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Marcial and Rhian get into an emotional reunion | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

– Hello, Jessie?
– Hello, Ethan? Any updates on Papa? According to the latest reports, Tito Marcial was last spotted
in Sto. Niño. But he managed to escape
from the men who abducted him. They’re still searching for him. I have to see Mama. Just call me if you receive
any updates, okay? I will, Jessie. Don’t worry. I’m sure
we’ll find Tito Marcial. Thank you, Ethan. – Excuse me, nurse.
– Yes? I was told that Rhian Bonifacio
was rushed here. Are you a relative
of the patient? Jessie! Ma! What happened? Rhian was stabbed in jail,
that’s why she was brought here. But she still managed to escape. Mama, I’ve received reports on
Papa escaping from the clinic. What? Why did he do that? Where could he be now? He’s still being chased
by his abductors. by his abductors. Papa was abducted
outside of the hospital. They still don’t know
where he is until now. This can’t be… We have to find them, Jessie Ma? Rhian! They said you were stabbed! Why did you leave the hospital? Where are you now? I’m fine, Ma. Don’t worry. Papa cannot take on Tiago
and his men all by himself. Where is he now? He’s still missing, Rhian. There were men who
abducted him outside the clinic, but he got away from them. That’s all I know for now. They’re still
searching for Marcial and the men
who abducted him. I don’t believe you, Nay.
I know you know where Papa is. Just tell me where he is,
please, I have to get to him
before they do. He’s headed for
the port in San Agustin. He’s going back
to his old home in Bataan for his safety. Even with that, I just don’t know
what’s happening anymore. Don’t worry, Ma.
I’ll meet him there. At this point, that’s the only
place he can be safe in. Thank you, dear. Please take care. – Was that Rhian?
– Yes. Where is she?
Why did she run away? She’ll be fine. She’s on
her way to meet Marcial I’m really worried about them. I feel like the whole world’s
against them now. Now, Isabelle… Let’s keep this conversation
between the two of us, okay? Marcial and Rhian’s
are at stake. I understand, Corazon And I know that everyone
else is out to get Rhian and Marcial. But they cannot take on
everyone else by themselves. I know, Isabelle, and that’s
what scares me the most. I don’t know
what to do right now. Why are you here?! I escaped. What?! You need me, Pa. I know Tiago. I won’t let you face him alone. Arabella. I’ll be the one to end this. I can’t just stay locked up and
do nothing while you’re here. But that isn’t the plan. We already talked. I have a plan. What?! No, Arabella! We’ve talked about this before.
I won’t let you do that. You promised me! I promised to surrender
if Tiago will go to jail. But he was acquitted from
the rebellion charges. He’s getting away
with everything. We’re not giving up, Rhian! Rhian, stay in there.
Do you hear me? This all started
between Tiago and me. So I’ll end this myself. No, Pa, let me handle this! I know Tiago and
his every move. Rhian, I know him
better than you do. And you’re my daughter. I should be the one
to protect you, not the other way around. But, Pa… Just listen to me, Rhian! I’ve made my decision. – I have to get out of here.
– What?! Brenda! Why didn’t you listen to me
and stick with the plan?! This is also my fight, Pa. We’re family, remember? I won’t let you
face him alone. You know how
this might end. I’m ready for it. Sir, it’s confirmed. Marcial and Rhian are here.


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