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hey guys welcome back to the channel in
today’s video I’m gonna do a review follow-up to my other video I did a few
months ago on a junkie he they revamp their site and added a
couple new features I’m going to point out to you and if you stick around to
the end of the video I’ve got a free giveaway that I’m gonna give to you too
okay so stick around we’ll be right back in
just a few seconds hey guys welcome back to the channel my
name is Kevin Langer with freedom motivator comm and this is
your first time here you’ve been here before you know that we do videos on
how-to videos anything to do with making money videos affiliate marketing videos
and once in a while we’ll throw in a motivation video for you too okay
alright so today I told you early we’re gonna I’m gonna do a review on the
website called a and they’ve made some pretty good changes to their
website here and they’ve really made it easy for someone to do business on their
platform okay it’s just really great alright so I can’t wait to get in into
this with you honest so let’s just go ahead and jump on in it right now
okay so if we come over to a junkie calm here and you see it to come up with the
this is their homepage or front page here and it says we help you sell online
and it says you can sell digital downloads codes and tangible goods on
your website blogs social media messengers or eBay with our copy paste
by now shopping cart product Cart buttons and you can create a create your
own shop up here you see it as a shop demo up here that you can check out too
and it’s in about five minutes create your own store with all your products in
that store and then just market that alright and they accept payments from
with payments with PayPal stripe authorizing that to check out more and
if you come down here at the bottom you can see that all of their pay methods
that they work with or right here there’s a whole bunch up there about ten
of them there so and ten or twelve or so and then you can you can use any one of
these payment solutions here with your products and how to end you can get paid
to these ways right here okay so that’s really good they’ve added quite a few
more of those since I think this since last time I was here on their site but
now some of the features that they have to click on the features here and of
course they’re saying ye junkie and they give you the reason why it’s maintenance
free a junkie is hosted a free hosted service or not free hosting but it’s
hosted a hosted service already and you don’t have to worry about hosting or
installing programming or any maintaining any software that’s already
taken care of right here on their site all right and then you can sell anything
you want you can sell digital downloads ebooks art music video coupons with
coupon and coupon codes and tickets and also physical goods like if you have a
hardback book or you’ve got your selling stuff on from Amazon like cameras or
computer stuff or whatnot you just whatever kind of physical product or
hardware and software type products that you can sell on here any excelled
anywhere we use our purchase buttons and product cards to sell on on your website
blog social media and messengers and then it comes down here and they say
it’s simple yet powerful easy enough to help you start selling easily within
five minutes and powerful enough to accommodate your growth the digit they
have digital delivery so if you’re selling like software or ebooks any kind
of downloadable digital product you can do that then they have ebook protection
in case that way if you were selling ebook and somebody tries to you know
take your book or whatever and distribute it or whatever then you
they’ve got protection that they can put on there for you to keep that from
happening so in other words makes it copyrighted
to you okay if you that is if you don’t want them to do that so then you’ve got
discounts and coupons you can create for your promotions and stuff here
shipping packaging and handling they they handle all that for like your your
hardware items or and then inventory management for your
inventory even you know your restore the territory house you can still or your
garage or something you can still use this as management for all that stuff –
it’s really nice they’ve got this all-in-one platform that you can just to
create and the start and grow a huge business right off their own platform
right here they’ve got affiliate programs if you want to be an affiliate
manager and have people sell your products for you right and you can do
that right here from the platform as well and they’ve got to pay what you
want great for donations and charitable causes promotional freebies and exposure
list of products in each I can marketplace you can sell them from here
to or out off the platform as well right and we’ll talk a little more about that
here shortly and packaged products you can bundle
several products together and sell off of the platform you can inter integrate
Google Analytics and Facebook pixel on your website too as well with your
products right from the platform here that’s a really good feature there I
think that might be one of their newer features possibly right there they also
they have customizable thank you emails and pages that you can use they’ve got
third-party integrations such as auto responder logistics and the counting
software and so on and so forth and then stuff here to deal with your taxes and
stuff if you’re needing to have that and then they have other features down here
it says don’t bother uploading files you can upload your files using their own
website interface or FTP program such as FileZilla if you want to write to their
site and they’ll host your your your book or downloadable file for you and
they say yes to every buyer we work with multiple payment processors and accept
multiple currencies not sure about Bitcoin that might be
that might be something to look into I’m not real sure whether they’ll use
cryptocurrency or not on this but multiple different currencies like you
know the one the what is it the yen the Japanese yen or whatever this is good
