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now if you wanted proof that this is a program that works these two standing next to me are stressed that's you guys graduated two years ago from this very program now you are back it's 2019 tell me what you're doing here so we premiere our third movie timber lamb from eccentric circus she's the right side and I produced it people just opened those was and it's just amazing what can I expect tonight you can expect romantic comedy about young love in Johannesburg and what happens when finances start to become a problem like can they be romance without finance girls you might be touching a little bit close to home right let me let you guys go you had enjoyed a lot of success especially and immanence why do you think it's so important to give it back I'm at this stage in my life where I don't think I've got anything else to prove what I want to do is give back I think it's so amazing when you just need something fresh happen there's so much unseen and unheard of talent and once you give it a platform it just only has one way to grow which is to blossom this kind of platform is super important because and I'm jealous number one because when I started out it was nothing such as this you know we have the platforms now not backing it David or as by scope nobody could be on the movies we are in the cinemas ourselves so why not come out and actually sit down and watch something amazing as well I agree this is to showcase the work that has been going on m-net has given an opportunity to two young graduates and said to them here's the lift get in and come up and join us this is clearly a program that works because some of you are Lum now you're actually part of the productions of these films that we're watching tonight nor do you encourage anybody that is sitting watching this at home to be a part of it you know I think if you love storytelling if you've got something to say if you're proud of being a South African because we are here to tell South African stories and if you're prepared to work really really hard because you know it looks glamorous but it's not it's hard hard work so you have to just love this industry to succeed but if that's who you are then we really want to hear from you

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