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Live Golf Show #21 🔴 Golf Q&A to help your Game!

good morning how is everybody doing
we’re live oh man what what a day what a weekend we had what a Ryder Cup where do
we start where do we start rumors craziness going
on with the Ryder Cup Europeans played spectacularly amazing I love seeing that
I love seeing just the excitement and the the passion that they have and I
think for sure they showed us that that they are a unified group that’s what
I’ve been saying they they are a unity unfortunately the Americans right now
we’re just partners this is a huge difference between a
unified group and a partnership and huh oh man
sad it’s sad but you know what the truth is good because it you can either change
or stay the same and that’s just kind of how it is that’s who that’s who the
American team is at the moment but no worries you know I paid them in
big you could tell just wouldn’t seeing Tiger and Patrick Reed out there this
there’s something missing there and Tiger is one of the greatest he is the
greatest so I don’t know why they did it didn’t seem like they gelled and then
all the rumors flying around but uh-oh craziness yeah yeah – the American team
seems to pre-madonna it’s just about them and that’s the
thing when I think Molinari summed it up when uh when it was all over he said
this is this is better than a major and that’s how
that’s how they take it we’re the Americans for some reason it’s the
majors are more important and that’s that’s why we don’t win it haven’t been
winning Ryder Cups like they have over the last decade plus so anyways just
crazy and then you hear rumors about kepco and DJ here mmm
duking it out almost or whatever’s happening just crazy I don’t know I
don’t know I hope the Americans can kind of get it together
let me just this camera real quick and but I don’t know I think fallout is is
good a little bit I wouldn’t share dirty laundry publicly so I’m more about just
hey if you have a problem with somebody just talk to them and work it out and
you’ll be fine hopefully they can do that and get get things together what
anyways we’re talking our game what kind of questions you guys have here today
hey Seattle how are you thank you very much yeah okay we’ll get to that and
yeah I know tiger you know I’m my thing is when you listen to Tiger if you’ve
paid attention to him over the years usually after he wins a big event he
gets sick and he’s talked about that where he just he puts so much energy and
effort into it that his body just kind of shuts down afterward so he it’s quite
possible he wasn’t feeling very well I’m I’m I’m not sure I have no inside
information on that but he just didn’t look right so I was wondering like if he
was under the weather and had the flu or something was happening because he just
he just didn’t seem like the dude that was that we know and love okay let’s
work on a drill here somebody had a question about hitting down on the ball
I need a good drill great I’ll help you out here how do we hit down on the ball
now this is just gonna be with your irons because with a
would your going to hit kind of slightly coming up on the ball so we want to hit
down on it without you know we don’t want to come down so down is really just
a culmination of your hand slightly ahead of the club head and then that
shat then that club coming down so as you rotate around we we don’t want that
early release right because that’ll kind of get the
club hitting up on the ball so the question is how do we hold that release
and hit down on the ball and there’s a few good drills one thing you might want
to try if you’re hitting off a mat and you have grasses sometimes I come right
in front can you see that yeah a little bit so I have something behind that and
so I have to come down on that a little bit right if I don’t I’m gonna hit the
mat so that’s one thing another thing is the same concept you just get a tee put
that about two two inches behind the ball okay and then just you’re gonna
have to hover the club a little bit above the ball as you take it back and
then just start hitting down without hitting that tee that’s a good little
drill for you because you’re releasing early you’re gonna but I don’t want you
to like consciously really try to hold that I’m not a big believer in that I
like a little more rotation and that’ll get your release a more in front of the
ball but if you have something behind your ball it will definitely help you
try not to hit that and try to hit the ball and then just keep rotating around the
best you can and the better you get at it just keep moving that tea a little
forward then I’m like less than an inch behind the ball I don’t even know if I
could do this but we’ll see I just got that tea I just nicked it so so that’s
pretty good that should help you out quite a bit so give that a try let me
know let me know if something like that works you can use an alignment stick but
those things are they fly all over the place so something like that works
really well some people take their towel same concept they lay it behind the ball
and then they do the same thing it’s the exact same concept Pakistan how you
doing let’s see next having trouble hitting down on the ball great what’s up
what’s up with you I rotate my right shoulder toward the target okay here’s a
good question okay I try to rotate my right shoulder toward the target at the
