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Lily asks to join Oscar as he visits Chikoy’s wake | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Captain Salonga,
you are responsible for keeping
our president safe. Next time, please
assert yourself. Don’t let Lily have her way! I apologize, Ma’am.
It won’t happen again. I apologize, Ma’am.
It won’t happen again. And it shouldn’t. The president’s safety
is our top priority. Especially now that we don’t
know who our enemies are! Yes, Ma’am. You look sad, Lily. Is it because of your dead
friends in the police force? Yes. Another one of them died. Why are they being killed
one by one? They should all die together! I can have that arranged. Don’t bother. You don’t need to compete with
whoever’s targeting them. Let them be.
Don’t waste your efforts. But I’m really curious
as to who this killer is. Maybe we can get them
on our side. Are you attending
that cop’s wake? I have to.
I know him personally. I was with Dalisay
and his comrades when they were hiding
from Cabrera. You know, when they were
still called Vendetta. I guess that guy
means a lot to you. It’s important that Oscar
sees me at the wake. Hello, Lily? Hello, Oscar. Are you going to
Chikoy’s wake? Yes. I’m about to leave. I want to go too. Okay. It would mean so much to Cardo
and Task Force Agila if you will join them
in mourning. Okay. I’ll see you there. I’ll forward the
details to you. Thank you, Oscar. Enjoy your date with
the President. I’m sure I will. He didn’t sustain
any fractures. The only thing is,
his wound is infected. For now, we’re giving him
antibiotics. A wound, doctor? We don’t know him, doctor. He just appeared out of nowhere
and was hit by our car. So, you don’t know that he has
a gunshot wound? Doctor, should we call
the police?


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