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Li’L Oscar Cantu at Conner Museum

This segment is brought to you by Turcotte Piper Mortuary. You know I’ve been boxing for years so I have a lot of things to donate and a lot of things in bins…storage bins that I’ve saved for
myself so it was pretty much…it was easy cause I want to give everything. I’m a giving person so I want to give everything to the community. If it can inspire a kid just let it inspire them. It’s a combination of amateur, pro and then what I do for the community. You know I’m a professional athlete was born
and raised in Kingsville Texas and stayed in Kingsville Texas and giving back while
being a professional athlete. It’s a mixture of all that stuff that I do
with the community and the sport it’s all of that. When they see this exhibit I want them to
see this little kid, you know there is a photo of me as a little kid, a little 65 lbs who
was from Kingsville Texas one of the smallest kids in his grade became someone. It was for the community, you know? When I was out there going for the national
tournaments, selling raffle tickets and everyone who bought one and everyone who prayed for
me and everyone who sent me a message on Facebook as I got older and you know it’s an exhibit
for them. As a thank-you. This is…I took the punches but it wasn’t
because of me it was because of the motivation of the community has given me and the surrounding area. [Reporter] I always want to ask what are you
guys working on and entering stuff and what do you have planned? We are a stand by for September in case something
happens in Vegas for ….but nothing has happened yet so we’re just going to wait and regroup
and just keep on training. Keep on training hard and while doing that
I’m going to be giving back to the community.

  • What a fine young man to be proud of! He represents his family, Kingsville, TAMUK, and his faith with humility, grace, and class.

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