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Live Golf Show #17 πŸ”΄ How to Get the Most out of Your Golf Practice.!

no intro because we’ll run away so just
figure jump right into it hope ever is doing well let’s uh let’s get started
man get your questions in looking forward to seeing what what’s going on
with everybody and we’re just talking well whatever
get your question anything you want to talk about it’s fair game and I’m gonna
kind of go over just practice efficient practice what to practice how to
practice where to practice why to practice all that good stuff so
hopefully you guys get something solid out of today’s uh at today’s broadcast
alright so we’re here and just talking practice so what do we do where do we
practice when we practice water we probably what do we practice so the
first thing I do when I’m practicing is I like to have like a plan like I will
do Monday Wednesday Friday is short game right and so I’ll get a wedge and
especially Mondays in particular I’ll just start with Monday practice for me I
will typically do chipping short game stuff because I don’t want to hit balls
Monday for me I found that on Mondays I hit my worst shots at the range so I
hated going to the range on Mondays for some reason I don’t know why I would
practice all week Saturday I would have typically had played like you know
weekend golf or style and then uh and then Sunday I wouldn’t do anything and
then Monday I was back at it Monday was my worst day and we fixed this camera
fast and so what I like to do is make sure that on my bad days I’m doing
something that I can control which would be chipping short game so on Mondays it
was just this was it small shots and I would just have a goal like I would say
okay I’m going to chip the latter drill with my pitching wedge for an hour and
so I would hit a shot here right there like that I can do any day of the week
and then I would go a little bit farther the second shot and I would just work
that ladder drill back and forth just just pass that one every time I go a
little bit farther until I kind of reach my maximum distance and then I would I
would start over and and actually come backwards from there I’d work it
backwards and try to do as many shots as possible going backwards and that’s the
ladder drill and I would just start there what’s going on there just try it
just trying to help you guys out here with my cameras I didn’t have time to
setup well I was delayed because there were you know you start a live broadcast
and then the software they tell you there’s an update so you got to update
everything and you didn’t plan for that say like what what the heck’s going on
so what I try to do I keep going the wrong way sorry about that I try to get
both of my both of my cameras to put me in kind of the same position on screen
and so I’m the same size in both images I just think it helps it helps out a
little better I’m a little picky about that so I try to get the face on camera
and the down the line camera to make me about the same size it’s not always
easiest thing to do so I try to get that time working for you so when I’m doing
short game practice that’s better good enough um I like to just set up right
down the center okay feet just a step apart right here
maybe even closer than that and then I’m just here okay no wrists I’m not hinging
I think one of the biggest mistakes in the short game is opening that clubface
you know that’s gonna be a specialty shot not your bread and butter shots so
you want to have a go-to shot when you’re chipping you always hear about
your go-to shots on your with your Drive like what’s your go-to to hit a fairway
when you have to well what’s your go-to chip shot when you have to make sure
that you don’t make any mistakes okay and so that’s what that’s what we’re
working on consistently is that go-to shot and
anytime you start opening that clubface now you get into specialty shots and you
don’t want to practice these as much as you do those you know solid
bread-and-butter this is your layup shot right here so I’m just going straight
back and straight through Center my stance and I’m just turning turning
right in here and that’s going to be your bread and butter chip shot right
there very little just let your body do all
the emotion okay that’s that’s the key for when you first start practicing your
your go-to shots all right with the 50-yard shot okay Bob Brooks I guess
you’re asking about the 50-yard shot so a lot of times you watch you watch other
people in golf videos playing playing golf and there’s some guys who do some
great content where they’re out playing golf and I love it
here’s the thing what you see so much is they say I’ve got 60 yards 50 yards 40
yards shot and there they have their 60-degree wedge and they’re hitting long
and hit my 60 and there’s a there’s a false belief that that’s the club you
need for that 50 60 yard shot when I’m on the course
and I have 50 yards I’m either grabbing a pitching wedge a gap wedge or a sand
