Live un-boxing of the European Cricket League Champions Trophy!

guys just check if it's a it should be all good now we love hi guys we are at the the unboxing of the trophy so if yeah the ecl team has arrived in La Manga down in Spain here and extremely excited to start preparing the event so so the whole team sort of here working hard all day and now in the box obviously is the trophy that you guys have been seeing get built and get crafted by sanjay sharma so now that it's here let's call James and Roger to the front and what I'll do is I'll I'll talk through while we try and unwrap this this fragile piece of piece of art Raja ECL CEO James League Operations Manager the guys have had a busy day [Applause] shout out to Jan Preet Singh hey buddy I hope you're doing well so the trophies been made in India over the last the last month it's been designed for the last three months and yeah made its way over landed in Madrid yesterday and then just arrived in in La Manga this morning so that's an exciting time it's a beautiful beautiful trophy as we've been seeing it all being made over the last few weeks house none Mirza see you see you online there mate nice to have you watching hopefully the lut still uploader while the trophy is unwrapped so guys obviously the six days to go into the ECL starts so the next six days going to be full of all the preparations for around the ground all the LED boards are getting installed the scaffolding for the cameras all of the suppliers from Kookaburra and New Balance are going to be arriving all the teams coming on the 28th Empire scorers on their way down as well and this is to see who is the kings of Europe this is the Champions League of European cricket so the first year it's ever happened and we're extremely excited to get it all underway so this is a very fragile it's a very fragile trophies wow what a box Wow Wow crazy unbelievable this legal word leave that whoa this is an unbelievable trophy look at that box we're ready oh look at that thing that is huge this James putting his white gloves on we prepared specially Wow so this is the first ever European Cricket League trophy which will go to the winners next Wednesday night after 17 t10 matches are completed to see who are the kings of Europe Wow here we go [Applause] unbelievable wow that is the trophy unbelievable Wow that winner 2019 as a very very lucky team so it could be Brescia clutch VLC Rotterdam SG fend off st. Petersburg Lions fan home career club and Catalunya career club obviously the home team looking to keep the trophy deep in Spain but that that is an incredible incredible trophy so thank you so much to sanjay sharma from local lifestyle from taking the dream and creating that that piece of art it's incredible thing and it's huge and it should be very crowd and obviously drew as well I forgot to forgot to mention who coming down from Paris in the weekend so what an incredible piece of art incredible trophy James you want to lift that up and bring it closer again show some of these some of these gems some of the blue gems and then the detail on the top maybe we should work out how to take the take the crown off Wow unbelievable I think that is the best-looking trophy I've ever seen in world cricket but I guess I'm biased but that is amazing unbelievable yeah do that should we try and move the box put that on the table and then try and get the the crown off just bring that box over here show the show the logo so one of the lucky teams from the european crete league gets to take the box and the trophy back with it by next Wednesday that that is a piece of art who is gonna keep that very lucky okay so Ned so do you need a helping hand now with the holding that water well it comes off there we go so the crown comes off in the champion team the champion captain gets to wear the crown I don't think anyone should put that crown on until until next Wednesday that yeah that is awesome well that's the whole I did take the crown off and wear it next Wednesday night so the matches start next Monday morning the 29th six matches on Monday six matches on Tuesday for the group stages round-robin and then the semifinals and the finals will be played on Wednesday so you can follow it all on WWE cien cricket you can also follow it on fan code in India and will be live TV broadcast around the world where we will release the broadcast countries and names of the broadcasters in each of the countries in the following days so you can catch it live on the ecn cricket website you can also have a read about the teams the schedule the the news and the player profiles on ECL cricket the official league's website and from there you can cover it so that is the incredible Trophy jump trying to bring it across one more time jam just one more one more close up there it is that is the biggest grouse trophy I think I've ever seen incredible yeah it's very very shiny amazing so for a special competition deserves a special trophy and we've we've worked very very hard to bring this league to you so we'll keep you updated with a next with all the mixed updates of how things are travelling down here in La Manga while we're preparing the ground the event the fan villages the TV crew the production all of the work that will go into the ecl preparations will be covered for the next five days and then the games start on Monday to see who will win this wonderful trophy so thanks again James Roger for doing the unboxing and what a trophy that is indeed so thank you alright guys we'll leave it there we'll put the trophy back in the box we'll keep it safe tin a securely locked room and we'll wait for the teams to arrive on the 28th before before the competition gets heated up so thanks again anyone else from the government take photos hey it's still I've done just stand in front of the camera yeah that is the that's the Champions Trophy there's also the the player of the tournament trophy and then there's the medals for the champion team and the medals for the runners-up

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