Live Wire: Kabako congratulates Fresh Kid upon receiving an international award.

let me congratulate to my brother my little bro I know my little bro see masala Oh masala a guy named by masala he is my little blue in this business terracotta – can soak anniversa ocka ocka ocka ocka KU Leuven Anglin in cocoon robin angle a little Attica Humana madam Wong Goku social media news undercutting inoculate kinga Manya in a commenting according to you this time around namaz OG together you can you know if someone he can you have to have a memory taken well ooh net one item to go back oh no Jimmy Jimmy jackin Avicii I talkin a gym for a mutiny gah our do give up what the Ubuntu gov Cuomo catching encircle a pompom ninja Tom's at Amazon even angry into anaconda Manjunath it's okay a German nigga give yo yo yo now he knew another bat-diamond on dia whoa fresh zucchini African fresh people ready to change a gotta get a move on okay now come to newness in Ibaka South Africa for sitting in a corner a rock who you are becoming and not something nah you know what oh not a problem my problem was a trendy problem when you see me do an ANOVA table I'm becoming mature gamba regime Geronimo's hydrogen Mariko mara Khatib an ambuiance an Omega I don't wanna be I in B such that UI Felicia people Rajendra Chola are you are promoting their family you were for resume Vegeta the down full of fresh family muta Reza then Tim fresh carrot don't Yahoo get in a car you got a car in Gaza twins are young it Connecticut Jana pooja where jakkayya come combo regarding we didn't even know never have a home but see that are frisky tesora sing a freshman but our fresh icky I uh got a new cabaco who sing a fresh kid that's another effect


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