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Lil Tecca on Juice WRLD ‘Ransom’ Remix, Normani’s ‘Motivation’ & Stranger Things | #MTVFreshOut

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Please
give it up for Lil Tecca. (audience applauds) – Oh you’re back in New York! – Facts . – You’ve been in L.A.
too long, okay, facts. What other New York word can you use? – Heard, yeah! (audience cheers) – Crowd, lemme get a yeah! – [Audience] Yeah! – Yeah! – [Announcer] Waddup, it’s
Friday, new music from Taylor, Snoh Aalegra, A$AP Ferg
and Snoop D. O. Double G. Normani’s got a new song and video out that Twitter is already going crazy for. Plus we catch up with the stars
of 47 Meters Down Uncaged. Tiffany Haddish premieres
a new Netflix show. And we’ll also be taking a look at the Stranger Things sneakers, and the latest in beauty
from the one and only, Kim Kardashian-West. (upbeat music) Fresh Out Fridays is the
show, Kevan Kenney is me. Hello, how are you? You’re probably hip to the fact whatever is new dropping on Fridays, so we take all the music,
the movies, the tv, the gear, we make a big
ol’ sandwich out of the it every Friday and we offer it up to you. Won’t you take a bite? (upbeat music) Bunch of new tracks and
videos out this week, including Lover, the title
track from Taylor’s new album. Charli XCX dropped Cross You Out with Sky Fiera and the fandom
is psyched for this one. Normani’s Motivation is finally here and ready for you to stream
as much as your heart desires. ♪ Baby’ turn around’ let me
give you innovation, hey ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I do it so right ♪ ♪ You got that good
good, baby’ don’t you? ♪ ♪ Got that good good, baby, don’t you? ♪ ♪ But you leavin’ solo ♪ ♪ Ain’t regular’ that ain’t regular ♪ ♪ I ain’t gon’ keep,
keep fightin’ for it ♪ ♪ Ain’t gon’ keep, keep fightin’ for it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you know this thing here ♪ ♪ Ain’t regular, that ain’t regular ♪ ♪ Fallin’ into the bed ♪ ♪ Why would we ever do
somethin’ instead of ♪ ♪ Fallin’ into the bed right now, yeah ♪ ♪ I’ma break you off, let
me be your motivation ♪ ♪ To stay and give it tonight ♪ ♪ And, baby, turn around,
let me give you innovation ♪ ♪ Hey, ’cause I do it so right ♪ ♪ Think about it, ooh, I think about it ♪ ♪ Think about it, ooh ♪ – Quality control, one of the strongest collectives out today and dare I say, makers of the most fire
compilation projects. If you remember, Control
The Streets 1 was awesome, Had Ice Tray, She for Keeps with Nicki, and it’s sequel is out now, has Migos, Travis, Megan Thee Stallion, the features seriously go on and on with this one. Young Thug is back and the world is a far better place for it. So Much Fun drops during what’s been a really busy summer for Thug, with a bunch of festival dates. Thug also hitting the
road this fall with MGK, so there’s something
you can look forward to. The Dogg Father, and
Martha Stewart’s B.F.F, Snoop Dogg has a new project out called I Wanna Thank Me. Snoop’s been teasing it with throwback footage of his death row days, so if you’re into new music and don’t want the executive producers all in the videos, dancing, it should be right up your alley. Snoh Aalergra performed
on Fresh Out last week, I hope you caught that, and she just dropped her
album, Uh, Those Feels Again. Snoh shared details on
the project, check it out – My new album Uh Those
Feels Again is finally out. I had so much fun making this album, it’s probably the most fun
I’ve had ever in the studio, creating a project. I just felt that it was a natural, continuation of Feels and that’s why it’s called Uh Those Feels Again. It’s basically a Feels part 2. There’s no features on this project. You know, I just realized
halfway through the album that I’m not having any features and I kinda was okay with
it so I just continued that way and I thought that
maybe just give people just me. (guitar strumming) ♪ I don’t wanna kiss you yet ♪ ♪ I just wanna feel you ♪ ♪ Feel you, my love ♪ – You now this guy keeps it up, we may offer him a TRL residency. A$AP Ferg has given us bikes, performances and now a new EP entitle Floor Seats. The project features Rocky
who is home right now and will not be serving
