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Lin-Manuel Miranda Celebrates 7 Emmy Nominations | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Hi. Hi. How are you? -I´m great. How are you? -So nice to see you. -I´ve only ever seen you on TV. This is very exciting. -And I´ve seen you all over the place, so this is very
exciting to meet you. How are you doing tonight? -I´m great. -Series is nominated. -Series is nominated. I´m a proud producer tonight. -I know you are. -That guy was a very good Bob Fosse. -I know he was. -I´m very proud to be here with him. -Was it nice seeing him tonight? -Yeah, yeah. It´s pretty incredible. -Tell me — You know, I mean, first of all, let´s just talk
about this. 17 Emmy nominations. -Yeah. -When you heard that, what went through your mind? -I jumped up and down in my apartment. I was so thrilled with Tommy Kail and our incredible
creative team´s amazing work. And I´m just like a proud — Can´t even say “proud papa,”
because I didn´t do that much. I´m like a proud grandpa. -A proud grandpa. -Yeah. -A proud grandpa. -Yeah. -So, you know, I have to talk about this, because your new
series is about to premiere, right? So you have a lot — I mean, you always have a lot going on. -I flew here from Wales. I have no idea what time it is. -Do you really have any idea what´s going on right now? -I´m not convinced you´re not a hologram. It´s 9:00 p.m. inside my body. -It very well could be. Tell me about “His Dark Materials.” -Yeah, it will premiere on HBO on November 4th. I play — It´s an incredible cast — Ruth Wilson,
James McAvoy, Dafne Keen. So I get to play with the best actors and also armored
bears. And it´s this crazy sci-fi fantasy world, and I´m thrilled
to be a part of it. -How are you gonna celebrate tonight? -I´m going to cheer so loud. I mean, it´s an incredible season. There´s too much good TV, if we´re being honest. -There´s so much good TV. -So I´m just — I´m proud to be a part of it. -Good to see you. Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you. Thanks. Bye.


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