LIFE AS A PRINCESS PARTY ENTERTAINER – Part 4 (worst party ever)

hey guys welcome back this is going to be part four of my princess party entertainer series I suppose it realized that these videos are some of my most popular videos and definitely the ones that I get the most comments on those questions about so I was really keen to do another one it's not the powerful but I was planning on doing then I will preview though the episode I'm planning is basically I need to go home to get my folder so when I was doing my parents as parties I had a big folder I had copies of all the forms that I would send out the order I would do everything in all the notes I took for like in case I ever had to pay taxes if I started doing it as a full-time thing all my paperwork my deposit forms and I realized that that isn't something that I've covered in the videos I've done so far and I've tried to explain a bit about it but in the past but until I have it in front of me it's just really difficult to explain so at some point I will be going home getting the folder and helping you with all the boring paperwork side of it because if you're going to do it as a full-time thing in you're serious about doing it and trying to make it a proper business then that is stuff that you need to know anyway so the pot full but I'm actually doing that we're filming right now is going to be crazy princess party story it's a bit of a story time this is gonna prepare you for I guess the worst case scenario it's the only party I ever did that went badly I would say so let's jump into it so just to give a bit of background my parties I would offer two packages I offered one way I would turn up for an hour and enjoin in on whatever party the parents had already had planned and I did a second package which was more expensive it was two hours long I would turn up host the party organized the games the prizes the party bags and just won the whole party for two hours basically now regardless of which package people chose I used to send out a form in the post once a parent had booked with me with some party rules or guidelines one of them stated that the parent has to be in the room a parent or guardian has to be in the room at all times you know just in case the kids were misbehaving or I don't know just to cover myself on all bases really and to help the pie run smoothly so I get this booking and they wanted the more expensive package and I was over the moon because they meant quite a lot of money and it was on a Saturday and I had a Saturday job at the time so I booked it off work because my normal Saturday job I would have made maybe like 40 pounds and at this party I got paid a hundred pounds so I was really excited for it I'd bought all the prizes the pot bag I spent all morning wrapping and pass the parcel making all these games I turned up and I was really excited anyway turns out that the girl whose party it was her family knew my family in some way not super well but just the town we live in is quite small so I turn out and the girl whose party is does call-only Sophia saying I know you because so-and-so unnamed knows your mom and your dad and all this and I was like she's calling me Sophie what do I do this is terrible it's the second I walk in the door they're calling me by my real name the illusion is broken and it wasn't because my costume was bad and I didn't look like the character I was portraying it's literally because the girl's mom had said oh we've but sophie Mason for your birthday party now I never mentioned this in the rules but I thought it went without saying if you're booking a princess for your daughter's birthday party then you want them to believe that they are that princess and you would be like Oh Alice is coming not be like oh you know that girl Sophia she's doing your party in a costume so that made me really nervous because I wasn't expecting that oh so he stressed and I was trying to maintain character and be like no I'm not giving all this information character background about the character I was playing and the kids weren't having it she was telling all her friends everyone in the room was calling me Sophie anyway the parents leave the room there was a few parents of kids that were at the parties I comin back many kids it was I think it was like eight and a few of the parents had stayed and basically the mum of the birthday girl and the parents they'd stayed were all in the kitchen like door locks not anything to do with the party so that was a breach of my rules for one I was only maybe I think was like 18 when I was doing this I mean like you know I hadn't been doing it very long this was the first like premium deluxe package party that I had done and looking back if I did that now if aventure me now then I would go in and be like excuse me you need to stay in the room like I said in the paperwork but I didn't have the guts to do it because I was a teenager and I was nervous so I got on with this party with no parents in the room no guardian or anything I'm trying to get all these games together trying to get the kids involved in the games and they're not having it like they were just running them up doing what they wanted asking me questions about my personal life because they didn't believe that I was the princess finally get them to play more was it I think I had to print out of a snowman and it was gonna be pin the carrot on the snowman like pin the tail on the donkey oh I wonder which princess party this was that anyways so I have these games tied they played like one or two games I think maybe they did pass the parcel as well and then I'm trying to get them to do the final game and they're just running around they only not having it they're trying to pull the my dress had like a cape attached to the back of it like so and they were pulling it and pulling it and pulling it and I'll get them to stop while remaining in character then they're trying to pull my wig off literally tugging at the braid oh it was so bad the parent came in to check in at one point she could see how badly they were misbehaving and she was just like yeah alright yeah ok if I picked a head round and that was it I was counting down the minutes left of this party and I'm sure all the kids had fun which I guess is the main thing and I didn't snap and I didn't break character I refused but I would just say that if you're doing princess parties do send out some party guidelines and do make sure the parents stick to them and if they breach them maybe even say if you breach any of these conditions then your deposit won't be refunded or something because that's just really bad it could have been a lot worse but that really stressed me out but at the same time when I laughed I kind of thought that once I did that party I could handle anything because it was awful like I said at some point I will do what will now be part five I suppose it might be the final part unless I get a lot more and have more questions to do another Q&A but I think part five will be the last one for now hopefully gonna film that within the next month yeah I will definitely get that paperwork soon on my book what and come back to you with all the boring but important paperwork documentation side of things hope you enjoyed this video as always if you have any further questions leave them in the comment section parts 1 2 & 3 will be linked below subscribe hit the bell icon and I'll speak to you next time bye

  • Hello gorgeous! When will part 5 be uploaded? I'm really looking forward to it. These videos have been a great help! Xx

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