Marcus Smart On Winning The NBA Hustle Award

I mean it felt good from the standpoint of you know finding me you know that I'm not going well single you know but that doesn't determine Title II defender I am you know rather I got it or not and I'm still there I am preciate the water you know I know it was kind of cool seeing my name up there with those guys and being a prestigious award that in that level so you know it's a good feeling but you know like I said it's not done and I'm still helping others with all about I didn't even know that yeah you know it was good you know throw my body around a lot I'm not old score 20 points on auto shoot to the lights out of the dribbler like like some guys in the league you know I just do with it the way I was taught to play and I know those those knows those things and those antennas must show up on the statue so you know for the awards me out and being awarded as incredible

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