Living Iraq War vet to receive Medal of Honor

as awkward as this process is to be singled out I just want to say how absolutely grateful I am that attention can be given to the men and women of to to infantry third Brigade first ID what we accomplished in that year more importantly the families that lost so many amazing men men that we served with the knew and loved and you know it's really not enough that we honor the fact that we lost people at war for this country but to acknowledge how they died and why they died they died for us they they took a slot they took a mission they did a job and looking at your history and I have a great deal of respect for the Iraq war veteran obviously this Ward I have a tremendous amount of reverence for the award itself but you know the Iraq war veteran has served and surpassed at times the highest standards of American warrior tradition amongst any generation we have nothing to apologize for we serve our country we do what our leaders tell us to do it's you know the narrative on the Iraq war has long been written I'm not here to change anyone's mind I'm here to tell you that there are men and women who have served their country in Iraq and it has made me it is one of the honors of my life to be a part of that veteran and the men and women of to to infantry in particular when you think of of that valor and that sacrifice our Brigade Combat Team lost but 37 people that year we lost four men in Fallujah you know I think about them every day they gave up their tomorrows for us and I think of that generation and the Iraq war and I'm mighty proud to be a part of it I learned that my Silver Star was upgrading when I got a call for the President on States the army gave me purpose in direction the army gave me meaning I'm forever grateful to the United States Army and I want to be of service to my army I want to bring as many young men and women to join the military as possible that was that was a possibility I never knew it's been 15 years and the loss that we had out there is very real it's very real for those families you know a memorial day is not it's not one day a year that this is a real sacrifice and Silver Star is an incredible honor and of itself this country is worthy of any sacrifice we have a volunteer force that does it every single day and I want to be a service to that army thank you


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