrities then drop writing like comics like CM Punk wrote was it Fantastic Four's I believe so no and we actually I'm gonna skip and we will come back to some of these are there any non comic book creators that you would want to see aside from CM Punk sure take something on and what would you like to see them take on well Henry Abrams most positive person of any Pando so to watch Joe just meltdown is amazing to see like a a really great filmmaker I mean genes in you so or at least you have like the ultimate like editor to like dad will you look at this before I embarrass myself it's not gonna be like I can't I can't more puzzle boxes you're not my son terribly be like me go put on the fridge like that goes right here I'm lost I like loss I know I know but that's that's Lindelof also abrams you've derailed me four times that's that's a Linda laughing if you're mad you have to go to Houston Lindelof for that but I would love to see a great filmmaker that maybe do a passion project that they know they're just not going to get the money for it to put on screen but comics the you know or a medium where you can do a lot of things that you couldn't do so like this would never ever ever happen but I would love to see like Christopher Nolan do I mean I guess maybe that's a bad example because he's at a point where they'll just give him the money to do is crazy yeah but or you know what maybe some of these movies that like they announced never happened yeah we're never gonna get to see it I know people were like really thinking this was gonna be spider-man 4 and well it's not something that I really need to see an adaptation of I really would love to see what Burton had ideas for Batman 3 which then became rubber-like and I know that they toyed around with doing like a Burton vers comic well that would I mention of the Buffy comics you know after oh yeah and then they had like was at season 7 or season yeah in comic book form they also did fray which was something else gonna grill Ian loved Fran that was a spin on that they would never do on TV but every happens in the future and what happens is is that Frey has a twin brother and so thus the the Slayer thing gets split between the two of us so she gets all the powers and he gets the leadership ability and it's rin he's evil and that's Mady it's bad it's really really good yeah um for me I think that I want Meghan Amran she is one of the writers on Parks and Rec she's one of the writers of the good place she just signed a deal and overall deal to produce some more things and I want to run a team book because she can she's proven that she's able to handle so many people at once in so many characters yeah and and make it really fun and so I want her either on x-men because she's got the heart and she could keep it light or I want so on wackadoo Great Lakes adventures it's really good and it's really funny and we could get some really good puns in there cuz she's great at doing puns so that's someone I would like to come in and do some comics my mine is inspired by Teresa's run at writing or at overseeing his own comic book which was fantastic Tyrese fast and furious yeah yeah coca-cola guy yeah yeah is it just like all about how he hates Vin Diesel well no it was like a character but it was like it was like his likeness but I want to do based on that I want a fast and furious comic set in the universe but VIN writes it then help let him draw it like what as long as no one's allowed to be like no it's pure unadulterated VIN so whether or not every issue like the rocks character just dies like Kenny in South Park I don't know that but that's what I want like written by Vin Diesel guys there's something PFF Vin Diesel that I love well is xxx or that witch hunter movie was like I think based on yeah it's like base on his D&D character like whatever whatever that goes full nerd and you got a love yeah yeah let him draw a fast the Furious comic okay quick pin if you've never heard the clip of Jim Ross the my god stone cold guy from the 90s who called 4wv he has a podcast and one day he was shelling for Burger King for a while and at some point Burger King must have bought like a two-minute ad and gave him 20 seconds of copy because it's Jim Ross just winging it like three minutes talking about croissant witches seek it out anyway you played it for me like two years ago and we sat there i think we listened to it twice in a row billy played it for me and Kramer kind of stood Mike Carlson introduced it into my life but it's just him like it's crazy anyway let him do an else world's fast and furious that starts off right after the first movie it's faster the furious how then imagined it I would want to see some directors that I really respect to go into the comic book median like Ava Duvernay because I mean she creates these amazing characters we and gets these incredible actors to go with and I would love to see if she would be able to do that in like a comic book form a graphic novel form well she's such a cool visual director – yes yeah yeah I mean gorgeous and she's got VI you know the she's got the everything you know like Roman time was a lot of things but what I will defend like it visually it's lovely like it was for me I felt like it was for the people that were behind me you don't like people coming on like Lexi Alexander I would love to see what she is standing it was a talk for the first twenty five minutes of that movie just walks up to people he's like yeah I'm just gonna be