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Make Slime w/ Jace Norman, Riele Downs, & More | Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 | Nick

Slime is awesome. But today, we’re taking
it to the next level and customizing our
very own versions. We’ve got two slimes here. We’ve got real Nick Slime. JACK GRIFFO: Right here. And then we’ve got a
batch of homemade slime too. We also got add-ins. We got eyes, all
kinds of crazy stuff. And we’re gonna combine
them all, just mush them up. Yeah, let’s get to it. Oh, yeah, give
me some of that. – Ooh–
– Oh, yeah. –look at this.
KIRA KOSARIN: Oh, I’m into this. JACK GRIFFO: Wow. Look at that deliciousness. It’s gonna get messy. [TAPPING] CREE CICCHINO: Get in there. Get your hands in there. Ooh, it’s kind of nice when
you just get into the bowl. RIELE DOWNS: This is awesome. Whoo!
– [LAUGHS] – Look at this beaut right here.
– Stop! This is my slime! You guys took all
this good stuff. Right now, we’re adding
some diamonds in there. You know, we gotta say
bling, bling, ice, ice. You already know how
we like it nice, nice. [LAUGHING] KIRA KOSARIN: I’m gonna put
the Army men in my slime. Oh, yeah, that’s cool. JACE NORMAN: Oh, we want
all the jewels, don’t we? Let’s get a little glitter. It’s so pretty.
JACK GRIFFO: I like it. KIRA KOSARIN: Look at that. I think it needs a
little more pizzazz. Oh! You wanted the red one too? Yeah, baby! Savage. Savage. RIELE DOWNS: There you go. CREE CICCHINO: Hello. Hey, hey. CREE CICCHINO: Hey, line. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Feels good. We’re gonna add some
peppermint in the slime. How do you use this?
This is magical. I just put a lot. Put a lot. Mmm, that’s nice. It is real nice. KIRA KOSARIN: Guys, Jack
Griffo is decorating the outside of the bowl. I think outside
of the box, guys. This is some serious
ingenuity right here. You know. BENJAMIN FLORES
JR.: Look at that. CREE CICCHINO: Wow.
– I think I put too much, um– Slime? Yeah. This is my slime,
as you can see. It’s my fault. I’m calling it Mini Cree. This is pretty
legendary, I gotta say, but I think mine looks better. I’m gonna take a picture
of this for myself. Do it. JACE NORMAN: And that’s
how we customize our slime. How will you make yours? The only thing better would
be sliming somebody with it. Maybe you? No, no, no, no, no. I’ll get her later. Comment below and tell us
how you customize your slime.


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