Lipstick Roses!!! NYX Face Awards ANZ 2019!!!

laughs whoa is that peel-off you second she is so excited why why I hear us because this is kilo faintly into the Knicks Australia New Zealand face Awards oh yes that is right pilaf is about to come in dominate the competition because she is makeup goddess and she is going to show you how to be a makeup goddess as well yes it'll all be so excited so everybody please welcome the pristine panel of judges that will be joining us today hello hello everyone yes yes very very serious day so because it is serious day we must twist our heads into serious position because makeups is serious business but a lot has been brainstorming how to really showcase her skills and she's been thinking about people you are such a beautiful dainty roles among so many thorns so therefore Rose goddess so you can also be a rose goddess yes that is right so with all of that said and done with too much coffee bursting through my veins let's get on to the makeup because this is NYX face awards it's such a hard time the other day because she had to go out the by poor makeups that is just okay love love going out and buying new makeups so she has this cute little kitty cat pouch full of her new best friends oh I am so excited and it also mean the peel off his new new best friend she has new since deke so today's look I'm going to focus on my goggles first which is nothing different to yours also we're going to paint those and then go on with the rest of the world the rest of the masterpiece this is going to be our skin and our face and we are just going to hear such a delicious time today so just get any props that you have or sponge if your sponge goddess will is my prosperities and then just paint your goggles so just paint the scene around your eyes first James dick is also good because it means that all the pigments really really show up on face and we have so many beautiful colors to play with today and I really want to make sure that they are going to be popping from my face specifically at the moment from my goggles or do our goggles not look what sleep deprivation what caffeine addiction oh yes now that since dick is on we are going to start playing with magnificent colors so the idea the peel of hip is brace yourself peel off is bought yourself two four six eight who do we appreciate pillow peel-off is bought ten lipsticks they are specifically soft matte lip creams pilaf is bought this many lipsticks in which she is going to paint she's going to paint all these roses on herself to make her a rose goddess so I'm going to carried it through with the eye look so instead of using eyeshadow x' to paint our eyelids use lipsticks because just because they are called lipstick does not mean that they cannot be used for other parts of body if you catch my drift yeah like let's not sit in the box that some people try and keep us in like makeups can be anything you want it to be and today I want to put lipstick on my eyelids I want to put lipstick on my goggles so just get your lipstick and apply it kind of like you would apply seamstick just put it all the day color not look stunning oh I'm already so happy with this this color is called Prague are they all named after cities Istanbul Copenhagen Beijing ah that explains the Antwerp and then just buff it out with a fluffy brush I'm using what is supposed to be a concealer brush because this is liquid that we're using it is easier to use what you would use to apply concealer and then we have this cute rose moment is there not stunning is there not looking so cute pilaf is already so happy with how this is turning out oh my goodness gracious peel off you are a goddess and then we are going to get the darker shade the peel or pick up where is it where is Copenhagen here lower Copenhagen we is cooking Copenhagen you fell in my crotch and then you fill out from my crotch weird Copenhagen go and then just get the Copenhagen to put in your place so that we add a bit of dimension to the beautiful pig then I'm just going to get another clean fluffy brush and I'm just going to dot that in the crease and the beat on to where I'm going to put my liner we were just going to buff this out just to give a bit of death see if you do not have a chokes that match the look that you were wanting to go with does not matter why because your way sticks there is not much difference but at the same time there is enough so that there is a bit about and then when people are like what shadows do you use what I shadow palette do you have oh I must take those colors they will be shocked they will be shocking when you were just like oh actually it is just some lipsticks that I have lying around and I thought oh why not put it on my eyes and it will be like just be like well I am just a talented because modesty is perfect chops and then just to set makeup I have this I love you so much it which is the cutest name ever palette and some darker pink so I'm just going to go for this nice dark shimmery pink and we are just going to tape it on just a fluffy brush and then we're just going to put that on top just so that we have a little glittery moment oh my gosh that is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my appeal off we are doing so good today today is such a glorious day because you exist and because you exist because we all exist we are all having fun peel off floor just putting on some makeups now that the chalk or the lipstick in this case it's on we're going to cut our Griese not actually cut because we do not want to hurt our goggles and then get your best friend again since dick put her on the back of your hand because you know her like pick a hand so it only makes sense to put her there then get yourself a cute little brush so that you have nice amount of control over since dick because sometimes best friends have our equipments too and then the way that peel-off