like over-the-top crazy that would be such an entertaining graphic novel and um um sorry to bother you boots Riley yeah I would love to see what he would do yeah that would be that would be something else his x-men look like that would be communist x-men I don't know man it would be like a real social you know like he makes some social comments yeah I would real real get that out of my x-men x-men should be political so speaking of the things that Billy likes see look at that segue things that Billy likes and all of Billy's hot takes Billy it's in there some witness why are you sucking up to me by putting this in the script appreciate it podcast has been on hiatus because I just bought a house and been moving and it's been crazy but coming back and Edgar's coming over on Sunday and we're gonna watch the Batman 4k and on the anniversary day and then we're gonna do a little special talk about Batman cuz I can't get enough of those those first four hmmm I know I know it's all four they are the cornerstones is probably why I like all this stuff I've said on the show a few times like my comic you were like pick it up after returns I'd said pick it up after Batman or Robin give me give me a comic full-on night has nipples yeah everything's black light pain did you know what the thing that's and I don't want to get it too much a tangent the thing that light drives me nuts is like Joel Schumacher even was like I I don't want to do Batman and Robin part two I actually want to like really like get back to the root of like he wanted to do essentially Batman Begins for part 5 like all the stuff that's out there about like Joel Schumacher yes he was an adult he made those decisions but a lot of it was coming from upstairs anyways yet so we'll post that early next week just an Ed Grier is like mr. Batman I don't I have very few people I know that are like an encyclopedia of all things Batman like it so yeah almost any time you see him drawing something Batman it's almost always Batman which is a weird dichotomy because I feel like the fans also know him as the guy that hates the Dark Knight so you know what if he if he actually like wasn't movie fighting and he like laid out his reasons like a lot of them a ton of sense it's just like in the heat of a movie fights you have to say ridiculous things when I did go up against things that I truly loved all the time and just make my mouth make words speaking of that shows nonsense it's silly speaking of sounds coming out we have some fan questions from the community tab that I want to make sure that we get to at least one or two of these so same Mafra get it save Mothra says what type of music do you prefer and movie soundtracks and scores also just two follow-ups like what makes a good soundtrack a good score do you have any favorites yeah for me one of my favorites it's hard because when it comes to stuff where it's a bunch of pop songs put together my favorite one of that is the craft because that was a really good mix of a lot of covers but then done by younger people and it really captured the vibe of you know we're spooky teenage girls and so it felt like that yeah for just a song on a soundtrack and I've said this on the internet a bunch porch from infinity war is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard it is gorgeous and then for writing I know this is a cliche but when I write I really like listening to the social-network soundtrack just kind of like gets me going with it's EDM with Antietam I like that for my writing I guess I guess for me for soundtracks I just I loved for the soundtrack to embody the movie because it's it's like when I listen to it I want to have the same experience like a in audio form of me doing movie like the feelings and everything with that so like when I when I write or I'm creating in a way I do the Amelie soundtrack because I just I absolutely love it and there's this there's one there's one on there where it's actually a typewriter going to you know so yeah with that other soundtracks I cannot remember the title of this movie but the soundtrack has traveled through different iPods with me it's John Cusack and Joan Cusack dan Grosse Pointe blank late sound Charlie love that soundtrack I mean it and it fits so well with the movie it's like it's it's like an art form to be able to do this recent soundtracks that I've enjoyed the book smart soundtrack I thought I thought they it was you know a little whimsical kind of vulgar and dirty at the same time which I liked so yeah yeah I mean if you all haven't you know check that one out but mainly I do video game soundtracks yeah you know like Artin elico is a huge one that's great Zelda Skyrim yeah you know yeah that's where I live I'll usually have like a either a Final Fantasy score or the Skyrim score playing somewhere yeah I there's the this is a great collection of songs like I think the craft is hmm and that also nailed the feel but then I think there's also the inverse where it's like there's that one song on the soundtrack that you're like that's the movie and the big one to me still the song I still believe the Lost Boys that's the song that the shirtless dudes playing the sax to when they're at the weird party the the oiled up sax guy just hit grinding and like yeah that there's just some some some some movies get to cheat like like sure ninja rap is associated with an integer but that's so on the nose but there's just some that just nailed the feel so well but I gotta go with blade