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Marga, nagdesisyon na itago ang katotohanan kay Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Hey, looks like
you’re a bit late, little Miss Mondragon. Look who’s talking. Let’s just go.
She might tell on us. Easy. Marga’s cool. Unlike the other one,
she minds her own business. That’s why she’s
the best, right? The only Mondragon
in this school. Let’s go, while your driver’s
still in the smoking area. Good thing I have
a duplicate key. What are you guys doing? Isn’t it obvious? Wait, I’ll come with you. You want to come? Well, I hate to
break it to you, but it’s not for free. Name your price. You’ll drive. What? I don’t know how to drive. Bye, then. You can’t do it?
Maybe you’re just scared. Of course not. I’m a fast learner,
so just teach me. Wear this. What’s the one business that people from all walks
of life can relate to? Food. We Filipinos love food. And we’re not the only ones
who enjoy our cuisines. Tourists love them, too. That’s why our food is
considered world-class. FEELipino Cuisine. Food that you eat
that makes you feel good. Thank you, everyone. See you later, Cassie. Okay. – We have to go now.
– Take care. You did really great, Cassie. I’m sure you’ll ace this. Let’s just wait and see, Fatima. Marga and the others
have not yet presented theirs. Speaking of the witch, wasn’t she supposed
to go first? She’s not in the room. I checked to see
if she went to the toilet, but she’s not there, either. And she’s not answering
my calls. Is something wrong? It’s Marga –
she’s not here yet. Hey… Maybe she chickened out. Oh, please. Marga would never do that. Have you tried calling
her at home? Wait. You’re not supposed
to stress yourself, Daniela. Why don’t you sit down and eat? Hello? Hello, Nanny Ester?
Marga’s not at school. Is she still there? She’s supposed to present
her business proposal today. What? Marga left
for school already. What about Marga? She’s not in school. What? Alright, Cassie. Thanks. Welcome aboard, Marga, AKA the top student
of our class. Sure, back then. Awww, did I hit a nerve? Just shut up. Where are we going,
anyway? To our weekend house
in Batangas. Just relax, okay? Here. This should help. No, thanks. You’re a killjoy now,
Marga? Boy, you’re just like
Cassie now. Can you stop comparing me
to her? You sure don’t look too happy. Care to share? We’re not friends, okay?


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