wedge okay here’s my 60 I rarely use the 60 from for
50 yards I use this around the greens and in the sand trap like chipping
around the greens otherwise I’ll take my gap wedge and it’s just gonna be a much
easier shot especially off these tight fairways or a soggy farro any fairway
for that matter this is an easier shot okay then this believe it or not this
remember you’re practicing to get better and to lower your scores and you’re
practicing like like I said this bread-and-butter shot your go-to shot so
if you’re practicing that shot all day long then when you have 50 yards guess
what you just pick the club where you can make this swing and it’ll get next
to the hole okay like I can I can practice with my
60-degree wedge all day long this shot right here and this is something to
write right now if I have this shot on the golf course this is like a five-yard
shot 10-yard shot right here and I’m just
keeping it up and getting I can guarantee you you know average
conditions I’m gonna get this within six feet of the hole every time 10 feet I
can guarantee every time 6 feet I’m 8 out of 9 out of 10 and a lot of those
are within 3 feet like but I guarantee that none of these with my 60 are gonna
be more than that one might have been more than 10 feet by but I can get one
out on the course this shot with my 60 is going to produce something within 8
feet 6 feet of the hole every time ok I can guarantee you that so now let’s just
back that up now I’ve got 50 yards the thing is we we have this false belief
that ok now I can now I’m probably be within 15 to 20 feet know if you take
the exact same swing you should have the exact same averages
okay so now you just take a pitching wedge and you can do the same swing that
just goes 40 50 yards but it’s the same exact swing and if your pitching wedge
doesn’t go that far try an 8-iron all right so I want that
exact same swing right there and that’s 50 yards it’s gonna roll out a little
bit more so now you can keep this swing produces a consistent ball flight a ball
shot you can control that all day long so if you practice this all the time
that’s gonna be your bread and butter shot so anytime you’re in that tricky
50-yarder that’s what you go to the sure thing every single time and you’ll have
a lot of success in your game and you’ll stop chunking it you chunk a lot more
60-degree wedges than you do an 8-iron with this shot right because this you’re
just gonna hit this so much better especially in if you if it’s a little
tight or lie then just open that face a touch whatever club you’re using just
open the face a little bit the ball is not gonna veer off to the right it’s
gonna go straight according to your swing path it’s gonna go straight so if
it’s a tighter lie or a super soggy lie like it’s wet
just open the face a couple of degrees and do the exact same thing it’ll go a
touch higher have a little bit more spin also but you can hit it a little
chunkier and not be penalized for you it’ll still get a good shot okay
Llewelyn can you practice too much especially on the areas you struggle
with for example chipping a hundred feet to the green can you practice too much
yes okay so this is this goes right into what I’m talking about let’s say you
struggle with a shot okay it’s 100 feet in in or
whatever right that’s a struggle for you so you got to back that up and say what
am I really good at how can I make this hundred-foot er a sure thing you know
what do I need to do to produce a consistent because a consistent you know
shot out of this position every time so you’re a hundred feet or that 35 yards
or so same thing so again I think yeah you’re gonna struggle with your sixty
degree or your lob wedge even your sand wedge from that distance but are you
gonna struggle with an 8-iron because do you struggle with this little chip shot
this is it if you have this shot down from here to here you can be a scratch
golfer if you could just do this you think I’m kidding it’s absolutely true I
don’t care what your swing looks like I don’t care how far you hit it I don’t
care your swing speed I care about this right here if you can get consistent
with that right here you can be a scratch player because think about this
this is why I practice this this shot so much you get your putter out
here’s your lag putt right here alright that’s your 30 40 foot putt right in
here okay just remember that stroke that looks very similar to this shot then
that look it’s the same putt stroke 8-iron you’re practising the stroke that
you’re going to use most often you can use that putting stroke on the green
every single time every single time because on average you’re going to be
thirty feet from the hole if you hit the green regulation just on average right
boom so that’s your long putting stroke so
you’re practicing that why not just graduate that to a longer Club which is
your 8-iron well now you’ve got that 60 70 yard shot covered because you’ve got
that exact same stroke and that I could chip that into my net
