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Marga, pinagtakpan ang kanyang pananabotahe kay Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

I wanted to speak to
the two of you in private. Cassie raised some concerns regarding your
business plan project. She tried to ruin me to
the school using that project. I was just lucky that
I caught her in the act. If she can already
do this now, what more if we continue
working as a pair? She is lying. Why? Do you have any proof? Or is this just another
baseless allegation? Cassie, just admit it,
you’re insecure of me, because you know
that I’m good, and that my project is going
to be better than yours, that’s why you’re doing this. That is enough. I guess I was wrong to
pair you up together. Honestly, I didn’t expect
this kind of attitude from the both of you, especially since you are
the best students in Maxwell. I am very disappointed. And because of that,
I am calling this pairing off. You two must work alone
on this project. I don’t want this
to happen again. Yes, Ma’am. I guess you really
can’t face me alone. First, you had to
call in your Mommy, and now you had to ask
our teacher for help? I know you won’t stop
if I confront you alone. And I wanted you to realize
how wrong what you did was. Do you think you’ll win
after what you did? Well, good luck with that. Well, good luck with that. Because I will beat you. And the only thing
you’ll see is my back. When did I ever back
down from you, Marga? Let’s just wait for the day
of our presentation, so we can see who will
really win between us. So you’re letting her
win this round? Where’d you get the idea
that I’d let Cassie win? For starters,
you didn’t get revenge. Normally, you’d have already
done something by now, no matter how petty. Mommy won’t let me. What? Why? Is she scared
of Cassie’s mom? No! My mom’s a fighter. And she won’t hold back
against Tita Romina. Then why is she stopping you? Maybe she’s afraid
because Cassie’s mom really does know something. You even ordered someone
to rape me! You are way out of line here. You better stay away
from my daughter. Marga? Hello? Are you here with us? I have better things
to do, Nadya. And I’m no longer in the mood
to talk about this issue.


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