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Love for Hindus in Pakistan’s Movies will move you | Reaction Video | AKTK

Art knows no boundaries. Whether it’s Salman Khan or Saif Ali Khan
or Anurag Kashyap or Karan Johar. All of them says that “Art knows no boundaries.” and Pakistan star should be given work in India. But in pakistan, the “STARS”,
to whom we give jobs also, what kind of “Art” they are showing,
seeing that would make you joyful. That much “secularism” you will get to see there that you will say “AHAHAH”, that was satisfying. So today we will show you,
what is being shows in the name of “Art”!! And we will show you that in very secular manner because we are that much secular that even our “Maal” we call as “Kamaal Khan” So keep watching AKTK, and see, what is being shown in the name of art?!! So friends, the census of 1998 shows that the population of Hindus in
pakistan is only 1.6%. Along with that, in 1947, this percentage was 16%. That means that in 1947,
16% Hindus were there in Pakistan. Now friends, the population of Pakistan
by itself is increased to 150% But the population of Hindu is on decline. So, the biggest reason behind that is mindset. And to “set” the mind, a very influential medium is “cinema”. So what such thing happens
in the Cinema of Pakistan?,, Let’s see. Friends, we are going to talk about a film,
“Musalmaan Film’s name is “Musalmaan”. And we are specifically going to talk about this
because very big stars have worked in this film Such stars are working in this film
to whom India has given jobs also. For example:- Javed Sheikh. You must have seen him in
“Namastey London” and “Om Shanti Om”. On the flipside, an actress of film “Heena”, who was in the main lead, whose name was “Zaiba Akhtiyar” So Zaiba Akhtiyar is also an actress in this film. Along with that, “Shaan” also has worked in this film, Shaan has never got work in India, but all the films he has worked in,
are either “Anti-India” or “Anti-Hindu” We have no problem with “Anti-India” films because if not in Pakistan such films are made, then where will be? But why “Anti-Hindu” films are being made? This has to be find out. For instance, there is a film of Shaan. “War”. And in war, the things which have been written and shown those things are “Ahahah….” Just see thin scene for once. Brother tell this, whether you are a Muslim? Allhamdullillah, I am a Muslim. Very important question that was. But what’s the relation of these things with me being a Muslim. There is a relation. Sir, tell. Sir, tell. Whether your grandfather was Muslim. No, maybe not. Then why your grandfather left
their religion and the way of life. Because brother, Muslims are great, that’s why they left it. I will tell. they knew that time had come, they knew it was the right time to do in this scene they have clearly tried to justify the conversion. Now this film, “War”. This film is produced by “Ary”. Who’s “Ary”? It is an production company, which also produced one more film
in india name of the film was “PK”. There arechances you are trying to build co-relation. But friends it will be better if we wont talk about movie “War”, lets talk about movie “Musalman”. But before we start telling you about “Musalman”, let us tell that this entire research
has been done by Vashi Sharma. You can find her twitter handle in description below She has also written a blog on this, whose link is also is given below in description. Do try to read the blog. She has written an excellent blog. So first of all lets see this scene of the “Musalman” film. In this scene, mother is encouraging
her little child to become a jihadi. And says to take my dupatta and unflur it as flag and destroy the hindu kingdom and Hindus. Similar slogans were raised in JNU too. Mother, there is a march going on in the market. All of them have “Freedom” flags. And are raising slogans. I don’t have any flag. Give a flag to me too. Take this, use your mother’s duppata as flag, and get involved in the march. Mother, this isn’t flag, but you dupatta. In between the mother’s dupatta, and nation’s flag, there isn’t any difference my son. Go, unfurl the flag in the march in such a way, that it becomes the shroud of “Hindu raj” becomes the shroud of “Hindu raj”. Hindu kingdom has to be destroyed. Hindus has to be killed. This is the lesson the very first scene is teaching. So the first scene of hindu family show an baniya wearing a cap That “baniya” is shown to be very devious. This can be made out from his accent itself. And her daughter is shown very beautiful and her daughter has zero interest in god. Muslims are again creating the mess. Yesterday again, there was a blast in the market. Listen the accent.
If any muslim crosses your road, then return immediately. Again those hateful talks. These muslims are very bad,
good should put them in hell. They have disturbed the whole kashmir. Father, why do you hate those muslims so much? “ohohohoh…. Liberalism…. then what, this country belongs to them too give kashmir to them!!!
give kashmir to them!!! Are you listening Mausmi’s mother? The way your daughter thinks. Father,.. if muslims got the Kashmir,
then is the color Dal lake is gonna change? And the fragrance of Rose and Chameli…. Kashmir is to be given to Muslims or Pakistan? Now burn that old way of hatren my father. Her mind is diverted to somthing else, Mausmi’s mother. Take her to the temple everyday. By seeing god’s face, her thinking will get right. Yes, Mausmi, today night, you have to go to temple with me. Whatever you have to wish, wish for me too. She will deny, but won’t go to temple. You and father alone are everything fo me. It’s the business of yours and your god. “Your god”, they are not her god. …..Liberalism….. And friends, just oppsite to that, Indian army breaks into the house of Muslim family and there, it is shown that she is reading the Holy Quran.
A minor girl of maybe 7-8 years old, is readin Quran.
While of the flipside, that elder girl don’t have any interest in god, neither in Hindutva.
But… a girl of a muslim family is reading Quran. A minor girl of maybe 7-8 years old, is reading Quran. While of the flipside, that elder girl don’t have
any interest in god, neither in Hindutva. But… a girl of a muslim family is reading Quran. And a Hindu can’t touch the Quran,
because the Hindus are kaafir. Ooh….
this Quran published in Pakistan. Hey,,, Bhagwaan, And this thing made in Pakistan, Tells me that the people living here
have a connection with Pakistan. Stay away, You are a Hindu and dirty hands
of Hindus can’t touch the Holy Quran. Even this minor girl knows this thing. This Quran shouldn’t be in the
dirty hands of mine. Shoudn’t be. Look here, here she is saving this
but there she can’t worship the Hindu Gods. She can protect her religion well. Get out if here… that slap was great. If Muslims came to know
that you have disregarded the Holy Quran Then they will tear you into more pieces then this Quran. Which even your Hindu community won’t be able to count. Even the Hindu community won’t be able to count friends. Very evidently this thing has been said
that even Hindu Community won’t be able to count Now after that, the protagonist, the main lead, He is going somehwere and needs a shelter, now that shelter, in whose house he takes shelter into there he inquires, whether it is the Muslims’ house or Hindus’? If this is Hindus’ house then I can’t take shelter here. Now this is perfectly all right. How can that frightened person
can take shelter in Hindus’ house? Hindus are intolerant. So that frightened person denied
to take shelter in Hindus’ house and took shelter only when
that was a Muslim’s house. See. Who are you? Isn’t this is Muslim’s house? Ahmdullilah. Thank god. That i have taken shelter in Muslim’s house. Sister,.. Sister, will I get some medicine? Stay here. We have both the medicines and wishes. So now friends then comes the Indian Army. And see how Indian army hates the Muslims. What a “Hate”!!! Just by seeing that “Hate” you will get pleased. Such a amazing “Hate” that is. And, along with that it is shown that it is very necessary to convert Sita. So this thing we will show you,
“How Sita got converted?” Very interesting scene that is. How Sita got converted?
We will show you. We will show you that in the next part. So be with us. Tommorrow we will bring the next part. And will show you, “How Sita got converted?” So friends we hope that you likes this video.
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