hit almost the exact same spot every single time with the exact same
trajectory trajectory right and now I’m grooving something here all I’m doing is
my weight is 50/50 hands are in the center take it back I’m not rotating
that toe open I’m just taking it back I’m not whipping it inside I’m taking it
kind of backing up to here keeping everything straight Club line straight
everything’s good and then I just rotate through boom and I finish right here you
can copy this there’s no copyrights on this that’s it
simple finish up on your toe turn through same as everything you don’t
need any special abilities to be able to hit that shot you don’t know you don’t
need to look like Brooks koepka okay you don’t need immense talent like that like
these guys on tour like you don’t need that all you need is to be able to take
this club back here and there and groove that that’s your go-to chip shot that’s
what you want to practice the most using your time would that be acceptable off
the mat with foam balls okay Daniel yes so when I was in college at San Diego
State I lived in an apartment and I had these wiffle balls these orange wiffle
balls and I would practice in my apartment I would hit it from the living
room down the hall into my bedroom yeah so what you’re working on with the foam
balls is is starting position of the ball right that’s the key where does
that ball start so you’re working on your body motion and then you’re working
on where the ball starts that’s about where I kind of leave it right here and
then you’ve got foam balls I have some I don’t know where they are right now and
then the phone boss here will be fine now the
height of them is gonna be different than a golf ball and the spin would
certainly be a lot more dramatic than a real golf ball so if you hit it in a big
hook that doesn’t mean your golf ball would have a big hook it might have a
little draw so that’s kind of where I would you know stop kind of keep paying
attention for that okay so foam balls work great okay chips were chipping onto
an elephant elevated green this is a good question all right so you’re
chipping up to I’m gonna guess who is that Dan to easy okay Patel tips were
chipping onto an elevated green okay so you’re down here the greens up there
what do you do yeah you want to use a more lofted Club okay so here’s my sixty
and I’m gonna still have my go-to shot all right which is this okay because
it’s a it’s an area where you struggle with right so now on this is what I’m
gonna make some some alterations to my go-to shot but remember everything is
important to remember everything I do is based off my go-to shot okay so that’s
gonna be let’s say my foundation I’m not gonna deviate too far from that so
here’s my go-to shot with my 60 right there so now I’m gonna just open up my
stance so I’m aiming left stand by everything still in the middle right I’m
just aiming left don’t do this that’s not aiming left okay I want to
turn my whole body to the left okay this is still the center of my stance
remember this was my go-to shot right here okay now I’m opened up I’m gonna
open up my shoulders come everything’s still in the center just here so I’m opened up a lot more
okay right I just want to open up now I’m still gonna do the exact same thing
I’m not gonna take it inside here I’m not going to take the club outside I’m
just getting to go here and swing along kind of where I’m aiming come the club
face will be Square to the target you can open it a little I don’t necessarily
like to do that so this is where I would start go do my go to alright again you
want to go always to your go-to shot and so I just changed my setup to be open
and I’m doing the exact same go to shot and I’m follow through right there and
practice that it should just if you should be a little bit a lot higher
actually and if you try opening the face a little bit more and again you’re
always taking it straight back and there you go okay I’m just rotating it’s all
that motion so if you’re always practicing that one shot you’re always
gonna have the correct body motion which is here okay this is how you get the
correct body motion just feet together and you’re just just swing your arms
like this this is the motion you want okay I’m not doing a big weight transfer
I’m not transferring my weight I’m not doing that I’m just letting myself swing
this is a swing here see my arms fly out you can all do this right and I’m just
feeling the weight of my hand out here this is what right here is where I’m
swinging from my hips I’m not swinging with my arms and I’m swinging my ass
it’s just all my hips so that’s your go-to shot try to feel that now I’m
opening it up Club is square to where I’m aiming okay and I’m just swinging go
to shot okay right there straight back try to just
let that Club bounce off the ground you’re good to go
hopefully that helps all right my driver drifts outward six inches what
do I do madam Dortch torture okay
this is I love this because I was working with the student the other day
