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Marga, isinisi kay Cassie ang kamalasan ng kanyang pamilya | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Marga, it’s lunch break.
What are you doing here? Why aren’t you eating yet? Leave me alone. Is this about what
happened earlier? Just forget about that, okay? I said leave me alone! This is all your fault! This is because of you
and Tita Romina! You’ve ruined the Mondragon
name to everyone! You’re dragging Lolo Dad’s
name through the mud! Maybe that will wake you up! No matter what you say, Ate Daniela’s the one
managing the company! And all of
the company’s problems are because of your
Mommy’s negligence! It’s your fault! If you didn’t come
into Lolo Dad’s life, none of this
would’ve happened! You are the ones who
destroyed Mommy’s family, that’s why she did
what she had to! Now everything she
worked hard for will go to waste! What are you saying?! You’re the source of
our misfortune. Now, leave me alone. Aren’t you going to
sleep yet, dear? There’s just something
on my mind, Mama. Is there a problem at Maxwell? Our schoolmates
found out about what happened at
Camila’s factory. They’re saying Marga’s family
is selling drugs. That’s not true, dear. A group of people used the
factory to do something evil, but I don’t think Daniela’s
involved in that. But the company’s image
has been ruined, Mama. Marga was right. All of Daddy’s hard work
will go to waste. That won’t happen because
we will help Camila. But how? Once we get the company
back from Daniela, we will make Camila
great again. We will clean the good name
your father worked hard for. I promise you that. Thank you, Mama. Again, congratulations on winning the business
plan competition, Cassie. Thank you, ma’am. So are you ready for
your internship? I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t make
my decision just yet. I have to talk to my
mom about this first. Okay, I understand. But do your best
to convince her. You’re going to be an intern
for Mr. Michael Reynolds. He’s a renowned
businessman and an alumnus of Maxwell London. It will really help with
your college applications. Okay, I’ll tell her. She said she needs to ask
permission from her mom for the internship program. That’s so kind of her, right? More like Mommy’s girl. So you still have
a chance, Marga. All you have to do is sabotage
Cassie’s business plan so you can get the internship. No. I won’t do that. Why? So it’s true! That you let Cassie
win without a fight! I did not let her win, okay? I just wasn’t focused
on the competition, that’s why she won. Maybe it’s for the best. So she’ll find better
opportunities and leave this school for good. What? She’s leaving? I thought her internship would
just be in the Philippines. Maureen, keep up! If she gets accepted, she won’t have
enough time for school. She won’t be able to
apply to the company I want to take
my internship in. Her company isn’t
the best out there anyway. So Cassie leaving is
more important to you than beating her? Nadya, there are battles
not worth fighting for. And this is one of them. I will lose more if
I compete with her. – What do you mean?
– Anyway, I have to go. But your ride isn’t here yet. We’re sorry. Your call cannot
be completed as dialed. Marga, what’s wrong? I think my phone’s broken. Can I use your phone?
I’ll ask Dad to pick me up. Sure.


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