any jail time in Sweden. It’s also got City
Girls and Made In Tokyo. Ferg stopped by and talked a
little bit about the project, check this out. – This project was
basically birthed with me wanting to work more with women. Just because like the
response I got from working with Nicki on the Plain
Jane remix was so crazy, like I would be at dinner
and seeing girls go crazy when the song comes on, and I’m like damn, I want that reaction
so we kept the energy. We got City Girls, we got Asian Doll, we got Rico Nasty, Floor Seat. Actually it grew from like
three songs to about like ten, which I had to break down. That’s because I wanted
to basically give people what my life is right now. You know sometimes with albums and stuff, it’s long and drawn out
but I wanted to give them a fingertip feel for what’s
happening right now in my life. And that’s how it is. And Swae Lee dropped new
music featuring Drake, the track is called Won’t Be Late, and it looks like it may
not be the only new music coming from Swae, as
he’s promised that August will be an exciting month. Rosalia is back with Yo por ti, tu por mi. (upbeat music) ♪ Si me caigo, que tú me
sujetes (Eh, please) ♪ ♪ Yo por ti, tú por mí, que
me pongan los grillete’ ♪ ♪ (Los grillete’) ♪ ♪ Somos dos cantantes como los de antes ♪ ♪ El respeto en boletos y diamante’ ♪ ♪ Se me para el cora’ solo con mirarte ♪ ♪ Porque a ti te canto
pa’ que tú me cantes ♪ ♪ Somos dos cantantes como los de antes ♪ ♪ El respeto en boletos y diamante’ ♪ ♪ Se me para el cora’ solo con mirarte ♪ ♪ Porque a ti te canto
pa’ que tú me cantes ♪ ♪ Yo por ti, tú por mí,
yo por ti, tú por mí ♪ ♪ Yo por ti, tú por mí, hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm ♪ ♪ Yo por ti, tú por mí,
yo por ti, tú por mí ♪ – Hey, by the way what new music are you personally excited about? Let us know below. Grammy Award winning artist, Tori Kelly, released her debut album
Inspired By True Events last week and in honor
of it we played a little game, well inspired by true events. (upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Tori Kelly, and
right now I’m going to see if I can pick out real headlines
versus the fake headlines, which ones are inspired by true events, which also happens to be the
name of my new album out now. Man wearing TV on head caught on camera leaving old TVs on Virginia front porches. I want that to be real. If he has a TV on his head, I feel like that would be a sight to see. Is it? (bell dings) Oh, yes. Woman complains of stomach pain, doctors find she swallowed
retainers in her sleep. Oh my goodness, that, well
first of all that’s terrible, but I think it sounds believable, I feel like that might be real. Is that, is that real? (buzzes) Oh, dang it. Is that, I wonder if that’s
like impossible, probably. They, I feel like the
dentist probably makes it to where you can’t. Florida boy dials 911
because he was hungry. (sirens) That’s something I would do. So I’m going to say that’s true. (bell dings) Yeah, I believe it. I believe it. Man facing car theft charges arrested after allegedly arriving at
court in another stolen vehicle. (car screeches) Whoa, it doesn’t sound that crazy, like it’s obviously messed up
but I feel like that’s true. Is that true? (bell dings) Yeah, dang. Man pays child support in
trash cans filled with pennies. (cash drawer opens) Whoa, that’s true. (buzzes) That’s fake okay good. (Tori laughs) (upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Jamila
Mustafa and here’s a look at what’s fresh in film and TV today. (upbeat music) The critically acclaimed film Blinded By The Light arrived in theaters. It tells a story about how
Bruce Springsteen’s music inspires and empowers a
young Pakistani student, in England, to follow his dreams. Also out, is the Seth
Rogen produced Good Boys, which stars Jacob Tremblay, a naive tween, who is invited to a kissing party, but has never kissed anyone before. He and his crew, the Bean Bag Boys, go on a quest to teach him, which leads to all kinds of misadventures. Our friend at MTV news had
a chance to get to know the cast a little bit better. Take a look. – In the movie, you use a
drone to spy on your neighbor, who is someone you would spy
