Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus at BET Awards | The View

  • Country music will start getting other folks on? Collaborating. They have been doing that with florida georgia line and even as far as nelly and tim mcgraw

  • I agree with everything they said, but it always felt like Lil Nas X was making a mockery out of country culture.

  • Nelly was also snubbed from the country music charts with the song Over Again featuring Tim McGraw about 15 years ago.

  • Countrymusic is the mixture of European immigrants music(Irish, french,….) and blues, gospel… Probably also elements of natives. Music 🎶 is universal.

  • I love the song but the BET performance and his wardrobe was circus like with the sound effects and bright yellow chapts. No, his original version and style was authentic and fit him, modern day style clothing with cowboy hat

  • Black people mad about this but if it was the other way around where a country guy was making a rap song they would be crying about people "stealing their culture". It's a good song but not country so stop trying to steal white culture. I know black people think they invented everything so save the "we invented country" replies because you didn't.

  • I believe the song is by Lil Naz featuring Cyrus; therefore, it is not a country song. CMA would consider it country if it were Cyrus featuring Lil Naz. That is the difference. The song may be hot. But it is not a country record unless the main artist is a country artist.

  • Black people have always been so forgiven of white people no matter how bad they have treated them why it’s hard to understand.white people have always been the racist and have never let and it’s time now that they do cause this generation is openly fighting them on it and that’s a good thing cause the world isn’t all white.

  • CMA and CMT still back in the stone ages! BET be like ANY and EVERYONE WELCOMED and they do it with OPEN ARMS!

  • Why are these (collaborations), so surprising today? I guess people forgot about RUN DMC/AEROSMITH "Walk This Way"?

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