for all over the world basically send updates send a notification about new
products or I’ve based from for old products to your buyers by our
management renewed expired download links easily for buyers and there’s no
limits there’s have unlimited sales without being charged for any bandwidth
or transactions and that’s pretty good now so if we come to their marketplace
here you can see they’ve got quite a few
others people that are selling here some ideas of things that you can sell here’s
a guy here the person here they’re selling iTunes gift cards you just
basically you’d go to the you’d go to like Walmart or something and you can
just buy a buy a $25 gift card therefore I don’t know what it costs like I think
it’s 26 bucks or something like that and then just mark it up a few dollars like
he’s done right here and sell them right here so and it makes it easier because
they’re downloadable rather than having to drive to Walmart yourself so he’s
saving you the convenience by selling them here so see there’s a there’s a
niche for anything it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in if you’re in any
kind of a niche it’ll work with this platform right here so you’re a jockey
is famous for their downloads and digital downloads and so on and so forth
here that’s what they got started with net but you don’t have to just sell them
right here on this platform you can sell them off the platform too and let’s show
you what that’s all about here coming in here right now now so basically the will
come over here – actually I’m going to go ahead and sign in now I’ve already
signed in to back-office cuz there’s some things in the back-office here that
that I wanted to show you too so I’ve already signed in
why as you can see if we go back to the regular front page here you’d see a sign
up now button here and a sign up for free button up here but I’ve already
signed in so you see where it says go to my of men or my back office here so if I
click on that it brings me back here to the back office okay and over here on
the left column are all the tools that a junkie gives you to work with your
business and to upload download and set up your business set up your store set
up even with your shipping for your hard products tangible products and then you
can manage your buyers right here you can view your analytics on your
downloads and here if you want like I said earlier if you want to have your
own affiliate program you can do that right here in your back office with
these tools and then they’ve got some beta features that they’re working on so
on and so forth right here that they might appreciate your your feedback on
if you find a bug or something like that and you know in these if you want to
work with these and help them develop these these beta features right here
alright and then they got products API down here where you can integrate with
something like Amazon so on and so forth now the you can sell with eBay one thing
I wanted to point out here too you can you can sell with eBay right here off
the platform they’ve made it really nice see it’s a jockey comm floor slash wiki
help eBay you can set up your eBay account to be able to sell your products
that you upload here right off of ebay and then of course they will handle that
in the payment as part of the payment down here processors and so on and so
forth with shopping carts and so on and so forth here so that’s that’s a really
good feature you can work with eBay right off of this platform to eat junkie
alright so let’s go ahead and come back over here to my men box now
this video right here gives you a little this videos about one minute and 38
seconds long I’m just gonna play about all 40 seconds over here for show and
there’s a point that I want to stop at in this video because there’s a feature
that they’ve added to this platform that wasn’t there in my last video that I did
okay so at least that I pointed out anyway
but this feature is really good and it works for people because I’ll tell you
what if we come back here to the main site if you’ll notice something I’ll
show you why about this what I want to show you here I’ll just start with it
here now sort of says sell digital downloads codes and tangible goods on
your website right but what if you don’t have a website and you still would like
to you know sell and sell your products on through this platform how would you
do that well that’s what I’m going to show you
right now here so we come back again to the amendment they have actually they
have here’s what they do they have a Buy Now button a shopping cart I read this
earlier but it’s the product card right here feature that they’ve added that I
wanted to point out to you so if we click on this right here and it tells a
little bit about the product card right here okay it’s the easiest way to start
selling anything online we automatically create a SEO friendly product landing
page pre indicated pre integrated with Google and Facebook analytics so how
cool is that right and simply link it from anywhere now let’s come back here
to admin and you can work with that product card here but I’m going to play
this little video here for you about it just for about 40 seconds here a junkie go to cellar admin manage this
should clear up in a moment profile and enter your one name – if you are using
PayPal enter the email of the account where you want to accept payments 3 if
you are using another payment processor link it here now let’s add your product
go to manage products enter the product name price and currency the default
settings are to sell a file download if you are selling a tangible item uncheck
needs download and check needs shipping press submit
and if you are selling a file download now you can upload your product file
using a product file button if you already have a page on your site or blog
copy the Buy Now button code and paste in your webpage if you are selling local
items use add to cart’ consent to use these buttons on social media or
messenger copy the text Li instead of button home if you don’t already have a
product page on your website you can use the auto-generated product card link the