finish but my head and upper body moves toward the target as well what can I do
to fix that okay so you’re rotating your right
shoulder toward the target and your head is going to that’s fine I wouldn’t worry
about that if your head is moving toward the target there’s a difference if it’s
going forward we don’t want that right but if it’s so here’s what I would do as
you rotate that right shoulder toward the target the head moves around toward
your left shoulder so that right shoulder is coming down your head is
going not this way toward the target but around and I don’t mind see you don’t
have to keep your head down like that could hurt there’s my neck so what I
like to do is let it rotate around back there because that’s going to
create a lot more speed you’re going to have a lot more release in your swing
and as a matter of fact I do this drill you look at Annika and Stenson even
Poulter a little bit they kind of turn their head and look up as they’re
hitting the ball and I do a little drill where I’ll do that on purpose that’s
probably the best shot I’ve hit in a week be honest with you and what you do
is you rotate that your hands release that direction you know your body
follows your head so don’t worry about the head I mean if the head is kind of
going this way then you’ve got to just focus on turning it around to your left
shoulder try it try actually hitting the ball by not lifting up but wrote in the
head around so you’re not even seeing the ball as you hit and you’ll probably
find that I call it hitting it with your ear because you just hear it better
because your ears like down here when you hit and you I get really straight
balls when I do that if you’re hitting it fat that’s something I like to work
on if I hitting fat too that will help just turn your head a lot of people keep
that head down here and then you release and you actually get stuck and if that
head is down here you you’re gonna release early many times and you’re
gonna be in here and so people do that and have good success but I don’t think
the average player I don’t think we can get away with that consistently you’re
keeping that head down you just you’re stopping your body from turning and
getting the most out of it so just think about just rotate that
head around like that just practice that and go
I mean I’m hitting those exactly perfectly straight so it’s a good thing
to do and then what happens is you stop thinking about lifting the head because
you you’ll realize that that’s that’s not a problem what’s the problem is
losing your spine angle and we kind of get those two mixed up
with each other this is no good but that’s fine you don’t need to see the
ball to hit it so I think you’d be alright you’re a fan from pound sign how
are you mom I’ve never been to Pakistan however I
love Middle Eastern food for some reason my best friend grown-up was he’s Arabic
so I was always at his house every day or you know every few days eating his
his mom’s cooking so even when I when I I went to a
restaurant I ordered eggs like you know what scrambled or fried I said well I
kind of like it fried but then you got to scramble it at the end and then
someone’s like oh you like it Arabic style and I like olive oil anyways long
story but it’s got great food thank you hey Matt assuming you understand what
the 8020 rule is what would you say is the 80/20 rule in golf what drills or
practice will improve the most yes so 80/20 what 80/20 20% of people do 80%
of work is that what you’re talking about or or what should you practice 80%
versus 20% or score 80% of your scores short game 20% is a long game it’s more
like it’s not quite 80/20 in that respect but yeah I guess I get it
what drills do you practice to improve most okay so this is a good question
because I had a question somebody posted on my photo earlier that I posted about
winter’s coming so those of you in the northern territories Canada or cold
places where it’s cold and you can’t go to arrange and practice during the
winter you can’t improve your game during that time so and I’m gonna show
you what is in my opinion the most important thing to work on if you have
an area garage inside somewhere get a hitting mat
this is my Matt I just got from motivo I did a review on it check it out it’s
pretty good man I like it doesn’t leave green marks on the bottom of my club so
I love that it’s got some rough it’s pretty good doesn’t does the job here’s
the drill I work on a lot I live in Southern California so I don’t have to
worry about I can go to the range every day of the year it’s no big deal but
this is what I like to do this is a 6-iron
I’ll go 30 yards away or just do it here this is the drill chip shots pitch shots
with my long irons with all my clubs this is it all right I just fatted that
one if you can’t hit a 6-iron if you can’t pitch a 6-iron 30 40 yards
really good that’s the drill to work on that will help you improve your game the
most so here’s what happens a lot of people don’t talk about this golf
primarily is not taught really well here’s why it’s like you can swing the
club like you could take a swing it’s essentially you’re given the keys to a
Ferrari you just got your driver’s license it’s
not gonna be good and that’s what we do in golf like I could swing you know I’m
gonna swing at it I’m gonna go hit balls but really we don’t master any level of
the game so there’s no mastery going on it’s like we’re teaching our kids math