cuts were traced if she looks down and she does it because peel off a big lids if I do not look down and let it kind of sit for a second it just matches into all the glorious pink and like I do not want seamstick everywhere so just draw along where you want it to go what matches with your eye shape because if you have beautiful hooded eyes this technique may not work for you but if you have eyes similar to peel off this may work very well for you we just need a good base for the glitter to go on because no look is complete without glitter the glitter we are going with today is this NYX foil play green pigment French Mac we can afford macarons and some tea some high tea because we are classy classy classy little munchkins today and then I'm just going to get a brush to pack it on the scene stick oh that looks so cute and then I'm just going to put it on top I love this oh my gosh you weren't listening like the stars in the sky look now the glittery pigment is on we are just going to highlight our inner corners we're just going to go with a born to globe I do not know what shade this is in because apparently I tear off the back as I was trying to apply to face but it's kind of like a champagne kind of color because if you have macaroons you must have champagne so we are just going to put that inner corner just a really brightens up now that the top goggles are done we of course have to bless the Bolton goggles with pigment as well I'm going to get some more Copenhagen and I put it on the back of my hand because we also want to know Copenhagen the same way that we know our sins dick and I am just going to get a smudge brush and line my bottom lashes with it so this we can smudge out beautiful pink and tie in together the overall look now that our Coco's have been blessed with the I'd shops and the lipsticks it's just time to go on to stress peel off is picked up herself so no why not it's my favorite part because it really makes the makeup look a real book so I have a super skinny I marker which means that hopefully it will be less stressful well then just a cute little one oh maybe this will help lift I behave okay lift you will behave today so the way that I do line them I say the same pre-video so if you are new here I flick drag and I hope for best everyone that is not new here you know cross your limbs cross your fingers cross your whole cross everything pray for peel of safety so we are going to flick there is the flick there is the drag let me fill in the rest and then just hope that today left I looking at you baby cakes you're going to agree today yes going to agree with mother liner is looking crisp a little bit of a moment with left eye but that is okay because we are favorites to say that they baby cakes so with the peel of thus her lashes we just kept out guillotine curl them first because peel off his nice sloppy lashes which gives nothing for the feathers to actually grasp onto so it just keep them a light little curl oh just a little bit about what kind of moment and I just coat them with a bit of mascara nothing too too much too heavy just enough so that the lashes do not budge and then we get to get onto our iPad roots I'm once again going for my blown away kind of feathers the ones when I blink it is just kind of like wow I'm getting blown away by your beauty and also because you are blinking so just get your pinche boys mind you're naturally flamingo get your feathers in between them squishy them but not so much that you break them or like guillotine their heads off and then just get yourself some glue wine it and wait for it to get tacky which may take till tomorrow night or Christmas or just an incredibly long time to the point where you want to get the hairdryer and go but while I'm waiting for them to get nice and tacky with my other hand I'm going to coordinate to do my brows so I hear this nice little brow what is it brow cake and powder kit and I've got it in the darker shade because I have thick dark brow way to peel off that eyebrows peel off there's no to the Instagram Brown one where it is nice and sharp I said what movie brows so I'm just going to fill them in with the powder and then I'm going to brush them up with a little gel moment that they have in the corner really I just want my brow to look like they occurred delevingne sister nice thick bushy caterpillar brows are they not what either oh I went for left eye first then just put the iPad or zone not so that they are going to like tear off your actual lashes when you eventually have to get rid of the masterpiece that is your face so just put them on and then kind of pinchy them together is this not the hero of the makeup look now Oh peel off has bought herself since the big sister she has herself some big sister sin stick I have some can't stop won't stop full coverage foundation brush her in I think I actually match the color of my skin very well today on the foundation in my life and this one is my skin color so now that I make hopes is looking stunning looking flawless we put a nice little big sister since thick foundation based on our face and we're kind of blending into background like I'm looking like kiss progressively friendly ghost at the moment love me so I this NYX eyeshadow base cream gel pot kind of thing with like just white in it which I'm going to use to help blend the magic and then I have my Prague and then I have my Prague and my Copenhagen lipsticks and I'm going to start buffing into my skin roses so I'm naturally a bronze goddess and I'm so excited so the way the way that you do this is spend six hours in a mirror it is a very very long process but it looks so good once you're done so I'm just going to get the gel base pot and a cute little liner brush if you do not have a liner brush a little paint brush will also work so I'm just going to dip my little liner brush into my gel pot and I'm going to