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Live in the D: Grammy Award Winner Stops in Detroit

our musical guest today is a Grammy Award winner who is in town for a special appearance at a backyard barbecue this evening all right so you’re celebrating the re-release of your album too many bad habits which originally came out 30 years ago tell us about that that’s right it was a lot of it was recorded in Farmington I was part of the whole music scene in Ann Arbor and which we just played Sunday night at the arc over there and yeah this stuff we discovered a bunch of tracks that had never been released it has some of the blues legends like Johnny shines and big Walter Horton asleep at the wheel these were all friends of mine and we’ve made this album and now it’s come back to light and it’s an amazing project all right Johnny Nicholas introduce the guys in the band back here if you’d be so absolutely you’ve got from Austin Texas mr. scrappy Jud Newcomb on the mandolin did you drag him off a 6th Street well no we don’t we don’t go to 6th Street drums that’s Tino grosse from Detroit Michigan whoo and Tino was on the original too many bad habits album he was in the big Walter trio with myself and big Walter and this is my longtime friend my old roommate in asleep at the wheel Tony Gagne thank you guys from New York and New Orleans originally you played with so many famous didn’t ya yeah I just want to go I want to go shopping with you guys that’s what I want to do can I go ahead shopping next time you guys go all right you know we have a place here in town called Henry the Hatter I think you guys go check it out that’s where his came from looking sharp sharp what do you like about playing to Detroit being such a musical city oh man it’s just people are real they have a real appreciation of the real stuff you know there was a blues town man you know let’s get right to the real stuff let’s step out and let you guys do what you’re gonna do you what’s the name of the song you’re gonna play this is called fresh air it’s one of my songs okay cool I could use a little fresh air turn a radio in your car I could use a little tender loving care and wish upon a falling star [Music] okay get out and find yourself some fresh air [Music] well the river’s invitation it’s a mighty fine temptation believe us sit right down and watch the waters from paper ship trip by lethal Louisiana staff and a captain stream fires refuge action dog he could use a little fresh air I believe he’s been at sea too long freedom’s voices like an icy stare filled with enough didn’t Isleta you can’t man [Music] your heart [Music] and find your own fresh [Music] will the circle be unbroken what kind of words be spoken as we’ll just start to open every will the words that you can’t find ever escape your mind and blossom in your garden of despair can’t you use a little fresh air open up the door it gets you take a stroll down along [Music] let the pre train whistle take you back [Music] to a place where you can find your own fresh air [Music]


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