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Luz, nakipagkulitan sa kanyang mga anak | Pamilya Ko (With Eng Subs)

– Let me see!
– There! – Wow!
– Nice! I love it!
We look cute in that photo! Are you sure? You’re the only one
who looks nice there. You said we should
take a silly photo. Why didn’t you do
a funny pose? Is it my fault I
always look pretty? It’s because you pose in front
of the mirror all the time. Yeah. The “tummy ache” pose. The “my back hurts” pose! The “I’m tired” pose! “Migraine” pose! And the, “I didn’t see
you there” pose! Hey! – I love it!
– I don’t do that. – You do!
– Cut it out. You guys might
end up fighting. And you might give
me a headache. – Nay!
– You look beautiful! – It suits you, Nay.
– Hey! Hey! Where are
you two going? To the basketball court. We’re going to
shoot some hoops. Okay. Nay, every time
you smile, you look like you’re
only 28 years old. You’re trying to
flatter me again. – Love you, Nay!
– Come home early! – Let’s go!
– Okay. Hey! – Come on, Kuya! Let’s play!
– Sure! We’re playing against
some new guys. – Really?
– Yeah, come on! Come on, Apol. Wait. We need another
player, right? We have our point guard
right here. Form your own team, then He’s cranky again.
See you there, okay? Hurry up! Kuya! Who has the… It’s you, Kuya. You were wearing red, right? Nay. Lola sent over some fish. Wow! Is that a peace
offering for Nanay? Does that mean
she’s forgiven me? Does this mean you’ve
forgiven me, Nay? Let’s forget about it.
It’s all in the past now. Just make sure it won’t
happen again, alright? Come on, let’s eat.
Wash your hands. – Come on, Pongky.
– Alright, Nay! Wash your hands. What’s going on here? We’re just talking
about this picture. Why did you choose to
display that photo? Well, because
it’s the only photo where our
family’s complete. And because you think
you’re cute there. Hey, for your information, I wasn’t the one who
chose this. I promise. You even had it framed. – Kids…
– Want me to punch you? – Help me set the table.
– Alright, Nay. – Let’s go.
– I’ll follow you there. Wait, something’s not right.


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