Maduro with Arshad Alam up wins The R W I T C Ltd Trophy Div 1 2019

the are racing for the running of the Royal resin in the turf club limited trophy division 1 and getting into the early Strider start start off here the leader leads the pack by about a length in front of kuvira and second class of ours in close attendance been joining the outside by country's courage another length behind is Madeira keeping companies Rose Brook employing positions then comes Greek goddess as it is par for 900 with a marker cool graduate is another to be intelligent and Moroccan is running last they come towards a 700 meter marker and it's a start of 3a just read a trivia so keeping company on the outside as you're heading towards the 600 meter marker traveling about to report offense is the country's courage then comes class about Madeira the one which is in fifth of the stages they take the turn rose Brook then come Greek goddess cool grudgement the one which is holding the fence tough legend Moroccan comes the next as a into the final run in lucky pineapple is running last inside the final 300 meter marker and it's a country's courage comes in as in scope on by about half in front of Madeira comes up at telling size of the outside and goes ahead and is opened up a gap about two two and a quarter in front of star appear country's courage in the red solid futile changes mediators wrapped up the same well syrup long likely almost three lengths in front of Staravia country's courage being them was a cool great mentor of years of classical war one towards a narrating then comes tough legend they are being followed by Moroccan then comes rose broke Greek goddess in the order of the event past the finish line

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