first blade soundtrack yeah any raver yeah if you ever if anybody ever pretends like oh no this wasn't really into the played soundtrack you're lying I'm calling you out it that franchise I think doesn't it also doesn't get enough credit for combining like techno electronica DJ's with hip-hop artists like or at least for a little white suburbs Joe that was the first time I heard it and I was just like oh this makes complete sense like why did Busta Rhymes never work with The Chemical Brothers before like obviously took Wesley Snipes to bring those things together obviously sure like venom first soundtrack yeah first soundtracks with just like songs and Batman Forever movie but the soundtrack for the 98 Godzilla I think like was just I was like why is this old band trying to rip off was the first time you heard a song that he had sampled and you went wait a minute it was actually the first time that I was like what is happening was I don't even know the title of it it's the real song that the Will Smith men and black song is I know like all the songs you like of his like they're they're actually something else is like wild wild west even even with like the Godzilla with the Green Day brain stew I was so used to hearing the Godzilla roars in it that when I heard it on the radio like this is like incomplete this is like a stripped-down the brains do project right no okay second internet recommendation of the day I don't know if it's it might still be up but there was a tumblr that was just a tumblr dedicated to the Godzilla brains to remix where they just put the Godzilla roar into other great Pavlov bits where it just starts to train you and so you're just waiting and you're waiting and you're waiting and you're waiting for like me and Julio down by the schoolyard and by the Godzilla yes and then after like 30 songs they finally do brains do the Godzilla remix the Godzilla remix yeah I think we're gonna end on this one but this is a perfect place to end this one are there songs that are so tied into a movie that like if you hear the song you can't not think of that movie for me those are iris by Goo Goo Dolls and the other one is and I'll be careful with the title here at speeches is frolic the pain away from loss of translation which is me and one of my ex is that because that was our first date that was considered our song jackass when I heard that song oh it's it's crossed over very difference I don't like this necessary well I like this movie but I always think if we're all Tenenbaums now with Hey Jude and I think that's what I think that's when he lets Mordechai go is – hey hey Jew it's like an orchestral Hey Jude but I always think of that what are some other ones I know it's difficult I've got one that I definitely don't I need a hero Johnny Five yep yeah and it like for the longest time you know when I was a kid I was like I'd hear that song and I'd start tearing up because it's like and another one would be uh was it uh what's their names and harmony the weapon no no no I'm mixing everything together okay working so hard to say goodbye to yesterday my boys from lethal weapon I always think of that movie with that song but also crossroads my boom I think about rose once a day just because I need more tea you know I can't think of I can't think of the song MORTAL KOMBAT without thinking about the movie Omaha man I think for me it's Steelers we old stuck in the middle whenever you hear that like on the radio there's just now a sinister vibe attached yeah because of Reservoir Dogs oh man anytime I hear the song maniac I think of Chris Farley dancing and black sheep while David Spade hoses him off no that's Tommy is that Tommy boy you're black that's black shake it could have been any of them well he hoses him off and he's like did you paint chips when you're kid because he's just like yeah it makes me sad yeah I'm just down I think like also like gangsters paradise will always get a chuckle out of me because it's tied into that Michelle Pfeiffer teacher oh my god she's she comes in the video she turns her chair wrong it's like you got something you want to talk about oh it's just so it's like it was dated like a month before it there's nothing left and there's no more of the show left either thank you do me give me two of them oh god made rock and roll for you Bill and Ted yes rock and roll to you God go to bye kiss kiss fan do it can't hardly wait soundtrack the one where the kid thing Paradise City I always think I've can't hardly wait that's great oh that kid where did he go he keeps leaving and coming back to us thank you Rick Hendrickson I'm so sorry if I messed this up but there's a lot of like vowels and stuff um but thank you so much for that question you guys fan Friday posts will be up on the community tab after Ryan eats lunch and calls his mom why do you give us so many details now but Ryan didn't call his mom yet so now I call your mom call your mom Ryan so make sure you post your fan questions for tomorrow's show make sure they're all about Ryan's mom we've got a mummy fights today it is a pre-tape because we wanted to make sure because we're continuing that damn gauntlet so it's gonna be damn versus two returning favorites three today we're not gonna I think we want to keep it a surprise but y'all are gonna be super stoked it's weird it's super weird it's definitely weird y'all be really happy about that it will be up at the normal time we will see you tomorrow don't forget to come back okay bye you

