Lil Kim Praises 'Non-Offensive' Cardi B at the 2019 BET Awards (Exclusive)

when you talk about iconic women in the rap game your name immediately comes up Kim what does it mean to be here at the BT award it always means everything because I started this is like one of the you know the network publications that helped launch my career so it's like anytime I give a chance to than my image back to be easy I'm here I'm here and ready and having fun tell me about the show what does girls cruise is that it tell me about girls cruise girls cruise is gonna be one of the funnest shows that you've ever seen on like reality TV but it's not your average reality television show you know it's me my girls I mean my girl chilli like oh my my best friend Tiffany you know I have some new lighting like new up-and-coming girls V and B and my bestie Marc Jacobs hubby here's what I want to know when you talk about my and chilli these y'all are single women who are ready to mingle what's going to happen on this cruise and how do gentlemen get involved it's just a bunch of slide boss girls cruising across the world on a beautiful thirty million dollar yacht will there be love in this thing and you know it simultaneously I will be also launching my fifth in studio album self in the name of my fifth studio album is called nine the number nine we cannot wait for the album we can't wait for girls crews when does it hear July 15th July 15th will it be scandal – gotta watch him you can be honest with me gotta watch him you can tell me the truth well you know what it's just gonna be fine we like again it's not your average it's gonna be we want to do something very different all right and tonight you who are you excited to see tonight you look at the evolution of rap and you see someone like cardi B who has kind of walked you know he's standing on your shoulders in a sense I always love to see her and you know she makes me laugh she's fun you know she's so non offensive I just love her and then you know I wanted to see all the new artists nice and the baby everybody like just I used to make me smile have fun you go have fun let me know how let me know how I can get on that girl's cruise okay [Applause]


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