he was doing this my driver drifts outward by six inches
all right here’s why I would imagine they’re not
obviously everybody’s a little different I’m not looking at your swing but here’s
what I would say I see this all the time it drifts outward six inches so on your
backswing your driver comes out six inches here and you’re like why does it
do that here’s why when you rotate this left arm
your front hand open okay what happens is we have a tendency to push it away
from our body so you’re you’re rotating it it’s just naturally gonna push out so
now your hands farther from your body than when you start it and then when you
come down and hit the ball you’re going to probably slice you know the snot out
of that ball because you’re pushing out and rotating that clubface we don’t want
to do that right we want to be able to push that hand straight back this is
what you do you’re trying to get that club up you’re rotating and it’s going
away from the body so we’re gonna keep those hands tight to the body so here’s
what I like to do hold on all right so this will help get yourself
an alignment stick okay and you’re just gonna watch yourself it’s a great little
drill here put one I don’t care what that one is
put it just hold it alignment stick put it down the shaft up good ways okay now
if I push that out that stick is gonna be pointing way over over there I don’t
want that I want that stick I want that stick to be underneath to
stick on the ground and that’s about a foot away from my ball so just kind of
that’s your so if I’m here and that gets out there that’s no good
I’m too far from my body I want it in here alright so I can take that I can
take this up that’s fine I don’t mind that
but I’m keeping that on the backswing pointed at that stick this is pointed at
this okay right here that’s going to help you
stop doing this okay and just take it back take it back
and take some swings that’s gonna whack you in the side too if you don’t rotate
so that’s a good a good little friendly reminder that you’re not rotating great
put that right there if you want okay somebody’s here there now I know my
hands haven’t gotten away from my body so keep that in there do that a million
times and then you’re good to go with your driver and remember that feel oh
there it is right that’s the feeling that’s where you want to be you don’t
want to be doing this and keep that hand and you’re good all right that should
help you give it a shot maybe a little draw okay awesome no
slice okay all right impact use it on the heel okay
same thing so you can get by with that you’re good to go thanks okay Curt good
job okay I struggle with reverse pivot any drills or idea all right
yeah let’s work on that so so here’s the reverse pivot I’m gonna get a different
different club here all right the reverse pivot is you’re here in here
okay here you’re you’re dipping down here
and then you come back here alright so we want now I don’t want you to go way
back here and wait for word all right we don’t want that what I tell my kids is left shoulder let’s hear a right-handed
player okay I’m just gonna pretend whatever left shoulder right toe so boom
I want this shoulder going to this toe that’s on you
left shoulder right Joe boom now you don’t hear right so you just hear and
squat down keep that knee bent that’s gonna help you
most reverse pivots are a result of this means getting straight so we don’t want
that right so keep that left knee bent as well and
get that or that right knee bent and go left shoulder right toe okay and then
turn and you’re good to go alright make sure your finish is up on
this front toe out of this toe all right this I told me what that I’m not on my
toe I’m I feel my toe now I’m on my toe big difference there okay I don’t see
too many reverse pivots where people finish here on that toe this however
that’s that’s going to get you in trouble
okay so front shoulder back toe finish all the way on this toe it’s gonna be
that’s gonna be huge for you okay we’re gonna we want to make sure that
that you’re good that you’re good to go all right back to short game Harold how
do I stop sculling chip shots all right that happens so another thing I noticed
with chip shots or short game especially schooling so scrolling you’re coming up
okay and or you’re using too much hands alright so we want to kind of eliminate
both who asked that was it Harold okay Harold I want you to try to think Errol
okay make sure your stances just narrow
stance 50/50 and we’re just doing a little chip shot right so I don’t
imagine you’re coming up here okay like this try this first okay it’s a little
tricky drill I want you so a lot of people come up because they’re trying to
keep their head down so their body has nowhere to go I want you to turn your
head as you hit so I want you to look to your left okay
don’t you look that towards your target as you check okay so you can chip and I
want you to literally look before you hit the ball so you hear okay that’s
