working was an unbonded unit Mohammed – up or Tarek confirm that Kazumi I will come allow and he must apologize to the people I represent whom he claimed to be talking English mr. speaker he said me you know Chilean they're speaking English when they are born mr. speaker that is Michael Onyango mr. speaker the name is Boris Michael is English it's not speaker those people speak very good English so it is not a regional issue it is a disability of that member and whistle speaker we are willing to teach him English and if you can't speak English we can also teach him kiswahili even my speak Israelis the body but we can teach him so Mr Speaker I would want to encourage that member to feel to feel free and come to the house you don't have to be comfortable speaking English you can speak in Swahili and that is why we have two languages you can speak on the floor of this house but us on the board unit says our coral is legislative and if you do not come to this house like we are passing budget how should I see that things of this constituency I'd the budget Mia is it orchid in this house by the time to make sure that budgets going to super notice in the budget so here mu is representing his people in Asia finally mr. speaker in my mother tongue there is a language we say not met economic wisdom ear meaning when a strong man steps on your mother's pipe you turned you your mother and say ma'am why are you putting your pipe in a wrong place there's a strong man stepping in his mother's pipe let him face the strong man he should not look at the mother and say why is your smoking pipe in the wrong place and it is not as was stepping on his own his mother smoking pipe we me a book and adjusted or kouko-san hoboken a mambo minge-y a Kotaku petitio alarm women who was it not but chemically Booga but we are not idlers when I got my own about working the resume you wanted to watch it because you're bunking yeah one of our mother of cuisine to cope and enhance academic honors in da cunha wat when assume you can go up under to consuming Giovanna just complete or ninjanomicon mayo boogie hey Selita Chocula up at obscenity cousin of engineer the California to make one our bunga Winkie when you're a younger boogie you want Kumal ng Bunga when a phenotype will happen except me bullying it when I come upon baboon like mashaallah Melanie Vanuatu fasabi oh come buff boo boo hoo Bunga so you know the speaker if we don't stop even with the speaker then it's going to be the gnome everybody will think you can attack Parliament at any time as you wish how can a member of this house mr. speaker speak so badly about this house that he has other serious business to do and even if attend attend house businesses he has he will be still be reelected who are these people who don't judge their member whether he attends of Parliament or was a speaker this must be a constituents in Uganda or Tanzania or somewhere else not in Kenya mr. speaker and I'm not saying that members of those other country don't attend but I am alluding that this house is so important with the speaker that a member cannot speak the way horrible studious and you see with a speaker the Standing Orders are clear you can use three languages you can use English you can use kiss Wei Li you can use sign language honorable suit you can use sign language if the other two have got limitations on those other two visas pick up either English work Israeli or I cannot make the standing water on his behalf so that we can get interpretation for mother talks yeah the speaker can come here if the standing order will allow us speaking is challenged in language then another member who's landed like professor to talk can can interpret for him that the memorizing this and he says or come courtesy of the speaker or socio lose nominate there was no much work to do the speaker mr. speaker mr. speaker the Matta it's really really I really felt very Barb's I speak as a member of this house I felt that the meaning of this house should be done by other people but not a member of this house who enjoys privileges with a speaker as a member of the House the speaker if we diminish it is our own problem is a speaker so Mr Speaker I want you to look into that matter and if possible the study God has allowed me to name him but Mr Speaker as the chairman of the powers and privileges committee respec I beseech you to someone that remember Moses picker and take this pretty action again esteem the way you kick em I used to do when he was the chairman of the spirit committee in Canada speaker


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