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Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota | Official Trailer | Abhimanyu D, Radhika M | Vasan Bala | 21st March 2019

Behind every mind-blowing decision… …are some pretty bad decisions. As the saying goes…
…men feel no pain. And I can explain to you why. 3…2…1… The story starts now. Most kids don’t survive with conginental insensitivity to pain. It’s a rare disease.
You can look it up on Google later. Grandpa. Like the Drunken Master’s wine. Bruce Lee’s nunchaku. And your water backpack. Surya, it’s essential to drink water. Otherwise. I can get dehydrated. And if you get dehydrated? Then what must you do? Keep drinking water. I’ll raze evil to the ground.
Just go. I get orgasms. I mean I don’t feel pain…
…but everything else except that. “Fly away…” “one…two…three…” There’s a saying in Mumbai.
Never take your eyes off. Attack. Hey…
Quiet. Stop screaming. This is a residential area.
Stay quiet. “Rappan Rappi Rap…” “In deserted alleys
in the dead of the night.” “Rappan Rappi Rap…” “You be ready with your laser.” “Rappan Rappi Rap…” “This is bond forged in love.” Let’s go get him. Hey Mumblecore justice league. Jimmy. Let go. Yes. How’s the Spirit? You got to say “high, sir”.

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