if you don’t have the foundation down correctly you’re gonna cap out at a
certain level pre-algebra algebra whatever you’ll never get to calculus
trigonometry whatever else is out there like I don’t even know but you’ll you’ll
stop you won’t be able to do high level chemistry because your math skills the
foundation wasn’t laid correctly so the better you lay the foundation the higher
level you can go same applies in golf there’s no reason to have a poor
rip the reason you have a poor grip is because you got the keys to the Ferrari
the day you got your driver’s license and you went out hitting malls you need
to practice the grip grab that Club I mean literally and then if you have a
bad grip and you live in a cold area get inside get on a mat change your grip and
just practice chip shots using that grip that’s the best way to get better so
first and foremost you know if you if you have a really now if you have a poor
grip and you’re shooting in the 70s that’s great
you shouldn’t scratch golf then stick with it but if you’re in that 80’s 90’s
hundred you’re struggling and you have a bad grip wintertime is the time to do
the changes fix that grip get a perfect grip for your hand size really work on
that and then you can do this is uncomfortable as it may be you can hit
chip shots using a new grip but you’re not gonna be able to go swing full-out
with the new grip and have any type of good result it’s gonna take a while so
start chipping right in here I’m changing my grip right now I’ll weaken
it a ton really turn that okay they’re really weak grip and practice shipping
that way you can control that new grip so do your changes in the winter time do
it with these pitch shots with all your clubs all your irons you have good
results if you do that you’re gonna start getting mastery at this shorter
zone and that’s going to in the long term produce a much more consistent
better lower scores for you and you will get better but you have to master you
know these fundamentals which is really the short game you get that sky’s the
limit you can go as far as far as you you know your work will allow you all
right so that was for you Ken thank you for the towel under the armpit
drill you’re welcome how is the grass I lay down coming out
horrible look at it it’s a mess but my camera is a little bright let me fix
this real quick you see a little uh it’s getting bright out here Suns popping out had some cloud cover it
was nice now it’s getting a little a little darker uh yeah the grass I laid
down it’s not good I lay down seed and unfortunately it didn’t grow very well I
might over haul the whole whole deal and and start over I don’t know it’s not
good okay why it’s an interesting question
okay Josiah why do I hit before the ball with
the offset golf clubs and then when I have no offset golf club I hit it
perfect so this goes to your feel your your release point your right hand so if
you have I don’t have any real offset in your Club and that’s this piece here the
club sometimes is set back and the shaft is in front of in front of the head a
little bit so what happens is if you have that offset your release point your
body your mind sees it as in conjunction with your shaft
let’s do dark away so if your shaft is ahead of the club then yeah you’re gonna
start hitting in a different spot and that’s something that that’s gonna
affect anytime you change your club it’s gonna affect your shot so it happens to
me all the time I can’t play when I have an offset man i shanked balls because
then I hit with that the heel of the shaft so I wouldn’t hit with them just
keep giving them but it’s just because you’re changing your release point okay I’m gonna having trouble to take
away having a flat head a flat lead wrist at the top of my backs and any
tips I’m gonna having trouble with the takeaway and have okay so you’re having
trouble with your takeaway this is this is an epidemic in golf the takeaway
here’s why what happens is there’s there’s a few pieces that have to come
together you’ve got a shoulder turn here you got your hands going back you’ve got
your hands going up and if there’s any wrist rotation you could be taking it
back and if you get that wrist rotation and a knot
this is flying out and then you got a cup in your wrist and that club is all
over the place so something I like to do to really hone in my take away is this
I’ll get a alignment stick and just run it halfway down the shaft
and this is if I rotate my risk that this shaft this alignment stick flies
away from my body if I don’t lift my arms it’s touching my body here I don’t
want to either of those I want that alignment stick to go in
alignment with my foot line that’s where I want it okay just I don’t want it
touching my body and I don’t want it away from my body I want it on my body
here and then right in here I want it if you’ve got another one this will help
you so you’ve got one here on the ground put this by your feet because we want to
get that first part of the takeaway if you can get the first few feet correct
you’re gonna be you’re gonna be pretty good so just about a you know a little
bit away from your feet right in there take that and just it should fairly well
match you don’t want this coming out too far and then when you’re back here this
shaft should just be pointing that down about whatever forty-five degree angle
