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Magnetic Wallpaper from Etsy Design Award Grand Prize Winner Sian Zeng | Meet the Maker | Etsy

Hi I’m Sian Zeng magnetic wallpaper
designer, grand prize winner of the Etsy Design Award. I started creating the magnetic
wallpaper in 2009. Etsy was able to connect me with shoppers all around the
world. Initially I used magnetic paint. Later I found a magnet receptive liner which is what attracts the magnets to the wall. I create an interactive surface,
people get given a set of characters that they can move around on a wallpaper
and create their own stories. You can leave little messages on speech bubbles
for each other, it’s a great way to have fun as a family so it’s not just yet
another dinosaur wallpaper. Customers love it they share it with me on
Instagram and I love seeing snapshots of their bedrooms all around the world. When I paint my wallpapers I always
paint them bigger so that what the customer receives at the end is a very
authentic artwork where they can see small brushstrokes.
It’s a little bit vintage a little bit old-school but also modern so the mix of
vintage and modern is really appealing. When I got the call from Etsy I was
speechless. I really did not expect it. Winning the award means that we are able
to launch more collections this year. I’m really excited because I have so many
more ideas that I would like to put onto wallpaper

  • I wonder how that magnetic wallpaper will do around computers and pacemakers. Sometimes magnets can do harms to computers and pacemakers.

  • It was an honor to be a finalist in this award. Congratulations to Sian Zeng and all winners, as well as those involved in making this happen and giving us sellers the recognition and the opportunity.

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