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Lily is happy with the attention given to her by Oscar | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

[POLICE SIRENS WAILING] Watch your step. Is there someone else here? Yes, Oscar. My helpers and
bodyguards are here. Do you want me to hire
a private nurse? I already called someone. They’ll be here later. Don’t worry about me, Oscar. Why wouldn’t
I worry about you? You’re still weak. I promised
I’d take care of you Do you want me to send
Elizabeth and Doray? No, Oscar. I can manage. Are you sure? Yes, I’m fine. Okay.
I’ll walk you to your room. Just call me or Edwin
if you need anything. I’ll make sure to relay
your call immediately. No need to pretend like you
don’t have a busy schedule. Don’t worry about me, Oscar. You should focus more on
our country’s problems. That’s more important. That doesn’t make you
any less important to me. Oscar, I’ve already accepted that you’re the President first
before my boyfriend. I’ll be on my way, then. Thank you for taking me home. Is something wrong, Oscar? The day will come when
we’ll always be together. I look forward to that day. Your tone has changed, Oscar. My fake operation worked. Soon, you’ll ask for
my hand in marriage. Granny Flora, Alyana,
Cardo’s on the news. What?! Chaos ensued at the Branch 201
Regional Trial Court in Manila when a sniper shot
Chloe Delgado, a member of the syndicate run by the drug lord,
Jacob Serrano. Is there no end
to this violence? According to the
authorities’ initial report, the sniper who shot Delgado
has been killed. There are no other
reported injuries. There are still no updates
on Chloe Delgado’s condition. They said no one else
was injured. – Thank God.
– That means Cardo is safe. But when will this
bloodshed end? Once those criminals
are behind bars. I know Cardo and Task
Force Agila can do it.


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