Man Pretending To Be Ryan Gosling Accepts Award On His Behalf As Oscars Spoof

the one and only Ryan Gosling it looks like Ryan Gosling is doing a little dance la-la-land style as he receives a prestigious award on live TV but hang on looks like Ryan's put on some weight and since when does he have a German accent I'm Ryan Gosling I'm dedicate this award to yoku and just sitting in the audience were such international stars as Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell they seem to know right away something is wrong and Jane Fonda looks flabbergasted sure enough that's not Ryan Gosling it's a giant hoax here's the real Ryan and here's the guy who fooled the producers of the award show in Germany he's actually a cook named Ludwig Lehner the hoax comes on the heels of that Oskar blunder when lala land was mistakenly given the best picture award there's a mistake moonlight you guys won Best Picture only this was deliberate these two comics were behind the stunt the cook did lots of preparation to impersonate Gosling here he is in character at his hotel room stood right before the awards show with an entourage befitting an a-list Hollywood star here faked Ryan arrives backstage at the ceremony the pranksters and their team watch the award ceremony live on TV to see if they actually get away with it check out their reaction when they realize their prank has succeeded the one and only Ryan Gosling [Applause] the fake Gosling got offstage pronto the idea that this guy could pass for Ryan Gosling maybe la la laughable but then again who could have ever expected the Best Picture Oscar would be given to the wrong movie la la la [Applause] you


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