Man "Steals" Award At Women In Games Ceremony

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  • Tbh if it is a female award winners only ceremony then i'd agree the award shouldn't be given to a male. If awards ARE given to both genders why call it a "women in games" ceremony anyways ? Or they could've even made a seperate award for people of ANY gender who promote female engagement in esports.

  • So….an entitled wamen didn't win…and is now throwing a fit? How is this news? What's next? Water still wet!!! Gravity: it makes shit fall DOWN!!!!

  • The idea of hosting a women's only award show is hilarious. Why? To me it sounds like they don't think they could get the same awards if there was male competition and I'm not sure why. It's a game, play it alot and you will get better, just like anything else.

  • But I thought there was no difference between men and women… it's almost like the progressives ideas have 0 consistently…

  • I don't know why they are so mad. They are letting men take all their physical sports awards…….just sayin!

  • I mean, in all fairness, you'd expect a women's award ceremony to specifically give awards to women.

  • Hell….a dude won woman of the year when Bruce Jenner got boobs implanted… An Australian MAN won Miss Australia because only allowing women was discriminatory…. Just shows that men can actually beat women in most things….

  • I feel like part of the problem is that everyone thought that โ€œWomen In Gamingโ€ was giving out the award for Best Female Announcer, as opposed to Best Announcer.

  • how stupid is it to have a ceremony that hands out awards for women in games. Carol got the beast kill streak this year

  • But James Banks might be a transgender women – he might have a male body but he still might not have realised he's transgender and this might help me him see the error in his thinking. Women can be transphobic can't they. #stoptransphobiakillcis

  • I love the voice you do when reading the woman quotes in articles. Have been watching your videos for a few weeks now & am totally hooked! Keep up the good work & stay awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I see it as irony when men who support feminism get sidelined by the exact same women. May the left forever eat their own!

  • LOL! A woman's group realizes that a man is doing a better job at promoting woman's issues than woman. This is beyond irony, stupidity, and everything else I could of imagined by SJW retards. The IQ's of all these liberals and retards is approaching infinitely stupid.

  • To be honest, I don't see the point in this. I mean, the organization is called WOMEN in gaming. It's not like they're giving out any awards that matter, these aren't the emmys or anything. If Women set up their own stupid little award show just for themselves then let them have it. There are real award gaming award shows that are inclusive for everyone with real awards that mean something. Let the women have their tiny made up one.

  • 8:20 It's very obvious to me why it's not transparent: they don't want to do an only women awards because that wouldn't give recognition to women in relation to men and they don't want to do a mixed awards in wich a man wins because that wouldn't give recognition to women in relation to men either. They want to do a mixed awards in wich a man doesn't win because that would give recognition to women in relation to men.

  • When will we see women demanding that they be allowed to play American Football with the men?
    Come on women, if you really can do anything a man can do, equally as well, stand on the line of scrimage against men.
    How about Rugby too, where are the calls for women to play that with men?
    We now have women infesting male sport commentary and they have nothing to offer, no insight at all as they have never played at the top level of sport and they have never managed there either so why are they there? "Diversity" bullshit.

  • what you have too understand is that the BBC is a english extreem leftist broad casting company funded by tax payers…

  • Esports is retarded. Sports are retarded. That's why I play games. To NOT play sports. Gaming isn't a fucking sport. Just more retards accumulating in one place…>.>

  • if he should have just claimed to be trans, then he would have been touted as a hero, like bruce jenner, lol

  • It's really disgusting to see these waman complain about 1st world problems like it's the worst thing ever. It's pathetic

  • In the third wave feminist world men would be treated like dogs. They would have us wear collars and leashes, and our dating system is the equivalent to pet smart glass case selection. We're when were chosen the women signs a contract to physically own us.

  • I do not understand why are the SJW envious about the guy winner this womans award? That should tell them to do better. Just because your a woman does not mean you should win by showing up. Gaming has always been majority men for years and women are joining in expecting to many more female gamers or equal numbers compared to male gamers? That is not right.

  • Well wait, it was an award meant to be given to women or it was given by women? I don't get it. If if was meant to be given to a woman then yeah, it is weird a man got the award.

  • you know what the difference is between a hot feminist and a regular feminazi? the hot feminist we call a gold digger.. they leech onto a rich set of nuts till they have everything they can get and move on.. if the guy is lucky he only gave her half his stuff and whatever life force she was able to steal.

  • Is the Award a vagina-like monument? Could he accept the award and just start screwing it like a Fleshlight right on their stage?

  • I wonder if anybody ever noticed (on their side) that feminists are segregationists? I'm sure some of the rank and file (nobody on either side listens to) have noticed the similarities to racism in these feminists' rhetoric

    You have to wonder if they're allowed to continue we'll see woman only drinking fountains.

    (personally, I think they've about outlived their usefulness to the powers that be on the left and are going to be thrown under the bus in the next few years, but, if they could get away with it, they would segregate us that heavily.

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