image and product details for this page ginger copy B so that’s where I wanted
to stop that right there they talked about the product card which is their
new feature that’s for folks that don’t have a website but if you don’t have a
website you can still use this because it creates like a little landing page
with your affiliate link attached to it and your or your name tor product right
and then you can post that to Facebook like you saw there or to other
integrations alright so coming back here yeah you can post this you can post that
link to anywhere in any social media now I wanted to know a little bit more about
the product card because that this right here just it wasn’t enough information
for me okay so I wanted to know a little bit more about the product cards so I
reached out to one of e junkies friendly staff members and they gave me this
response about the product card which give me a little more details about it
okay got that right here it says the product card is each Aki’s newest
feature the product card is a one-page solution when the clients such as you or
I right doesn’t have a website or wants to direct people to a product specific
page when product cards are automatically created when a product is
created in a junky product card comes with a junky Buy Now button already
integrated also if product has variants or variations enabled the required
fields are also filled out as well so there’s no need to copy and paste any
HTML button codes the product cards come in handy when you want to point your
buyers directly to your product without having to create a web page now web page
what does I mean that means a page on your website
if you have a website but if you don’t webpage also means a landing page such
as funnels if you use a funnel to capture people’s email address and you
bring them through to your product you can have the product card sent to work
sort of like a landing page and you have a landing page and each one of those
landing pages like your landing page which you and then your capture page
where your captures their email and then your thank-you page and then it would
lead them to the product page that’s known as a sales funnel okay so that
will work also with this and you you can use this if you don’t have a website it
doesn’t matter you can still use the product cart to sell trust so your
products or products on a jockey which I think this is a fantastic new feature
that they’ve added to their website it works really great ok it will work
really great for people that don’t have any web pages or landing pages or
websites all right now the product cart links are SEO friendly like we saw back
there earlier and it already comes search engine optimized ok and they’re
pretty small links which are good because you know like a Clickbank
Clickbank they give you those long ugly links you know for your affiliate links
or whatever for example and people like me what I do is take those links and go
over to Begley calm and then just put it in there and shorten it up from that big
long ugly one and that makes it look a little bit better you know and then just
use that so you don’t have to do that with each unki here the links are small
and look really good ok what you can use is here on social media and messengers
now you can put these on the product card link on you know Instagram Facebook
as you saw and Pinterest Twitter and right here on YouTube I would imagine
right so YouTube is also a social media site and it works with Facebook
messenger any messenger platform that you have as well
okay all right so let’s come back here and so if we go back to the admin my
into the back office here in my back office you can see where the product
cards you can edit the product card right here if you come in to manage your
seller account and then click Edit preferences click on that and then you
can scroll down here and you can see right now for the product theme right
here the product cart theme a junkie currently has two things a modern and
the black and I would imagine that a little bit later on they’ll don’t have
more than that in there I would imagine all righty
different themes and stuff okay all right so also down here if you’ll notice
under integrations right here they’ve got MailChimp autoresponders so if
you’re if you’re using a funnel or you’re using your product card to
capture email addresses or customer information and you want to integrate it
with your mail autoresponder so that you can follow up mail with them later and
then offer products to them directly through your mailing list you can
collect email addresses and build your mailing list in the old saying is you
know the money is in the list so if you’re not building an email list that’s
something that you probably should do because it’s that’s a definitely that’s
how you retarget your customers and revisit them with offers and your
mailing list people are people that know you and they trust you right so then
they were more likely more likely to buy from you when you give them offers and
stuff so you can integrate right now your MailChimp if you have MailChimp
bottle responder with this platform now I would think that later on they’re
going to add more here like some of the other popular ones like Aweber
GetResponse cost of contact eye contact so on and so
forth the reason I say that I think they are going to is because they use right
here they say external services well right now they only have MailChimp
but they use the words services in a plural right there which tells me that
they’re going to be adding more as time goes on so it’s something to keep an eye
on right there if you have like an account with Aweber autoresponder or get
response autoresponder you’ll eventually I would imagine you’re going to be able
to get to use that with this platforms as well okay all right so now now a
little bit ago a little while back I was talking to you about something here and
that’s coming up here in just a few months one other thing I wanted to show
you here is how you would add your products you can come over here and
manage the products you add your product here and then you can edit it how you