you don’t want it straight up and down and you want it totally flat right in
between those two would be where you would want that and if you rotate those
wrists then I’m up there and I don’t want that do you don’t want that you
want that right in there and then the further you take it back
that shefte it doesn’t come out here it just stays in this position you’re just
turning your shoulders it’s difficult but if you can get that even this small
piece you’ll start taking those hands out of the golf swing and the more you
could get the hands out the better you can always have some but the more you
can take out the better you’re going to be there’s gonna be some hand you know
risk cocking up here which is fine but the like I said the more the more you
take out the better you’re gonna be in the long run and you’ll be fine I play
with a couple guys this weekend that video is coming out it’s a three former
club champions me my buddy Craig and this guy Casey and they’re uh they’re a
bit older than I am and and I hit it a lot farther than they do but they are
very consistent so you don’t need distance and you can’t take your wrists
and arms out of the swing and have a great a great score Australia what’s up
hope you’re well I’m reading your question let’s see what
else we have for the life of me I can’t take away the club without Fanning it
yeah okay top blow golf vlogs alright
Fanning you can’t take the club away without Fanning it which I would imagine
is rotating that toe open that’s st. I would call that Fanning it right that’s
your move not your move so really exaggerated you may that just may be who
you are right everybody’s got it a little bit different swing that might be
you but practice some other stuff just to make sure you’re not doing it too
much right so you go here I want you to feel like you’re like here like that’s
gonna be your feeling you’re shutting that club so much that you’re rotating
that left hand underneath like you’re trying to turn it around this way and
and that’s gonna be your feeling and video yourself I would imagine it’s
gonna be you might still be Fanning it a little bit but a lot less but the
feeling you’re gonna have is going to be a ridiculously unorthodox uncomfortable
feeling and then just feel like you’re really shutting that down here you know
and check yourself on camera and see what that looks like that’s what I did
that’s why I try to do my videos is help you do something so beyond reasonable
that it actually helps you get better because you start feeling things that
you need to feel in your golf swing like that one felt ridiculous to me but I
just you know I’m watching it and and it looks pretty good so it doesn’t matter
what it feels like it matters what it looks like and the results that you’re
gonna get out of it later on alright need a drill for center clubface
on driver Center clubface on driver okay there’s a couple things I like to do for
that you know how are you gonna hit it in the center of the clubface with your
driver you know how do I make sure that I’m making perfectly good solid contact
one thing I always say is just start off here you know can you hit it on the
center of the clubface like that like I talk about that a lot because we really
want to find out where your issue is is it here like do you whip it inside too
much because if that’s your swing this is a little chip shot with your driver
then we’re going to know that oh it’s it happens right there at the beginning
which I would imagine it does so here’s what I would work on if you’re having
trouble center contact with your driver I want you to do this little drill get a
towel I do a towels rail I do use a new tool if you want this is a noodle okay
here we’re gonna do you’re gonna try to figure out if it’s you got to first find
out isn’t your takeaway because if you bring it too far in the inside you come
back you’re gonna heal it or if you bring it too far outside you might tow
it so we want to figure out what you’re doing there’s different ways you can do this
depending on your level of bravery you can lay this down like that which is
pretty safe sometimes people stick it behind them in the ground like this I’m
not going to do that and then you would work on your your plane coming into the
ball which is something you could do also but we’ll just do it like this for
now I would imagine your takeaway let’s just assume you’re taking it way inside
so I’m gonna put this down like this and make sure I don’t take it inside so I
don’t hit that and that’s my takeaway he’s out
here it’s because I want to work on different takeaways to find out if one
produces a more Center clubface hit so I take it more outside and that was pretty
solid so I like that but if there’s no center contact there then I would go the
other way well let me whip that inside okay and
try that now the contact wasn’t as good for me so you want to find that out and
also I’ll grab this real quick what you could do a little thing for you to
really test yourself is like okay I’m gonna put my ball on that tee I’m gonna
put a mark on it right just get a sharpie put a little mark on it or this
is orange or whatever and I kind of with the mark in the same spot and I’m gonna
tee it up in the same spot every time just put it right there on the back of
the ball so let me check as I take it more outside let me see what kind of
ball contact I get out there all right and then you could look and there’ll be