what you don’t even look at the ball I want you to move your head I don’t want
you to lift it up I want you to turn it right there boom as your chip so that’s
this is your little chair not you’re gonna go you’re gonna take back and
you’re gonna from here you’re gonna go and you’re gonna look where you want it
to go cut right there you know there’s no you don’t need to look at the ball
when you hit it okay you don’t okay so what we’re doing is we’re retraining our
body Harold to move correctly because your body’s not moving correctly it’s
getting stuck in here and you’re and you’re coming up and flipping at it
so the best way to get your body to move out of the way is to turn your head
alright is it turn your head because your body follows your head in every
sport that’s they tell you your body follows your head so I want my body to
open up I’m gonna turn my head first and that’s gonna be the first thing the
first thing I want you to do okay is work on that head that head motion okay
then I want you to get your putter head cover okay I know what you’d put it
right there about a foot or so behind your ball okay now I want you actually
and then let’s do this because this is this is chances are what’s going on
move this well there I would imagine both issues are happening so there’s
gonna be a foot behind your ball maybe yeah about a foot and just inside
your ball okay because I don’t want to bring my chip shot in here okay I’m
doing a low chip a lot of people bring away in here and they’re too far inside
right because they’re and their body’s trying to get to go over there and so
they they get stuck I want your chips more out here working
up let’s cut up and down so I’m putting this here so I don’t hit it I mean you
cannot scroll that shot right you just can’t do it
just put it inside if I bring it inside oh I just hit my putter head cover you
can grab a towel you can put it back there it’s like this little brick this
one I’m here I’m working up a little more up with the chip and that way the
club is coming down and hitting the ball because the reason you skull is you
coming up on it so you’re coming from the inside getting stock or you’re just
you’re trying to keep your head down too much and your body’s getting stuck so I
would just keep it out here and then you start coming down on it more it stops
going it all right let me know how it works okay
all right okay so I love this one chant chant gays I’m probably
mispronouncing your name sorry I’m having trouble with the wrist hinge do
we actually need to hinge the wrist during the backswing or is it natural
move and we just need to create a feel of it okay
and this goes to the next question how do I stop turning my hands over putting
it always pull it left okay over putting Oh turn my hands over okay to difficult
things okay we’ll deal with both okay the first one
wrist hinge all right some instructors really teach the wrist hinge okay they
do I’m not one of them I do not believe in this wrist hinge I
don’t I don’t I’ve done it it’s just some people it works a lot of people it
doesn’t work so I like I don’t think about any wrist hinge I’m trying to be
here it’s going to naturally occur and I’m not even thinking about it I’m not
thinking about lag because I think lag is also a myth I think at impact you
want this you can get shaft lean but lag lag doesn’t to me equal shaft lean cuz
you got to hold that it’s just not a very consistent way to strike the ball
in my opinion all right so I like I like no wrist hinge what
about those guys who bow their wrists that’s the opposite of wrist hinge I
mean here’s wrist hinge now I’m bowing it that’s what I prefer because then
you’re coming down with good speed good rotation and you can get forward shaft
lag so me every time I have a issue I try to eliminate any feeling of my
wrists in my golf swing and I try to swing with zero wrists as possible and then that will help you if you’re
trying to wrist hinge you know just this little bit between cup and knock up all
of these little things start coming into play and it can really wreak havoc on
your game and you’re already creating a lot more spin on the ball and especially
with your longer clubs your drivers and whatnot you’re you’re just your misses
are gonna be huge so you might hit it a little farther
that way but your consistency is gonna go way down so I would say don’t don’t
think about wrist hinge just think about working that Club back here and up and
right here there’s no wrist hinge and then just rotate through you’re going to
have club head speed not gonna worry about that okay so little as possible there’s a less that face moves through
impact do that impact zone the more consistent shots you’re gonna have okay
and then putting if somebody’s asking about their pulling it laughs when they
pot so you’re probably – I’m just gonna say you’re right-handed you’re probably
two right-handed with your putter right and you you’re rotating that through
okay so I would practice this little drill put your hands together hold your
