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Made In China Official Trailer | Rajkummar Rao, Boman, Mouni | Dinesh Vijan | Mikhil Musale

Someday you will be
a successful entrepreneur. Once you understand
the concept of “The Key”! Who is the customer? Customer…is the king. Customer…is an asshole. The customer’s need is the lock. And the day you find the key… …you’ll be an entrepreneur. Fate gave me yet another opportunity
to prove that I am an entrepreneur. Rukmani, when we do it at night… …do I make you happy? Do you reach the top floor? Don’t worry. I reach the top floor
and even enjoy the view. So the lift’s working properly. The lift and the lift
man’s working perfectly. Don’t be so scared of China. I am not sending you
to Afgnaistan or Syria. It’s only China. What do Indian people want? – Good roads?
– Sex! Tiger Penis Soup. “My veil…flies away…” Selling like hot cakes.
10 times better than viagra. The bulb gets lit
but there’s no fire. Men…are like match sticks. They burn out. “Naughty vivid dreams.” I want you to be my business partner. I have a product that
can cure sex-related problems. My product, your patients… …and we’ll split the profit midway. The soup is your story,
and Vardhi is your hero. Sell the hero not the story. My little dude…wants
to be Hulk, doctor. – Is there a solution?
– Make him drink this soup. Do I eat it or rub it? First, you pop this then you pop it. “Be mine…” “Be mine…” “Be my queen.” We’ll sell this soup
in every corner of the world. Raghuveer Mehta, you are a rocket.
There’s fire behind you. Put your hands on your
behind and feel the heat. – Now?
– Of course. Come on. Yes. It is warm…


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