Light-Lock Quiver | Trophy Ridge

hey guys Jack here from trophy Ridge and I want to bring you a really cool product that I'm excited to use this season and it is the light lock now the coolest thing about this is the built-in lights and why we called it the light lock and you've got two lights one underneath the hood here so that when you're in the deer stand early morning or late in the evening and you're packing up or you know you're there at early light and you just need to make sure that you're getting the arrow out cleanly and safely that light in there is going to show and eliminate or illuminate the the broad head or the arrow that you need to take out to load up that quiver also the light on the front here it's just going to allow you to get to your stand easier in in those dark situations and when we go to the stand in the morning you just need a light why not have one built into your quiver on the light lock the light lock is coming to you at $79.99 and I really think from my birthday you guys should just go out there and buy one that would make it really happy so go to trophy ridge comm to learn more

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