putter and hit putts like this try not to get this shoulder turning you want
the shoulder to rock back and forth a little up and down a little bit okay
so just boom right there do that here’s the drill I want you to work on right
here get a club lay it down right there whatever get your club down there and
you see and then I want you to line up and I want you to hit the back of the
putter hit the back of the club with your putter okay and that should go
straight all right keep that putter mumun straight and literally go on the
putting green put your club on one end and put it to the other end this fast
and move forward and keep working it all the way across the green people gonna
think you’re crazy but then you’re going to make all the
putts and they’re not gonna think you’re crazy
anymore all right made my golf team but just barely good who cares how you get
in you’re in and I had a blow-up hole where I took a 10 anyways to get rid of
it 10 I wish 10 was my lowest score I ever
took I Pat doesn’t matter for you how you made it you made okay blow up holes
look you’re gonna have blow holes that’s gonna happen but let’s try to eliminate
eliminate this stuff all right so you just never know what when a blow hole is
gonna happen that’s the problem and what happened did you hit two out of bounds
okay what do you do right what I do let’s say a pump one out of Bounce
that’s frustrating I’m like okay got double bogey just I’m getting a double
bogey right that’s just what comes in my head but now you’re worried about okay I
don’t want to do it again so how do I eliminate that that’s where you have to
have that go-to shot okay now if your go-to shot like I said with your chips
was here then you need to have something like that with your driver literally
like if you’re worried about pumping another one OB and here’s what I sit for
me when I’m missing let’s say my misses are usually to the right so if I pump
one OB right I’m like okay I missed writing not a big deal that’s where my
miss is if I duck hook it left though am i oh that’s not good what happened all right
that’s gonna get in my head then if I duck look one left and I’m like okay
don’t do that now I’m going to hit my go-to shot which is a much shorter golf
swing and it’s like a bunch shot for my driver I’ll take a wider stance for me
set up and I’m really taking it straight back and I’m just bunting it out there
rotating through and that’s what I’ll do literally I’m trying to get 200 yards now if I missed it right like okay
that’s my miss that’s one of mine miss goes now I just set up again and I’m not
gonna worry about it too much I know that’s that’s where my Miss goes and it
was my fault for not kind of laying out my position my golf strategy ahead of
time if I know my miss is right and there’s OB right I shouldn’t miss it
right because I should have count for that I should have aimed way laughed and
made sure if I missed right it’s right side the fairway
not out of bounds so that’s on me that’s my course management fault right so now
I can reassess my course management setup way left and hit the exact same
swing and I should be good so those are two things course management and having
that go-to shot okay I hit a good tee shot okay I hit my tee shot bad and had
good recovery but just hit bad shots yeah okay again you got to have that go
to that’s where you got to work on that 30 40 50 yard shot you know there’s
times where I’m like oh I’m at a long par 4
and I know I need a good Drive I’m like okay and I put it in the trees like oh
now what I do you know went right right in the trees so I’m going to take the
shot that I can pull off a hundred percent of the time because this is not
the time to gamble it’s not I’m not gonna gamble when I’m in trouble okay
that’s like you’re sitting at the poker table you have a pair of fours and three
people just went all-in and you’re like ah perfect I’m gonna gamble I think I’m
gonna get two fours on the flop no that’s the worst time to gamble right
when I’m in the middle of the fairway and I’ve 100 yards and it’s a tight pin
I’m like that’s a good time to gamble cuz I can pull off a wedge shot
but if I’m in the trees on a long par 4 I don’t want to gamble yet on a gamble
later so I’m gonna let’s say it’s 480 yards and I just hit it
250 okay that would be a bad tee shot for me I’m in the trees 250 let’s say
240 right and I’ve got two hundred and some-odd yards to the green all right so
I got 240 to the green let’s say like what can I do to give myself a hundred
yards I need 160 I need 160 yards and I okay I got a punch out a way over here
where is that gonna leave me can I have like 100 ok so now now I’m like let me
hit this punch out shot that I know I could pull off every time and that goes
back to that chip shot we were working on earlier this is my go-to chip now let
me do that with a 4-iron if I need to do it with a 3-wood I’ll do it with the
3-wood whatever it is get me down there so now I do that and I’m in the fairway
