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Lupita Nyong’o Reflects On Her Oscar Win In 2014 | Oprah At Home | Oprah Winfrey Network

What happens when they say,
“And the Oscar goes to–” and then you hear your name? That moment between “goes to”
and my name, was an eternity. And in that moment, I had
said my name so many times. I was like, Lupita
Nyong’o, no maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s someone else. Oh, boy. And then– and then
my brother reacted, and it was when my brother
reacted that I knew that they had said my name. And aw, I couldn’t believe it. You do this. You did this
moment, where it was like you couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe what
had come from this one film. And I remember just feeling
so grateful, you know, so grateful. And I think I said
this in the speech, I was very aware that
the joy in my life had come from so much
pain in the character that I had played. And she was a real woman, so I
definitely felt like this was– I was a vessel to
tell her story.


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