LIVE – Mégane R.S. Trophy-R – 2019 Spa-Francorchamps Record

you you there are no are as days that's a day of sharing between enthusiasts between lovers of Renault and Renault Sport and for the first time there are no rs days are taking place in a real race weekend together with the Renault championship testing in the background the know of yen who is the digital marketing expected for no sport car saying that they want to reinforce the link between competition and road cars and so these are no rs days are taking place together with the Formula Renault at the spot franca shop racetrack it's interesting of course for a note to have this kind of days during a race weekend to have feedback from their clients all of their engineers are present here at the most beautiful racetrack at the world as I say there are two types of participants there are people loving to drive on racetracks and then the collection nurse as we call them the whole gamut of Renault is present here so we're talking about room again Renault our strophe Renault Twingo and so on we're here in Belgium of course but that's not the only date for the Renault rs days we've been in Sweden and on August 12 we'll be on the Nurburgring beginning of September we'll be at the Hungaroring one week later at la casilla 12 and 13 October we'll be at the Red Bull Ring so the most famous tracks in Europe will be visited by there are no errors days and almost all dates are fully booked so be really fast if you want to be part of it it is so possible the Renault Megane RS it's a mythical car of course there were no rs days are based on the name of the Megane RS the first Megane RS has been created 15 years ago it's a growing success for renault sport the Miguel Maris is also record taking car because all the McGann cars have been on the north side for the nürburgring Nordschleife to break records but also to develop the car of course because the Nordschleife it's a complete track it's an ideal track to test car firstly there was the r26 are the RS trophy and now the Megane RS trophy are which has been perfect presented a couple of months ago that car has beaten the lab crack records at the Nurburgring for front-wheel drive cars and benoit vienna saying that every detail counts when you want to break a records the megan has beaten the record at the north life and that new record has been celebrated on social media and I know has launched the hashtag only 500 which a Binoy is talking about now not saying also it's very encouraging to have all these people sharing their passion for an out on social media the new Renault Megane RS trophy R has been limited to 500 versions 500 cars and that's why the hashtag only 500 has been launched on Instagram the first 500 followers could see the car before it was released to everybody else there has been a record our presentation our present ater to mama Stan says on the north side not yet at spa-francorchamps wink wink and then we are saying that there will be a record attempt here of course that's what why we are why we had at panco show and this record attempt will be visible on the Renault Sport Facebook pages and alive of course the whole lap the time to beat is 2 minutes 53 seconds and 7 tenths of a second we're going to try to break the records well it's a driver called no ha you're gone it's a development driver for a note he's preparing now for as I record the demo even with a 46 year old development driver for Renault is with the French brand since 2004 and he's been developing the medium arrest cars but also the Twingo are – the Clio Cup the Clio our treaty the Laguna GT and the Clio for RS that's a really impressive career for Laura you go and he is able to go fast as well which is going to prove in some minutes this of course a Renault test session going on that's why we were why we were interrupted for a couple of seconds of course this record attempt is not only for prestige but also to develop the cars and that's of course for the clients everything Laura can add to the car can develop is of course an advantage for people who are going to abide the Renault Megane RS trophy are the ones putting on this helmet that means that he will take the track in some minutes this is an on Burt image and you can see Laura on the Left what's special about this a Renault Megane RS trophy that it's not only a road car but it's a ultra performing car for the racetrack that's not a coincidence of course the test session for the Formula Renault is almost over over it is over that means that the track will go green for at the wrong Google race the seven kilometer race track one of the most beautiful in the world he will be racing on a Rouge the radio blossom or other famous corners of course here is this beautiful stone machine car already the Belgian racetrack and there he goes and Laura has one warm-up lap she's doing warm-up lap and then one flying lap so he has two minutes to get the last look at what is the 21 corners of this racetrack and it's time to beat of course is 2 minutes 53 seconds and 7 tenths of a second and it's hot in Sparkle Sean doll job look at that he's climbing the curbs already it's more than 30 degrees Celsius today on Wednesday so a lot of heat