okay now guess what okay I don’t want to triple bogey so I don’t even want to
double bogey I want to get a bogey worst case scenario get out of it get out of
town but now I’ve got let’s say 80 yards or
even 100 this is my shot right cuz this is what I practice it practice this
little this little guy right here so I’m gonna think okay but mentally you know
what I’m thinking from the second after my tee shot is like okay I’m gonna need
a good putt that’s all my that’s my mindset the whole rest of the hole okay
I’m gonna have to hit I’m gonna have to hit a good putt here to save par I’m
gonna have to make up 15 20 footer for par and just know that mentally it’s
going to help you out because if you’re thinking oh I’ve got a hit I’ve got to
do this I’ve got to do that I’ve got to do this so go do that
mm oh I’m in trouble I’m not gonna make it forget that just you know what I’m
gonna have to make a putt that’s it now you know right you know it’s like you’re
speeding the cop woo siren you’re like oh what are you thinking okay I got a
ticket I’m gonna have to pay a ticket
that’s how you got to face this like okay it got me I’m gonna have to pay
somebody so I’m gonna have to make a good putt
but you’re in now you’re in that hundred yard zone get your go to and give
yourself the best chance because now there’s confidence and look at this shot
as yes I get to hit one of my favorite shots and now you’re good now I get to
hit one of my favorite shots I practice all the time 100-yard pitching wedge I
love that shot because I’ve been working on it all week now I get to use it let’s
see what happens hopefully you’re within 10 feet how’s
the lawn coming along bad it’s bad I don’t know I live in Los Angeles I got
my water bill this month it’s ridiculous so it might be worse next time you see
it it needs aerated it needs fertilizer it needs soy I don’t I needs everything
thanks for asking though if you used to keep your temp okay yeah could you share
some share some tips for tempo over the course of a round yes well okay so what
I do one of the things you know about me hopefully is that I practice right here
a lot every day I’m hitting balls so when I’m hitting into my net it’s all
tempo that’s all I’m ever working on right because I’m just thinking and I’m
like okay and I’m feeling it so on course I just mentally go back to here
and just cuz this is where I hit most of my shots now when I’m at the range a lot
hitting balls it’s hard for me to consciously think about my tempo because
I’m worried about the ball flight I’m worried about the draw I’m worried about
this target and not targeting this and I lose my tempo feeling and that’s why I
hit here so much because I keep tempo here
and tempo is the key to consistency in golf that’s it really is so when you’re
on the course you need to be able to have some place to go back to where you
work on tempo okay so for me it’s here so I would get yourself some indoor net
something to swing into so that you can work on tempo hitting balls real balls
into some type of net and so that helps me something also that helps me is most
of the day the shot the Sun is behind me so I see my shadow when I’m hitting okay
so I can see how far back I take it in my shadow you know so if my club goes
where it shouldn’t in my takeaway I I could see it so that’s something that
helps me that’s gonna help everybody but but it’s um I do I can see I could see
the length of my swing because for me that’s key in tempo is the length of my
swing all right hopefully that helps looks green yeah it does look green it
looks greener I’m letting this the my bent grass grow a little longer see what
you’re looking at and the spot where I’m at right now this Kikuyu Bermuda combo
uh I don’t know what it is it’s not bad it’s not bad okay my pick Tiger Woods
did not win last week it’s too bad we’ll see we’ll see if it pulls it off this
week though okay also practicing I’ll do practice dates do this okay this will
help you do practice days where you don’t hit your woods or your metals only
hit certain clubs so I would have days where it’s I’m hitting odd clubs
nine seven five and that’s it and maybe one of my wedges so a gap wedge a 9-iron
a 7-iron a 5-iron and that’s it just pick three or four clubs that
you’re gonna practice on a Tuesday and then Wednesday then you go to some even
clubs and I mix it up going back and forth and I would only hit driver
occasion like a couple days a week you know you figure on a golf course a full
of course you’re gonna have 14 par 14 holes where you hit driver all right
which so when I’m at the golf course I might only hit ten to twenty drives I’m
not gonna I mean that’s a full swing it’s gonna it’s gonna wear you out even
when I warm up sometimes I warm up to go play I don’t even hit my driver I don’t
want to I don’t want that super long full-out swing when I start around a
golf I actually want to be a little tight a little shorter in my swing and let let it let the rhythm get me I’ll