a little mark and I hit it way down on the heel and then do the same thing for
the draw some people use like a talcum powder or a foot spray they spray it on
the ball that works great too or they spray on their clubface actually spray
on your clubface and then the ball will leave a mark where you hit it that’s a
great way to do it as well and you just want to find out it’s most likely I
would imagine your takeaway that’s messing you up
alright so work on that I think it’ll be a help you out hi Matt is your full swing and extension
of your short swing from the UK all right so here’s ya short answer is yes
watch so here’s my driver like everything stems from you know so this
from here to here is the same with everything
I’m really feeling everything connected as little wrists as possible I’m trying
to kind of drop that to the inside and rotate through so that’s kind of my
thought process with my full swing and then you get me like in a shorter swing
with the wedge and yeah it’s exactly the same I’m not changing anything I I’m a
one swing guy like everything’s connected I’m not all the sudden cocking
my wrist it’s just a slow one-piece takeaway and rotations so yeah it is
it’s it’s an extension that’s why I’m a big believer in mastery of the smaller
shots because if you can get mastery down here with this that motion that
these positions in this swing right in here that is going to be consistent
through every club in your bag even your putter you’re putting like this right if
all you did is work on that by hitting shots you’re gonna be good all around this is
that critical zone right in here four feet the width of my mat if you can make
perfect ball contact in that zone all the time
you’re gonna have a great game you don’t have to worry about it too much else
your short game is going to be solid even your full swing once you get in
here you’re going to be so used to you have so much practice in this zone that
that area it’s going to be fine you’re going to learn how to rotate that’s the
thing people have a lot of problems full swing rotating and they get stuck back
here if you could do it in the short game and really rotate which is easier
to do and practice in the short game then when you get in that full swing
it’s just going to be second nature you’re not gonna have to worry about it okay Vincent Lee I love this question
all right you’re hitting fat shots super deep divots okay you’re coming in too
steep obviously you even know that how do we
get flat so do this drill just set up take whatever club you’re wet or
whatever you can take it back and then you’re just gonna set it on your leg
your thigh right here you take it back here set it on your thigh and slightly
rotate all right in here and and this is how I want you to feel like you’re
coming into that ball all right so you’re gonna take your swing you’re
gonna slowly come down and set it here so you’re now your this is more like
your set up position right here all right and then just you know hit a few
shots in there that’s your practice so you’re gonna take it you set up get your
wedge whatever club take it back and you rotate here and that those hands are
touching your leg and then you’re just into the ball it’s going to help you
start feeling that shallow delivery and then when you swing I don’t want you to
pull your hands down because pulling your hands down is gonna get you steep I
want you to focus on just letting those hands stay behind you and try to try to
touch that lake it’s not I don’t think you will but try and that should help
work on you on that steep this into the ball and then also again come back to
your stick drill put your stick in here and practice this like you’re not going
to come steep you come steep you’re going to whack yourself in the side with
the stick so you don’t want the stick to hit you this is the second secondary
drill it’s very similar you don’t want that stick to ever hit you if the stick
is whacking you then you’re coming down in it so but that first drill is where I
would stick with first okay let’s take it back slightly rotate let those hands
hit your thigh and then just hit a couple shots follow
through and focus on how they then just remember how the fields the feeling of
that follow-through and then as you’re hitting full shots I want you to try to
get the same follow-through feeling take it back because that’s what you’re going
to remember is the follow-through that’s the thing when you’re working on your
swing what do you feel what do you remember I want you to remember that
what the follow-through is feeling like and that’s where you want to stick
that’s what you want to get to so with this drill my hands are here and I’m
coming in from in here look at my hands my hands are way down here and I’m
feeling that arm across my chest I’m turned so now when I hit the full shot I
want to feel that same follow-through feeling that’s what I’m focusing on that
felt good so I felt like the full swing follow-through feeling matched the drill
follow through feeling I’m not really focused back in here like doing all this
that’s just getting me more to the finish and then that’s that’s what you
want to focus on is that finish feeling that’s a lot easier to try to get to a
finish then while I’m here now I’m trying to get in here that’ll all take
place if I’m focused on the final product and so that’s really the the key
