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Little Big Town (Nominee) Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey guys, Jessica Smith here I’m here with Little Big
Town. They’re up for a Grammy tonight. So, you know, where were you guys when you found out? I mean, you’ve been nominated for four Grammys total. This time we were all at our homes
because we had the evening off and we were watching the Grammy show. You know, this year they did a nominee show and
our friend Miranda Lambert was performing so we watched Miranda sing and I think we
were all secretively kind of hoping, we don’t talk about it you know because you don’t want to
jinx it you know, that we would get nominated for something because we have a brand new record out.
So they said go on to Grammy dot com to find out the rest of the nominations and I think we all like got on our computers and You were all there. and couldn’t log on
so we heard from out publicist. She text us and said congrats and we were like for what. What’s it for? We didn’t know what it was for. I’m just gonna ask because you girls and
guys look absolutely stunning tonight. Tell me; did you, you know how long did it
take you to pick out your outfits? I’m like; I wanna get girly on this. We chose them yesterday. Our stylist lives out here, so we waited until we got here yesterday which is crazy. Oh my. But it worked. This is Alexander McQueen
and I think she’s wearing Nicole Miller. We borrowed some really beautiful jewelry from Effy. Isn’t that snake cool? I love it. I want to have what you guys have on right now. This is
Dana Rebecca and Judith Leiber let us borrow clutches so we’re like all decked out tonight. I know. I love it. Now what about you boys? How long did it take y’all? Not long. [laughter] Five minutes. It was the first suit I tried on. I was like, works for me. You were
like, it fits. [laughter] I’ll take it. Something I personally think is amazing with y’all is that, you know, you’re all four like amazing lead singers. You know, I mean you’re all very like strong vocalists. (music) Little Big Town, “Little White Church” (music) Is that one of the things that you guys think
make you stand out from the other artist? I think so. I think it makes us unique and
each of us can step out and take the lead and it really makes it fun for us musically too. It can be very creative and do different things
that maybe some other bands can’t do. Let’s talk about your album, “The Reason Why”. Tell
me a little bit about that album. We start by writing the songs and then along
the way we’ll start recording the music and we just put our heart and souls into
every little piece of it and we try to make a body of work, not just
a few singles here and there, but a whole body of work that people don’t want to fast forward through any of the songs. They want to hear the whole record. You toured with Sugarland. They’re also your friends. You had collaboration with them for “Life In A Northern Town”
and you’re getting ready to go back on tour. Are there going to be any more collaborations in
the future with them, do you think? We can’t stop ourselves from working with them
so, yeah there will be. I’m sure there’ll be a new one as soon as we hit
the road in a few weeks with them. We enjoy that. Yeah, it’s just a really great creative environment when we’re on the road with those guys. It’s
free and we just hang out in the dressing room and play music and people run in the room; I’ve got an idea and why don’t we try this. It’s fun. It’s always fun. I’m sure we’ll do something. We’ve teamed up with Turbo Tax, which is the official Grammy guide. Who in your career has guided you guys throughout? Oh wow. A lot people. Gut instinct. [laughter] Yeah. We laugh about that. We’re usually all on the same page and when
we have a gut feeling about something it’s usually the same and that’s how we always
go, but we’ve had a great team of people that we’ve worked with for so many years. Even from the very beginning, some of those people who started
with us in the very beginning are still here twelve years ago. A great team is
so important in this business. They’re so many different aspects that I think people don’t really realize there are so you gotta have that solid
team around you all the time. Hey, we’re Little Big Town and you’re watching Young Hollywood.

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