Lil'li Latisha Goes to L.A!💖 (Road to Live Justice Awards 2019)

let's see how all of us check in this is my mother she doesn't want to be on camera so let's respect her decision anyways this is put our luggage and onions I'll see you you're gonna get bad I'll see you then be back soon I know I didn't see you there hi Cara Apple muffin and I'm very hungry I'm a starving child and Sarah the menu of the day at a soup with bread and also potato which one is young Reverend the soup an aqua socket I am sold throats I really need this anyways I'm gonna tell your meals thank you funny face with me I'm going to get fabulous empty okay girls now is the time for us to go to LA so it's gonna be a 14-hour flight and I'm gonna sleep so see you there like us I don't wanna rest there – I can always I am what I've noticed there are a lot of drugs here anybody Molotov Stanley to buy the factory bottom of the every little mobile mobile need to find a monitor like a mini truck so basically everything was like a structure Oh stomach continue exploring alley by all right and finally hello welcome to my hotel room ever ass thank you so my god about yourself hi i'm rachel from justice it may seem like to be shy about that area socialite my pi/8 avocado toast and we got a bottle of the moon principle that he just made that is a great shot she's so sweet and she's so kind and you got a whole like you from boom on gr cleric mystic then for the world and you gasp an aqua mocha to justice store in Sherman Oaks skaara like you were going to tell Angela and LA and also here is my new TV so here it is it's infinitely me hey girls is that out I'm so excited Justin what's your name I recommend a song like this bike what I saw us today's the day of the we're going to do the hair and makeup get the sedan young man is Skirball skirt you yeah had any partners so guys is very the types of it's the live justice Awards I'm so excited so here you go oh the dressing room I can't run anymore there's a lot of your favorite artists wait to take a joke now next picture [Applause] [Applause] as we celebrate the limitless power of girls live justice is a community Reptoids positivity in cell properties it is important place where girls Linda they believe is lift up others who changed or the live justice values teacher Rosalie smartly connected with positively the creative lead with activate I'm so proud to receiving this award thank you so much justice burner awesome right now it's time for us to go back to Indonesia before I said anything I would like to thank justice and justice Indonesia for this wonderful opportunity and for always supporting it I would also say that thank you so much justice for the live justice award on me never in a million years I thought I'm gonna win it justice and yeah I had a wonderful day in LA today and for the incredible five days I had an amazing time and any real nice time ago thank you guys for watching this video hope my journey would inspire all of you to become a good person a girl with heart anyways don't forget to subscribe like and comment and yeah see you guys later at live justice you


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