for me is shooting 105 for the first time
playing good golf sure uh yeah I mean first time 105 that’s great it’s hard to
say you know what’s what’s good golf what’s good golf for you what’s good
golf it could be great off it could be horrible but I would imagine you know
your first time ever shooting 105 that’s good stuff keep up the work work on your
short game chipping and putting and that’ll go down quick all right where we
at I think I’ve seen you ever choke down a I don’t think I’d ever see you choke
down on a wedge what you’re thinking on choking down on wedge Oh Canada all
right Frank um I’m trying to think do I choke down on a wedge you know what it’s
funny um I probably don’t know that you
mention it here’s why I do sometimes when it’s into the wind or I’ve got wind
issues but what I do is I usually take this is my 46 is my pitching wedge I can
hit this full out like 130 but when I have like 120 I hit my wedge but I’ll
just I’ll take a normal grip and I’ll just smooth three-quarter so that’s what
I do instead of choking down I don’t know I just something I’m used to I’ll
just three-quarter it my clubs are a half inch short too so maybe that’s why
I don’t they feel a little too short if I choke down on them that can be the
reason to that’s probably more the reason it’s a short answer okay all right Jason take a look at last
we left okay I need a drill to prevent sculling or fatting watching 25 yards of
the green okay scrolling or patting so 25 yards of the
green that’s where typically when you do that
you’re you’re losing your spine angle up through that ball okay and it could be
for a couple things one is you’re not rotating okay and you’re staying in here
and you’re just flipping those hands okay if you don’t rotate when you’re in
here you’re you have to flip those hands so you’re in here you take this and
you’re just you’re trying to stay down on it so much that you you stop your
body so you have to actually come up a little bit to let that Club pass so that
would be the skull if you stay down you’re going to release and hit a fat
all right so the key here is rotation we’ve got to rotate so you could aim
your feet a little left if you want turn your shoulders open you you want to be a
little more open to the target like this like my shoulders turn and then coming
here this is a good way that this kind of lee trevino mode okay and then now
that I’m here I’m already halfway open okay so I’m opening my shoulders I get
that Club down I open my shoulders up I’m 25 yards from the green I bend down
and now I grab the club so I’m wide open I would never set up like this on a
regular shot but what we’re doing is we’ve got to let that Club release out
here this is the release the release is not this is not the release you’re
doomed so you got to open it up so you can release out here
turn those hips more in your setup and release out there so uh you’re probably
just getting bunched up constricting yourself so release open up a lot more
and practice that hello South Africa one of my best friends is from South Africa okay cannula oh and I’ll get to you as
well okay I struggle with playing on soggy
lies okay yes tips so soggy lies usually are bad with
wedges you know as conditions get a little bit soggy ER we’re going to get
the fall is here we’re getting a little more moisture so how do we how do we
handle that here’s what I want you to do whatever Club you’re hitting off the
fairway I want you to open the face a little bit okay
what you’re doing is you’re just you got to take that leading edge out of out of
the turf so just if you open it up just a little bit then you’re adding some
bounce to that club and that will help you especially with your irons that
don’t have to typically have a lot of bounce on them just open it up a little
bit you might have take a little extra Club but just open it up and that will
allow the sole of the club to glide through that soggy condition a little
better without digging in that leading-edge kindig-it so open that face
up a little bit and then do it try it that’s something I do whenever
have a soggy lie if I’m using my 60 I open it or I use a different club I use
of 54 and I open that face to help me just get it through that okay how can I hit I hit my gap wedge
too low can you help me okay Aaron your gap which to a check your
bounce see what that is and what’s too low is it just incredibly
lower than the rest of your clubs the rest of your wedges if that’s the case
check your bounce maybe you have a dramatically different balance on that
Club versus the others that could be a difference is it a different model and
different mag just get the loft and lie and the loft and balance checked mine is
an eighth degree my gap is an eighth degree bounce and so I have different
bounces for each wedge and it helps me so if I want some lower I go with more
bounce but once I’m higher I go with less balance and then you know you can
kind of manipulate things that way but that’s what I would do I would check
that because if that’s the only difference between your gap and your
other stuff it could very well be just a club setup issue all right
you ever come to the UK I sure hope so hopefully get out there and play I don’t
know this year but where do I get the range basket from the range the range
whatever they had a lot and they got Bardem from a from a range is that what
