Martin Wright – Writer, Environmentalist – voxpop on Global Good Awards

I'm involved with the global good Awards in a few ways I'm a judge on the awards I was the keynote speaker last year and I was one half of the glamorous year with Ed Gillespie presenting the awards this year I want to be a judge on the global good Awards because they are so positive because you hear so much nowadays the news is so dominated by all of stuff that's crap in the world but we can so easily forget there are loads of really good projects going out there there's loads of really good businesses individuals entrepreneurs people out there doing good stuff making the world a better more sustainable place oh the event is so upbeat and buzzy I love it so we had about I don't know 300 400 people here tonight really lively really engage with it really out there having a good time enjoying all the vegan nosh it's it's so much less serious but somehow more sort of makes more of an impact when it's like that than many awards schemes I've been involved with

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