hello everyone welcome to Marcel's onstage kitchen I'm just going to take a video of our the box that we got this morning from Oscar an army Barragan thank thank you very much for all of this and more specially my cookbooks wow I love this and it's like it's not only one it's one two four six eight nine cookbooks my god thank you very much I'm ready to enjoy the chocolates now we open all the chocolates and good some to our worker and then Tori bread let me read what can you say thank you say thank you they are drink you up there thank you Kuya for the chocolate yummy chocolates yeah we open the treat already because red red want to taste them all right Once Upon a minute illa won this one it will be very hyper later thank you thank you for all of this thank you very much and you know what I like this because there's a picture and then the recipe you can really tell not like the recipe book of Brian see very beautiful and thank you very much red thank you very much very busy eating chocolates I have this oh it's like all the recipes different kind of recipe is not only Filipino food you know stick Lover's companion Wow Wow and this one great American cookbook I'm so happy for my cookbook Wow and we need to kill one pork one hour one pork one pig sorry we need to kill one pic so that we have a lot of meat to cook a while shrim oh my god I love this one oh my god a chicken huh very crispy and this one the essential midi Tarun cookbook Wow pasta Lamia annoying oh my god just for the pictures then dinner chicky and there's asked for chicken only chicken recipes all chicken oh my god this one is barbecue then barbecue and bar girls oh my goodness and this one it's the Central Asian cookbook see chilli Wow very yummy think you think you think you again thank you very much for the sender Oscar and Emmy thank you very much thanks everyone please like comment share and subscribe ready [Laughter] good

  • OMG ! Now Brian is going to get fat, fatter, and fatter still until he can't move…..ha ha…….but what a way to go………die happy !

  • Red is a very smart & lovable boy
    He has alot of respect for Maricel
    Maricel & Red, Gina & Tatay r roll models for all
    Thank u all & God Bless

  • Maricel you big help to me..i learned how to cooked….thank you always take care…..iam happy to both of you and Brian that you will be mommy soon …😊

  • Lil man your manners are awesome enjoy ur treats I'm a meme of four wonderful grand babies and make smile just as they do😊🐓🐖🐕🌷🐟🐾🌞🌝⭐

  • Maricel can U and Brian help Mitch find a girlfriend to help him on his farm n in his life he seems like a nice enough guy but his Mocheezemo some people don't appreciate until after they get to know him better!

  • I love cookbooks with pictures too. Have fun cooking, Maricel. We, your viewers can watch and enjoy your delicious dishes.

  • That is a nice cooking book sis Maricel.,by the way, red is so happy with those many chocolates. he.he.

  • Maricel u can request Brian not to smoke anymore, it's really not good for him marinig mo mag salita sia parang congested

  • Famous chef”s the world over on those cookbooks . And now, Maricel can only be with the best, learning from the masters of their trade.
    I’m very happy for you❤️💙💚👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

  • wow that is awesome alot of my favorite chefs in those cookbooks that I watch on tv here in Montana USA Bobby Flay is my favorite

  • Hey, Maricel, I am so happy you love your cook books. I will be visiting Bohol in Sept. I will bring you a cook book also…or something special💕

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