happened somebody gave me one of them and then the other one I think actually
uh a range was not a range a golf course had them they were going and they were
getting rid of stuff and I think I got all right I’m trying to get everybody’s
questions sorry if I miss some of them I’m just scrolling down and then you
know sometimes things pop up and I I scroll past it on accident so I don’t
mean to miss your question I might not be able to get to everybody but I just
to get to as many as I can and if I don’t understand the question for some
reason I just skip it sorry about that where do you place the ball and pitching
good question so okay here’s my setup pretty much everything is center of my
stance okay even pitching I’ll just narrow my stance a little bit
and I like in the center especially pitching the ball just right in the
middle you could back it up sometimes I do when it’s you know it if this if my
lie dictates that I have a weird law I have a clunky lie like in this grass
whatever if it’s like in down here then I would back it up off my back toe you
know if you I don’t know if it’s yeah but that’s that’s what I do and even I
hit that a little heavy so my lie will dictate how far back I put it but if I
just have a regular fairway lie I put it in the center maybe just a half a ball
back but I really feel like that Center to me and then I pitch it from there that should die but everybody’s a little
different you know your release point is gonna be different than mine so you
might want you know you look at Bubba Watson man that guy some shots he’s he’s
got that thing way back here so he’s playing all kinds of interesting shots
but it’s just uh it’s a matter of personal preference but for me I like
right in the middle thanks God blow golf no he drilled to
finally stop hitting oh wait hold on I’ll come back to that one favor of
course you played on and toughest favorite course is la Country Club that
and spectacular amazing place you’re not allowed to take photos there or do
anything I’ve got in trouble by doing that but that’s my favorite toughest
course that’s a good question I played a place in on ho in Hawaii called Coll ow
I think that’s a name if you miss a fairway you’re like in the jungle that
was probably the toughest course I’ve ever played and I think it had one of
the highest ratings in America okay I drilled to finally stop hitting the
ball fat and lack of distance for Lauderdale all right what’s up all right
a lot of people having problems hit it fat played Saturday I hit a bunch of
balls fat it happens all right you’ve seen this drill
all right look you’ve got to be moved I don’t I don’t like to say move forward
because I just think that is a misnomer and golf is moving forward I think you
got to rotate around your weight goes it does move forward a little bit but you
really your weight transfers to your front foot but I so without saying move
forward I want you to do this drill you know like you’re gonna step forward a
little bit so you’re gonna take a shot and step through you’ve got to make sure
you’re you’re coming through that’s something you see a lot another thing is
I do this what I call the forward forward drill so on your backswing okay
if you if you constantly have fat shot issues then try this a lot of
it could be your swaying off the ball so if you come back off the ball this way
and you don’t come back that way you’re gonna hit behind the ball every
time so on your backswing just this is practice all right and then video
yourself and see what it looks like if it looks wrong then stop doing it but
you want to feel like you’re moving forward on your backswing and then
forward on your forward swing so it’s the forward forward drill and I’m not
feeling as if I’m transferring my weight to my back foot okay
I’m rotating but I’m I feel like I’m on my front foot still it’s just a drill
forward forward okay it’s it’s similar to like a stack and tilt kind of move
I’m not a fan of that but if you’re constantly hitting of fat you’re
probably swaying off the ball so the feeling that you’re staying on your
front foot could help you it probably will help you but but saying that
technically is incorrect like a lot of you know golf instructors would say no
no no you don’t ever want to feel that that’s what I that’s why I have a
problem with golf instruction because they tell you all the perfect things but
it doesn’t translate into what you’re feeling so I try to help you feel
something to get you to the destination you want to go to so just you’re
probably coming off the ball feel like you’re staying on your front foot a lot
so I call it forward forward try it let me know all right where do we go I lost my spot how do you
judge performance between two different putters uh yeah you know when you’re
having putting issues I would you switch putters performance for me it’s
different putters and I’ll do a live show uh I’ll do more putting videos as
well but I really it’s feel it’s stroke and can I hit the center of the putter
every time with this putter versus that putter and for me that’s the main thing
does how how does it roll the ball and do I have good feel in my lag putts with
different putters and then when I’m putting three or four footers just the
alignment of the putter does it match with how I see the the putt and so with
my putters that’s kind of how I judge between one or the other I’ve been using
my xo7 model lately which it’s taking me a little while to get used to it because