get mirror I'm doing it on this side with my face because I feel so this is my best side of my face and then I'm going to get the gel pot and I'm going to start sketching into my skin some roses so I think the first rose I'm going to put here so we're just going to put a cute little inside the brows and then sketch out but of the Rose the but not about the bud the bud of the Rose and then we are going to put a little petal here so it is kind of like a heart oh look at that cute little petal heart and then we just keep going so we are going to put another petal here oh that was a cute little chubby petal and then you just had petals on both sides it's people at both sides as petals of the all sizes as well do not make them 100% around you want them to be a little bit more realistic I think she looks like a stunning rose Oh peel off once again you outdid yourself babycakes then once you are happy with sketch of rose pick your color pick a shade of lipstick so get yourself some cute little spongy boys get your gel pot get your little brush get the and get your choice of lipstick I am going for a bit of a Denmark moment I'm thinking my Copenhagen lipstick starts at the outside petals so I feel so the easiest outermost petal is definitely this bad boy on my face so just get your gel pot get some white on it and out wine again you just want to outline that bad boy again then once you have a bit more there get some of your Copenhagen or get whatever lipstick you were using in depth that on your face dab on as much or as little as you want name one status on get your little sponge boy mine have thin spongy boy and job your sponge boy both are good for different purposes and then we were just going to play it so peel off no speaking for a moment until it is nice and buffed out so no speaking three two one Amba that way the darkest is on the inside and then it graduates in to the outside until you have this nice gradient of dark light which kind of gives they're like light shining down on the people and then you just keep repeating process the reason why you do the outside petal first is so that when you get the white gel and you put it on the next petal so I'm going to go for this one at the top you fix up the bottom part of the outer petals that you just did so we put down some white we just fix up the other petal because we did the outside first see peel off can take a hit and then just once again it on some Copenhagen must visit Copenhagen because if Copenhagen is as beautiful as this shade of lipstick it would be such a momentous day and then just pop pop pop and then just keep doing that until the Rose is completely colored and filled in when do people put hands back on is I just touch up these little little roses I am thinking this looks look at my face yes your hand has to look like this for you to look like this you look stunning I look stunning everybody starting everybody any Bros for this code this code this code this we look good like these people we it is subtle look it is subtle understated look we do not we do not have to have to keep going and get carried away we all knew that that was a lie I have one brass to go and then we were going to be our completed rose goddess I had to make my hand a little bit of a van Gogh kind of painting whilst doing the a thing but at the same time so so so worth it but before I do this I just want to finish off the rest of my makeup so that like there is going to be no smudges because I feel so if I keep moving my neck around I am just going to cause myself so much heartbreak so because I contoured this section of my body with a lipstick I'm going to do the exact same thing on my right because why not hit blush and contour at the same time you see what I am saying yes yes yes so I'm just going to get frog again then I'm just going to do a few dots where I would typically put my contour and then just kind of buff it out to a bit of a fish face without contour then just time for a bit of a bit of a glow bit of a shine because I was born to glow according to NYX yes highlighter why won't you open then just put that on our cheek bones trying not to mess up my roses I'm just going to put a little boo boo boo boo and a little tooth with my finger toot-toot then just toss that off then we make a duck face I look ever so delicious I look scrumptious I look scrumdiddlyumptious okay we are just going to finish last rose and then put on some lipstick and we are done and so excited I'm not even finished it and I look thick because our eyes are so Vava voom pigment and because the Roses are so like oh my gosh the technique the application Wow we don't want to put like too much on the lips because it the tracks from overall look so I'm just going to put a cute little note in the shade Beijing does that not look we are looking like stunning rose goddess oh wait hit unnecessary ok with it – good job I will give it a thermic but I don't want to smudge it the deliciousness that is my chest right now oh this is just easy scrumptious everybody know happy dance appeal off it is just a lot of Liam flailing because she has no idea what she is doing in all of the dance music is in our head but now the peel of the makeup code s is on YouTube it is time for sex boom but now that six these llamas are done the makeups is on we are looking like stunning growth goddesses we look phenomenal we look so so good the world is not going to be able to cope it is just it is just going to be it is just going to explode focus oh my gosh there are so many makeup goddesses out there what are we going to do and they will not know what to do and then just leave but you know what while you were out there and making everybody explode with so much beauty just do not forget do not forget what dear mother always say if you can't say something nice say something cruel


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