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Lily gives her support to Oscar | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

We’re Task Force
Flora’s Garden. Please get moving. We still
have many things to do. What do you mean, love? Love, Lola Flora doesn’t like
settling for less. Remember back when we
started the eatery? She always reminded us to continue improving
our services. Nothing but the best
for our customers. I hope our luck continues. Hopefully, Coun. G
and Chairman Bart won’t bother us anymore. Like I mentioned earlier, all basic human needs. Not just electricity… Ate Yolly! Elmo!
It’s Mr. President! What? …and roads. Does the government have
the funds for this, sir? I’ll admit it
to all of you, when I got back
into power, we didn’t have
enough funds. But through the help
of the civil sectors such as the
business community, this project continued. Wow, Mr. President never
forgets about his promises even though he’s very busy. I agree, but when will
rampant crimes be solved? Love… I’m sure Mr. President will
take care of that next. One thing at a time, Elmo.
Mr. President can do it. The PNP’s helping him,
remember? Including Task Force Agila. Yeah, Task Force Agila. Sir, are you awarding
Miss Cortez for spearheading
this project? There’s no need. I’m just a simple citizen
who loves to help others. Thank you. Thank you very much. Mr. President, wait! Sir, please! Looks like the president and
Lily are getting closer. Impressive. Isn’t that dangerous
for us, Boss? It’s the other way
around, Cedric. That’s more of a reason
to get Lily’s trust. We should make her our ally. Isn’t she already
an ally, Boss? Not just yet. She has to see that
she really needs me. Are you okay, Lily? I’m okay. Are you sure? I just remembered my past
because of the people. I wasn’t born rich. My family also went
through poverty. I provided for my siblings
when my mother got sick, and until the day she died. That’s why I’m really
eager to help others, now that I’m living
a good life. You have siblings? Where are they? They’re abroad. They’re living
their own lives, while I’ve forgotten to
take care of myself. I’ve never gotten
my own family I’ve never gotten
my own family I’m happy that
I provided for my family. You’re truly a
kind person, Lily. I only did the right thing.


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