look at Laura's already drifting in Rochelle she's warming up the tires this warm-up lap is the perfect occasion to talk about the car we will talk about aerodynamics about chassis and about weight reduction when was saying that the car has lost 130 kilograms compared to the previous version this fighting weight of only one thousand three hundred and six kilograms makes it a true champion on the track with an amazing power-to-weight ratio of four point thirty five kilograms per horsepower long as dumping that blonde she moved Corning out one of the fastest parts of the racetrack and then the chicane the lost corner before the start and finish line that means the law is starting his record attempt in a couple of seconds there he goes first braking zone for La Source a slow hairpin and then it's going faster and faster of course because the straight leads to the Arusha corner and the radio they're heading to let go to talk a bit about breaking of the cart which is very important here for our liquor and overtaking spot of course with it samples are powerful breaking in the higher number of possible subscription settings the new mega is getting closer and closer to a race car which you can see on boards with Laura – this is shots chassis featuring stiffer springs and the lower anti-roll value to deliver better grip in corners and improved traction when putting down power which is doing now first sector time is forty eight point zero 16 look at full attack in the poor will see the second second sector time in Nashville a couple of seconds when he comes out of this table corner just before heading back to the old track here is in Stav low first right corner then there's the corona line here somewhere and then is coming back the old track on the left here apparently is heading to a 248 which would mean a five-second improvement for Renault and Lara ergo joy was in the last part of the track and we'll see the lap time in some moments the bus stop chicane one last time really smooth accelerating and there is 248 more entry that's more than 5 second improvement on the front wheel drive lap record here's parkashoff to forty eight point three magnificent performance for a low is go you must be very pleased of course he's happy now to the pit lane the endurance pit lane back to tama or presentator who will interview him of course yes even going too far you've seen that too much on the screen though has parked his Renault Megane RS trophy art but nothing the right spot apparently it's moving his car so you've seen a record-breaking attempt on special personal life on the Renault Sport Facebook page of course in French with Dhamma and English with me Gregory de Gelder look at that the joy from the whole Renault Sport Team five foot four point four seconds of the improvement for the wrong [Applause] from Renault but also from all our spectators there are singing it was very hot he did the test lab yesterday and he already noticed that what to improve yesterday and today everything went very well you can see all or you can notice all the work which has been done on the aerodynamics in radio in poor it's a very smooth car can we compare the Nordschleife and a spa from kosher yes of course Lord says because it's a both two very fast tracks so the aerodynamics play a dominant role here at Spa and what's super is that the car performs everywhere and Rouge is not flat out apparently it was not flat up maybe on a second attended well but of course Lauren didn't want to take any risk with this a beautiful car we've talked about aerodynamics about weight and about the chassis laura is going to give us some more explanations so as he said repeating that compared to the last version they have one 130 color girl kilograms which is a just enormous and it is planing why they have won so much weight because of a reed diffuser based on the f1 version also a carbon fiber composite bonnet they're always talking about the rear diffuser working due due to the ground effect of the car there's no real ring as you can see so the river diffuser is doing all the aerodynamic work which provides him a better grip on the track we're talking about the chassis of the car it features a Torsen limited slip differential and a geometry all of its own the independent front access suspension with increased negative camber compared to the standard Megane RS trophy brings it into racing car territory saying that he was drifting on the rear doing practically the whole lap having this kind of grip of the road car is really exceptional he's a really proud about the work that has been done on the car by Renault Sport fifteen years long ago has been the development driver for Renault you can applaud them of course only also at home not only at the racetrack I wanted to say if you want more information about the Renault Megane RS trophy or you can go to Renault Sport 1 calm calm in English of course that's only that's also the spot where you can subscribe for the Renault RS days you know if you end of course saying that there's a that he's super happy with his performance and he thanks all the enthusiasts at home following Renault that's it for us bye bye


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