just warm up with wedges chipping and putting and you’ll be fine you know you
know how to swing your driver you don’t always have to hit it okay the one of
the things I see a lot is in practice we’ve got to practice the right things
okay it’s like they say perfect practice makes perfect
I say or they said practice makes perfect you know perfect practice makes
perfect I say look you gotta work on the right
things when you’re practicing for you that’s gonna help okay this I see a lot
getting this knee rolling out you know how do you keep that bent in you don’t
want this knee getting out here that’s a technical thing that you know a lot of
people do they roll out you know we got to keep we got to keep
in on this foot that’s something I would practice a lot of as well this is
consistent in my practice I don’t roll out too much but I still want to
practice this feeling of keeping this bent keeping that knee inside the toe
just put a club down step on it half my foot and that’s gonna keep me
from getting my hips too far out of here I don’t want I don’t want hips way on
hip turn all right that’s gonna help you no matter what drill you do always
finish on your toe so many times I I’ve seen I work with people I put something
down like this okay if you do this you know then get rid of that thing because
you can’t do that alright if you’re doing a drill I don’t care how you hit
it when you do a drill I care if you do the drill correctly if you can’t hit a
ball but you’re doing the drill correctly you’re moving forward you’re
making progress but if you’re doing it incorrectly it’s doing you a disservice
throw it away for now okay come back later
so on this if I’m swinging and I’m back here you’re not doing it you got to
force yourself to get off that back foot okay and do this drill correctly up here
and it’s a conscious thing sometimes we put some under our back foot and we we
automatically get stuck thank you flat earth purse platters per my lowest score
is 66 at LaQuinta private Country Club they play one of the rounds there at the
Humana Challenge I think it’s called and it’s good golf course speaking of that
when I was warming up at the range before the round I duck hook every Drive
every Drive in a matter of fact I didn’t feel my swing was off that day I didn’t
feel good I didn’t hit make solid ball contact
nothing was working that shot of 66 so you just never know
you never know sometimes when things are not perfect it forces you to focus in a
little better and it helps you okay so now if you do that take off the the
club same feeling you can put that foot up a little bit okay rotate and that
rotation is gonna get you where you need to go
all right last questions before we’re done get them in get out there practice
if you can practice every day in some way shape or form then you’re gonna be
in great shape okay but make sure whatever you do in your practice you’re
making a conscience a conscious effort to be focused for that amount of time if
you got 10 minutes now I’m going to the putting green I’m going for 10 minutes I
got 10 minutes and I got to go focus for that stemis do something 3 foot circle
say I’ve got 10 minutes that’s it take your time if you make one putt in 10
minutes because that’s how long it takes you to focus then that’s fine whatever
you got make sure you’re 100% focused if you give every ounce of focus to the
minim to the time you have you’ll be better ten times sir than everybody else
who just goes to the range and and just whacks balls at will randomly you know
most people are aiming at something but if you go and say okay here’s my focus
for the day mmm-ma maybe you want to just go have a beer with your buddy and
hit balls that’s fine too then make sure you do that but that’s not your golf
practice that’s your hangout time all right Kuno I can’t get my three-way
to elevate the ball when hitting off the fairway
I hit my ball okay I would say look at the loft you have on your 3-wood and get
more loft I have like 14 degrees on my 3-wood so what is yours let me know
sometimes you just need more loft and then try to come from the inside a
little bit how do you compress you okay yeah yeah get down yeah sometimes you
can be hitting up on the ball it’ll make you go low sometimes you’re hitting down
on it and makes it go low I would say you got a look at the loft your swing
path – you want it slightly from the inside you’d be good
check your ball position – all right sorry I couldn’t get to everybody’s
question you know trying to get to as many as possible anyways uh hey thanks
for supporting the channel thanks for watching please subscribe if you haven’t
done so already we’ve got new videos coming every day if I can do it new one
coming tomorrow little draw-off a drill with your towel and got some got some
more cool stuff coming your way alright so thanks for watching hope this is
helpful and we’ll see you next week yeah next week all right we’re out peace out you


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