on in real-life if you could? – Santa. – That’s a good one. – That’s a good one actually. – That’s a good one. We’re the cast of Good Boys
and we’re about to dive in with MTV News. – I think Imma sneeze. No, I’m good, yeah, there we go. – Brady, you play a character named Thor in the movie, what is your
real life super power? – I can burp on command. – Ah. (burps) – Oh, you can. – Yeah. – That’s so crazy. – Yeah. – I can do it like now. (burps) (screams) (upbeat music) – How full was the swear jar on set? Actually, it would have been
really full if we had one but we didn’t have a swear jar. – What is said on set, stays on set. – We were just tried to be
like really professional and mature about it. Like you say the cuss word and
then when the camera is off, you leave it there. – What’s the most grown-up
thing you’ve learned making this movie? I’ve probably not, I’m
not allowed to tell you cause I mean I’d get in trouble by my mom, ’cause I mean, we learned
a lot on that set. here was a lot of adult
stuff that we can’t talk about that happened on that set so… – Now I got a chance to see this movie and I thought it was hilarious but it’s definitely not for kids. Are you going to check it out? Does it look fresh to you? Let us know down below
in the comment section. Their fathers are Hollywood A listers, but now Corinne Foxx and
Sistine Stallone are taking a bite out of the big screen with their new shark horror
film, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. I had the privilege to sit down with these lovely ladies and chat about the film, doing their own stunts and
what was the best advice their super star dads ever gave them. Check it out. This is your debut film. – I know. – Huge moment. – It’s pretty crazy
’cause I think we grew up going to set with our
dads and seeing them work and now it’s finally our turn to… – The tables have turned, totally. – Yes, they have. – My time to shine. (laughs) – So, what’s this movie all about? – Four teen girls that go
on this fun summer adventure and their gonna go scuba diving but obviously it all turns wrong when they get stuck in this underwater city, and [Both] We’re not alone. – Is it safe to say that 90% of this film was actually shot underwater? 70, 80% of the movie
is actually underwater. So we shot in these huge tanks in London, with these big caves and tunnels and, we had to learn how to scuba
dive cause it’s all underwater. – Yeah. – So scuba diving, did any
of you know how to scuba dive before you shot this film or even swim? – We’ll start with swim. – I had to learn how to swim. – What? – Yeah, Corrine is a little
bit struggled a little bit. – Well if you don’t mind, I would like to take a look at a clip. – Yeah, show it. – Okay, so how do we get down there? – Uh, so there’s a path that’ll take us around and down. (screams) (splashes) Or, you can go that way. – What are you waiting for? (screams) (splashes) (yells) (splashes) – What did you tell
yourself before you did it? – Before she did it. [Interviewer] What was the preparation? – I wanted to do it so
badly and the director said, “No, no, no, the stunt
person is doing it.” And I would have, if
he didn’t let me do it, I would have run off and done it anyway. So it was great, but it was so much fun. – What advice would you
say your parents gave you, through navigating through the industry? My mom and my dad always tell me this, “Arrive early, stay late,
and work as hard as you can, “in between” and not matter what you do, that, you can apply that and
you’ll be successful at it. – And at my dad, he’s so
light hearted in such a tough industry, so cut-throat. And so he’s always like
“Always have fun with it, “always enjoy what you’re doing “and find a little happiness in there”. – Alright, now, if you’re
just looking to stay home this weekend and chill, of
course Netflix has you covered. They’ve got two big premieres
that you can start streaming today, one of which is the
second season of Mindhunter. Now this season explores the
investigation into Atlanta child murders in the 1980s
that rocked the entire nation. On a much lighter note, Tiffany
Haddish returns to standup. Yes, she ready to take on the big stage. And she’s bringing along 6
handpicked female comedians in, They Ready, a series she both stars in and executive produced. HBO is premiering a