  • What/who do you wanna see Keanu play in the MCU or just in general? What are your favorite soundtracks and scores? Let us know that in the comments below plus your thoughts on ALL of today's topics (click see more below to get timestamps for episode) and thank you for watching!

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    46:15 – Fan Questions (Soundtracks and scores)

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  • Densel Washington could possibly make a great "Blue Marvel". The black superhero that everyone "forgot" about because well… racism.

  • Damn, all their Keanu picks (except Uncle Ben imo) are great, my pick would be The Beyonder, and he would be an aloof voyeur for millions of years then seeing the Infinity saga take place, and feeling like he wanted more and just cherrypicks any good and bad mcu characters w/ new guys like beta ray, entrantress storm, Pete, venom she hulk etc and make secret wars starting a “what if” series of movies. And the beyonder is the catalyst for each what if movie.

  • My personal favorite score is from a 1950s French film called Elevator to the Gallows. It was completely improvised by Miles Davis. It completely drips atmosphere. And it elevates an okay movie into a really good movie.

  • Beyonce needs a cameo with Benedict Wong in Doctor Strange 2. Mortal Kombat soundtrack is a go too for me.

  • I feel like people forget that there is a reason that Hulk and related characters are not ever in the movies on their own. The distribution rights are owned by Universal and Disney does not want to make a deal with them to distribute their IP, so the odds are, unless somehow Universal loses the distribution rights, we will more than likely never see anything Hulk related in a solo or Hulk movie.

    PROVE ME WRONG Disney and Universal! (reverse psychology!)

  • Fuck that Keanu can be the next Iron man and I don't give a crap if it makes no sense, or a time traveling Spiderman that gets stuck in the present for the next 20 movies.

  • Keanu as Magneto, maybe? (Yes, Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen both were iconic in the role, but…)
    Thumbs up for having two women of color on the same panel today. It's usually like Highlander up in YouTube media and in Hollywood in general, there can only be one bullshyt. So thanks for saying fuck that, we're gonna have a diverse panel, drop news, and have fun.

  • my fave soundtracks are Black Panther, into the Spiderverse-the score and the songs give the feeling of the movie, especially What's up Danger

  • How cool would it be if at the Hall H panel, Keanu walks out onto the stage dressed as the character he's playing in the MCU?

  • Fan Topic: Movie Soundtracks & Scores. If you ever hear "Steve Jablonksy – Infinite White", would you immediately draw the conclusion that it belongs to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen? It's beautiful IMO

  • best celeb cameo where they played themselves? does Julia Roberts in Oceans 12 count?
    also, Stan Lee in Mall Rats!

  • Free Bird = The Devils Rejects
    I'm not even a huge fan of the movie but I went through a "phase" right after high school. anyway, every time I hear Free Bird I can't help but see the shoot out scene from the end of TDR. 🤷‍♀️

  • I checked: Keanu Reeves and Marisa Tomei are the same age, Keanu is 3 months older then her. So Keanu as uncle Ben: yes please!! 🙏🙏

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