I don’t normally use a mallet I haven’t ever but I started using this and boy
man I I’m really liking it I can strike it in the center it rolls true and I set
up pretty good with it so I’m liking it it’s a little different feel a little
different take away then I’m used to but I think for me it’s helping me out a lot okay how do you perform a flop shot okay
I have videos John on the flop shot I can’t do them really here too much
because they’ll go over the fence and the normally I wouldn’t care but the
guys are building house back there currently so I don’t hit them but you
know the flop dirt there’s a few different flop shots there’s one where
you just take that phil mickelson full swing and do that and there’s different
ways to do that you can actually hit a few inches behind the ball you know
there’s also this kind of flop shot where you just do that short little guy
which that’s the one I like because I just open the face a ton and I open my
feet a bit to the left and I aim the face wide open to go and then I take I
just take it out here I don’t even really cock my wrist I just take it out
here and no wrist and go go through the ball like that and get a nice little
soft spinner for most of my flush shots that’s it open the face ball Center my
stance I’m just a I’m taking it way out here kind of on my on my line where I’m
aiming but I really feel like I just out there and I’m I’m using no wrist really right there see that so I’m using no
wrist I’m just going out here and across and I’m not rotating the club I’m just
keeping it wide open the whole time out here look at that just I stopped right
there so yeah those are cool shots and you could pull those off just about
anywhere around the Greens right you could just go right here and bam that’s
that’s the shot no my garner or my my pool guys here and my dogs out one of
them safe so give that a try my kneecaps like at one point something to point
something I think it’s two point three at the moment hey June good I’m working
you want to be on TV it comes June yeah yeah
no no Bella Bella Bella my dog dang Hey usually comes on Monday
it’s okay Don come here yeah we’re online right
now here this is June okay come here you go oh not good
get back yeah all right here we go hit it back up back up
Ranger come here okay hold on hold on Oh Oh get him out of here get out of here
Oh hold on hey we’re here Ranger move okay come over here all right guys this
is June my pool guy impromptu lesson see what he got oh you’re a stud that’s good you killed
it just hit it he’s pretty good oh you’re a natural yeah
good stop yeah you’re good this guy how you been
okay alright yeah I do a live show every week oh yeah all right
June he’s a my dog Bella my my pool guy is a secret golfer you got a secret
hidden talent hey Bella our dog barks at him all day long my put June you were uh
you were a pro us here right you are a skier huh he’s an athlete
June was a professional skier one of my dogs loves him the other one wants to it
wants to eat him all right we’re gonna sign off let’s see if I can get to one
more question oh that’s funny okay here we go I’m
gonna turn it down good stuff June my dogs are Brian okay
last question all right you guys have some great
questions yes okay my dog’s going crazy on my my who I so I
gotta get him out of here uh but uh Bella Bella no no no Bella come here okay why do I look like mr. short game
on the range and then when I go to the course I look like I never played before
you know that happens that happens here’s why is because when you’re on the
range there’s no real definition usually you’re just hitting kind of into wide
open areas so when you get to course there’s trees there’s it’s you’re more
constricted that’s why I always recommend hitting into like a net like
this because I am constricted like I everything is honed in it’s tightened in
so what you do is you practice hitting your driver in this small space and that
will help you so that’s why it going to range can really hurt you when you hit
the course because you’re hitting into that giant area but if you’re always
hitting into a small spot right there then when you get to the course you’re
more focused and more narrowed in on that so hope that helps we had a
question about college from Gabriel what are you any tips
I should train yeah work hard work hard in game playing a lot of tournaments get
your tournament results to college coaches and you know they’ll start
checking you out and recruiting you and I would go to a college where you get to
play ok when you go to a place I don’t care what division school it is doesn’t
matter Division two three four doesn’t matter but go where you can actually
play consistently alright because you don’t want to ride the bench anyways uh
good stuff thanks for stopping by see ya you don’t hit another one June
June’s coming back alright she was gonna finish off the show getting a shot this guy as an animal nice keep going
keep going she’s killing it we’ll get it June back
here here we go look at this swing Oh a bad one you can’t in like that pretty good hit the ground first do you
play at all you don’t play twice you played good one
yeah good stuff all right that’s June hey if you need a good pool
guy this guy DME I’ll give you this info if you’re in LA all right we’re out
thanks I’ll buy


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