brand new comedy as well, The Righteous Gemstones
starring Danny McBride and John Goodman, as a world-famous, dysfunctional, televangelist family, who serves themselves more
than they serve the church. (upbeat music) – As great as music,
movies and TV might be, you can’t wear them, in fact, if you tried to you would look pretty odd. Gear, on the other hand,
entirely different story. (bass music) The biggest sneaker dropped this week, also the most unique, the
latest in the Nike Stranger Things capsule is an ode
to the show’s upside down, and features a burnable, please do not try this at home kids, layer, that
reveals another color way, one upside, see what
I did there, to these, is you don’t have to really
worry about getting them dirty or ripped I guess, they
come ready to mess up. The bundle also comes with a cool details, like Stranger Things pins,
the code used to break into the upside down, if you ever need that, and is packaged as if
it’s from the show’s mall, Star Court, and if you’re
looking to outfit the entire family these days, in Yeezys, and come on, are you even really heading a household if you’re not, your day has finally come. The Yeezy Waverunner has
just rereleased in sizes ranging from infant through adult, so everyone, including your newborn, can look like the Kardashian-Wests. Here’s Jamila with a look
at what’s new in beauty. (upbeat music) After a savvy social media campaign, of course the queen of
social media marketing, Miss Kim Kardashian-West, launched her latest KKW
beauty collection today. Inspired by iconic looks of the 90s, the matte collection comes
in two color palettes, smokey, for that smokey eye look, and cocoa, for that more neutral vibe. The “bad gal of beauty”, Rihanna is back, with another Fenti drop. This time, she’s expanding
the line to make it even more diverse, Her bestselling
‘pro-filter long wear foundation’ now comes in 50 new shades. And looking ahead, while she’s
also crisscrossing the world, on her sweet new tour and
releasing kick-ass, literally, videos. ♪ I ain’t your girlfriend (Girlfriend) ♪ ♪ But you don’t want
me to see nobody else ♪ ♪ And I don’t want you to see nobody ♪ Ariana Grande is also releasing
a brand new fragrance, Thank You Next, this
scent is reportedly a new take on her Ari fragrance,
but with more beach notes, and a hint of shade. Just kidding. – It has been a great summer for concerts. Ariana, Joe Bros just kicked
off their reunion tour, we asked some of our favorite
artists about their first concerts ever, take a look. – My first time… – My first… – My first time… – First time – First concert. – First concert I went to, oh man, this is a bit embarrassing, I remember my nan, my grandma, took me to a Brian Adams concert. ♪ Those were the best days of my life ♪ But I love it man, I
don’t care, I loved it. I got a little T-shirt,
I remember it was green, like a military T-shirt,
I probably still got it. I should wear it like a crop top now. – Britney Spears when she put out the oops I did it again album. ♪ Oops, I did it again ♪ I was like 7 or so, 6 or 7, so
I don’t remember a lot of it. I was like a huge Britney fan, still am. – My first concert may
have been James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl when
I was like 8 years old. And I just remember
not wanting to be there to read A Series of
Unfortunate Events in the car. – My first concert was 92.3
the Beat, it was a summer jam. Probably had to be 10 years
old, 9 or 10, I don’t remember. I went with my sister and
Usher did a back flip. And his chain flew off in
the crowd and he just stopped and looked and he was like come on man, gimme my chain back. It was crazy. – It was The Wiggles, yeah man. – [Band mate] The Wiggles? – [Band Mate] That’s lit. – Yeah man. – My first concert was the Jonas Brothers. ♪ When you look me in the eyes ♪ Dolla Six is my first concert ever. It was a Lil Wayne and Drake concert. I think it was called Lil
Wayne versus Drake or something like that. But it was the best time of my life. I actually got left, my aunty and them left me
at the concert cause they couldn’t find me but, when I saw Drake, in
the sky, I didn’t care. – I remember this vividly, I was with my brother, Justin, my pops, and I think it was at my