want it and then you can certainly then you would you know edit your product and
stuff here and add your product here and choose your different things like you
saw on that video and then you come over here to get your product card or your
cart shopping cart or Buy Now button whichever here again if you don’t have a
website even if you have a website you can still use the product card – it
works that way too but primarily I want them to direct this to users that don’t
have a website and still would like to sell products on the eat junkie platform
alright so yeah you do that right here on the product card after your product
has been entered into the system when you added it over here earlier and then
you can get your product card code here and just copy and paste it like you saw
in the video clip early okay now I did a little research on here let’s find out
how powerful we jockey is versus one of their competitors so I did a little
research I come over to to and I come down I clicked on features and
find out website traffic statistics so I typed in a up here and click
fine and this is what it came up with you can see that it says how popular is
e well you can see their global rank is
thirty six thousand eight hundred and nine
9 in the rank right here in the United States is 11,000 folks Google’s rated
number one right and now I think YouTube’s number to Instagram 3 I don’t
know without looking it up but I know Google’s number one and you have a site
that’s 11,000 that’s pretty close that’s pretty low that means that the traffic
to this website is just immense a junkie gets lots of traffic to this
website so if you’re selling product products on the iake platform as well as
off the platform you’ve got access to a lot of good targeted traffic for people
coming looking for your products ok that’s a good thing and so that would
that’s eat junkie you can remember that there at 11,000 here in United States
let’s type in one of their competitors here and see that would be payloads com so for bring up payloads how popular is
payload you see that they’re ranked 53 in the world fifty-three thousand nine
fifty five and twenty six here in the United States so you see that you see
that each uh key is about 16,000 rankings lower closer to number one
being Google right so the traffic to a junkie is obviously greater by a pretty
large margin than payloads is at this point although be honest with you any
site that is under 100 thousands pretty good but a junkie pretty well has
payloads beat here by a good margin okay just wanted to kind of point that out
for you there now one of the other things here and wanted to come back here
now I’m what I told you earlier in the video that I had a free giveaway for you
okay so let’s go ahead and get right in on that right now
now what I’m going to do there is I’m going to sign out of my admin office
here in my back office and you can come when you sign up you’re gonna you’re
going to come back to eat jockey on the front
you’ll see the sign up free here and the sign up now whichever you’ll find a
couple of them buttons here’s another one down here – alright so you notice
here it says a 30-day free trial no credit card required right so that’s a
pretty good deal actually you don’t have to you don’t have to input any credit
card information anything like that you get 30 days to try this out now the free
giveaway that I want to give you that I’ve been authorized by a junkie to give
you this free giveaway is a 90-day free trial of E junkie okay let me say that
again maybe you maybe you didn’t listen to me I said it’s a 90 day free trial of
E junkie so what you’ll do here is is you’re going to come over here and I’m
going to have the information is also down in the description below this video
okay and you for example either one of these buttons doesn’t matter you’re
going to click up here and now I usually you can sign in with Google and all that
but before you sign up you want to click in here or if you choose not to use
Google and Facebook to sign in with your accounts already that you have maybe
with them right you’ve come down here and create a brand new one and you want
to make sure that you click right here where it says get 30 free you backspace
that out you hold your Shift key down so it’s all caps or just hit the caps lock
and type freedom 90 type freedom 90 and if you notice they’ve even related it to
my YouTube channel here freedom motivator com so type freedom 90 and
when you click Submit you’ll get a 90 day free trial folks that’s three months
to test out the e junkie platform and see if it’s a fit for you and you don’t
have to use any credit card you don’t have to use anything just sign up for
the 90-day trial and check out the platform set up your business that it
gets more than enough time to see if it’s going to work for you and if it
doesn’t work for you cancel it out after the 90 days and you
don’t nothing that’s that’s an amazing offer
that’s an incredible offer so make sure you get that today it’s gonna be down
description folks that’s what I had for you today I wanted to show you here
about each junkie they’ve revamped it added a really cool product card feature
for folks that don’t have their own website and so on and so forth so make
sure you reach down in the description copy and paste the freedom 90 words I
have down there bring it over here sign up and put that in and get your 90 days
free trial so don’t forget to also check my other links down there below you’ll
see where it says mentor with Capcom click on that link and you can check out
my top rated number one business and get over 3600 dollars worth of free bonuses
to check that thing out too as well okay also if this is your first time here
reach down there and hit that subscribe button don’t forget to click that bell
so you get notified of when we got upload new videos which is pretty
frequently hear about every couple days or so okay alright guys that’s what I
have for today hope you enjoyed this video if you did
reach down there and hit the thumbs up for me and I’ll see you in a couple days
on the next video okay you guys have a great day thanks


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