Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame — Making the Hulk!

I know it's crazy I'm wearing shirts now hey Marvel fans Ryan Panaji Ock agent M here with the VFX supervisor of Marvel Studios Avengers endgame dandle oh how you doing damn good how are you very well I would love to talk about the Hulk one of my favorite reveals in the movie is when we see the new smart hawk he's very classy he's got great fashion sense wonderful glasses where did you and the team start to look at developing this this new this new look for Hulk well we started with a couple different ways we had you know there's kind of the look dev they started kind of experimenting with different ideas how much Ruffalo how much Hulk and so it was making sure that we could have just enough a rough low there that you'd you know you believe him as a character and help us to you know bring that character to life by what we could do with bringing the animation to an emotion capture into it mark doing the motion capture and it seems like he's just having a ball he's like ad-libbing and even though he's dabbing yeah what is that like for you as someone who's creating all this and being able to express this amazing CGI character with someone like Mark it's that partnership I think is key when you get someone of the caliber of Mark Ruffalo he can bring so much because he knows the characters journey through the film's you know how brilliant of an actor he is and then suddenly he's bringing that to you and and then for the visual effects side of it you want to be in a place that you have the artistry and the technology at a place that can actually incorporate that into the final visual effect his face is so elastic in as big cheeks it's like you need to be able to get all of that and kind of one to get you out of the uncanny valley and to just to make you know realize that it's mark and and kind of some of the first tests we did and when we finally got all the software working it's just it's like magic you know you've got him in the diner and there's this one shot that's my favorite shot in the film where he's like you know cokes they're eating a giant stack of pancakes and eggs and you've actually got the digital character you know talking with his mouth full of food yeah it's hard enough to get the lip sync to work correctly but suddenly he's actually you know around the food it's like oh my god it's working this is amazed I love that diner scene as I was rewatching actually where mark is in the suit in the motion capture suit I just got fascinated with the fact that there was an actual crepe and then I you know you watched the final version and then there's this digital crepe and and Hulk's hand and I just find it fascinating of how you and the team put hulk in the scene with all these other characters and how this all comes together the key to all those making all this work the biggest thing you can do is make the after comfortable one set there in this giant helmet with a camera on the front of it and this crazy outfit that we used to be able to track it with cameras without you know a lot of times people will try to do that just in like a motion capture volume that's separate from set and if you can you want to be able to put them on set with their other actors so they can listen to each other and play off each other and then you give them things like the crepes and the sausages so that they can actually feel like they're that carrot that keraton seen so you know it's a way to keep the scene from becoming sterile because a lot of times with visual effects you know when you just got a giant blue screen out there it's kind of will take the actress out of it I want to talk about the taco scene one the internet loves them that Hulk giving tacos to scott scene i think it is wonderful it's so sweet and when you talk about you know Mark taking hulk on this journey and the character and the way he's developed I also am just fascinated by this massive CGI character handing these tiny little tacos I assume that was all VFX yeah it was all the effects we had you know mark on set and he had real tacos that he could handle Paul sometimes he'll get lucky and you can keep the real tacos sometimes you can't you know with the case with hope you always had so much bigger than mark we ended up replacing them and it was really sweet love it when we're talking about the way that the Hulk has evolved now we see our Paul going back to the Battle of New York and seeing his more aggressive side how how do you as the VFX team work with mark to actually express the the sort of reluctant Hulk if you look at the different films you go from the first Avengers to Ultron to Ragnarok you know the Hulk model changed throughout the films and so because we were travelling back in time we actually just went back and resurrected the actual sculpt of Hulk from the first Avengers and started with that and then when we started with safar Hulk we knew he was gonna be because of the merging a banner and hoped he'd be a little bit smaller right so the Hulk himself he's about eight foot eight foot five yeah it'll slouch a little bit if you compare him to Thanos he's actually taller than Thanos except when he slashes so we made him about seven foot five so we used the proportions from the first Avengers and then kind of started manipulating from there and kind of putting some more banners humanity into the into the Hulk and to into a sculpt we got the first kind of turntables back and on his face you captured mark you captured his face and then when everybody saw it they all thought well he's really handsome you know and it was like and we kept getting it so it's like you know you know folks got game Amy's gonna go in on dates over the five years I imagine that you have a computer that is just like Hulk and you have sliders for like you know making smaller making them larger like more handsome more handsome more handsome and he's like you know hearts all around them and everybody's like I want that computer I love all those little details and I'm sure we're gonna see tons more when Marvel Studios Avengers end game hits digital and blu-ray thanks so much for being here down thank you appreciate it


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