dad’s No Way Out tour, New York City, it was crazy. And this was my first time on the stage. – I was either 14 or 15, it was with my girlfriend at the time. And it was Ed Sheeran
when he was performing his plus album. ♪ Out of all these things I’ve done ♪ ♪ I think I love you better now ♪ – That’s the date bro. – That was the date man, it was great. Did we what? – Kiss? – Of course we did. (friend applauds) (kiss) Something we’ll never forget for sure. (upbeat music) – Lil Tecca’s Ransom is one of the hottest singles out right now and he stopped by TRL Top Ten to talk all about the remix with Juice Wrld and his new album, We Love You, Tecca. Check it out. – How did Ransom come
about, was this a song that happened overnight? Or was this a song that happened fast, did you sit down and write ransom? What’s the backstory? It was just for real another song I made in the studio, to be honest. I heard the beat, it
was fire, you feel me. And I just started writing over it. And then recorded, I was like this lit. – That’s it man. (audience laughs) – The world agreed. – Absolutely. – Thanks for real. – Now, you worked with a legend, Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade, directed this music video. And you know, I mean, he’s
had a slew of artists, he could’ve worked with
any artist in the world, but he chose you. He saw something special. Tell me about that connection? – Working with Cole, it was like, such a unique experience, you know, ’cause, he’s a person, when you meet him, that’s a person right there, you feel me. Like you ever. [Interviewer] I feel you. – Like you ever had a
connection with someone, and be like yo, that’s really a person. So, it was like, shooting the video, it was just like a vibe the whole time, we just eh uh eh uh, you
feel me, the whole time. So, you can see it. – Ransom just got the remix treatment this week with Juice Wrld, it’s out and available now,
fans are digging that one. How, how did that come about,
did Juice hop on it first? Did you, how did you
guys collab on the remix? – Well, he hopped on it, and well, it wasn’t even originally a remix. It was just like something
we were vibing on, and we were like yo, this is dope. And then, when the record
dropped, we remembered that, and it was like yo, we got
this, it’s time to go on it. You feel me? So, saw the opportunity
and we were like, why not? Because we both came from
lyrical lemonade in a way. – Totally. – And we both got our first
big looks in that blessed way, so we was like this a dope collaboration and we just put it out. – So the first time you
ever heard the Ransom beat, it was Juice on it? – Nah. – Okay, so… – I heard it at, Tilla, Taz Tilla’s house, it was in a Dropbox folder, [Interviewer] Right on. – With all the other beats. – So Juice was just messing
around, he was into the beat and he put a verse on it – No, we was in the studio,
Ransom was already a song, Ransom was already a
song and then he heard it and he was like yo, this
fire, this flow fire, and he put a verse on it. – So, Juice is famous for free styling, it’s also an approach you
enjoy from time to time, right, going line by line with your songs, as a lyricist though,
what does that afford you that maybe, pre-written verses don’t? – When you freestylin’,
everything is in the moment. It really depends on
what you’re talking about honestly, because certain
lyrics is going to hit different than others if you talkin about
a topic that relates to you. So, it really just depends
on what you talkin about, in all cases. – All right, now who here loves Tecca? (audience applauds) – Okay, all right. – I love y’all. – Now listen, you already know
where I’m going with this, so my guys, so we love Tecca,
new project that’s coming out, tell us a little bit about that. – The project is going
to be a vibe, a vibe. I’m telling you. It’s going to, you know… It’s going to be something you listening, you ever is at like three in the morning and you can’t go to sleep and
you just on YouTube watching videos and you accidentally
hear a fire song, it’s going to be a bunch of those. (audience laughs) – A bunch of hits right? – Yeah, a bunch of those. – Okay, I like that. (upbeat music)


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