so most of you know that I run a part-time children's birthday party entertainment service where I portray princess fairy tale characters and a little kids birthday parties and stuff so that video I made on it before which I will link above that I often get a lot of comments on or a lot of DMS from people who have seen that video or just if people in general in real life in real life if people that I personally know find out about that they often have a lot of questions to ask me about it so I thought today I would do a video it's kind of enough thank you like frequently asked questions that I receive about doing that first thing that comes up from people that messed up a princess party service I guess it's often how I handle copyright issues the rules that I go by and by the way I just wanna say as a disclaimer I got most of this information or learned most of this information from little princess parties they are based in Iowa and America and and they have a website but I don't think it's called a lot princess parties but if you googled little princess parties then it comes up I think the website is like party with the princess calm or something I'll link it below anyway but I got I learnt most of my stuff from their website it's really helpful and they even have a whole section I think which is a help section on their website first of all again lot princess parties do this really well they have a disclaimer on their website now I think this is a really good idea if you're setting up a Facebook page an Instagram page a Twitter page a website of your own anything like that even maybe put this on your leaflets when you're making leaflets you do you don't need to put a disclaimer but I would say put a disclaimer so what they've done here is at the bottom of the page and they've got a disclaimer that says we are in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney World company all characters and names are in the public domain anyone who fails to understand this will not be allowed to book with us so a nice little simple thing keep it brief a disclaimer to basically say that you're not ripping off any Disney characters and this brings me on to my next point and when you are advertising there are certain names that you can and can't use so for instance snow white is completely fine because snow white is the name of the original novel like the book the Brothers Grimm book that's not owned by Disney they don't own the name Snow White same with Cinderella however if you are doing character inspired by Disney's Belle character then you would have to rename it to something like princess beauty because the original is just Beauty and the Beast so you would just have Belle is the Disney version so you would have to change the name of that same if you do it Elsa type character you have to you have to advertise it as The Snow Queen or Anna as the ice princess jasmine would have to be the Arabian princess Ariel would have to just be the Little Mermaid Rapunzel's fine because Rapunzel again it's the name of the original book they don't own the name Rapunzel yet some up the copyright issue it's really as long as you let people know and make it clear that you're not associated with Disney and you are not you know you're not branding it you can't call your business like Disney Princess Parties because you know obviously this is so you know just keep it vague just make sure that you're kind of keeping it Vegas like you know fairy tale parties princess parties question I get asked fairly often is about party content what do you do with the parties how do you fill up this time span so what I do is I usually offer well back in the day when I was like proper on this and I was like this is gonna be my full-time job before uni happened I would offer two packages I would offer a shorter package where I would go for half an hour or an hour join in on I think an hour it was absolutely half an hour was nothing so I would go for an hour and I would just join in like imagine the parents already planned the whole birthday pie and then they want me to appear there or princess to appear there then they would appear for an hour join in on let any games they have maybe present the birthday cake get pictures with kids that kind of thing and trust me that our flies by like for real and and then the second package that I used to offer would be two hours and it would be me like running the party I would bring the games I would bring the prizes I'd bring the party bags with one of my leaflets inside um and I would just get a parent to like organize the venue sort the cake in the food and like offers he invite the guests and I would like provide the rest and like fully run the party for two hours this usually included and like maybe reading the story it games I would do like past the pool so you would ask how many kids it was for you'd bring that many party bags that many layers have passed the parcel when I was doing my snow queen parties then I would you know I'd make it kind of more specific to kind of the I don't want to say the film because I'm not affiliated with the film but you know I'm Snow Queen themed so it would be like pin the Cara on the snowman in the nose on the Snowman you know instead of egg and spoon race like against no bull race like it sounds stupid but things like that that kind of keep the theme of the party going and other than that just normal kids party games you know musical bumps to Disney music coincidentally yeah just you know stuff like that like read a story to the kids party bags were easy prizes this is a top tip if you're from the UK you know that Poundland is your godson you're going to pound round and you can pick up you know like so much like princess themed merchandise let's say and just really cheap stuff but like you know sweets or lollipops or like you know there's a little I've got box under my bed full of this stuff but you know just bits and bobs kids easily pleased to put it that way do you sing at the parties I'm not saying I can't sing I have very little singing talent but however there have been occasions where I have done and let's think I've never done this at a party actually but a Christmas Grotto I would like lip-sync and dance with the kids and trust me they don't know but you know if you have a singing talent really really useful for this a lot of people do the singing like you know take a CD player along or just like sing along to it you know kids love that because they're like oh my God my favorite princess singing a song from the like the film that they're from you know if you're singing use it to your advantage same with dancing really useful finally we're going to talk about committing to the role people always ask me if I get embarrassed or if I like you know dude the accent do you do the voice like what if they asked you this kind of thing to be honest I mean I think most I don't know if I'm fair to say this but I feel like most people that do this as a job or have their business that does this have probably auditioned or thought about auditioning for Disney and to work in a Disney park as a face character and if that's the case if for you then you've probably looked into it in that way you've probably you know what to character meet-and-greets on YouTube you've probably likes you know done a bit of background research and you know I've really used those same techniques like on the morning or the night before the party or the morning of the party I would watch the film if the character had to be portraying but let's be honest I mean again if you're doing this little thing you probably know those films backwards the same as me but yeah just watch the film get into character and like the answers once you've done it once or twice the answers really do come naturally to you for instance I love to sell this story the one party I did these kids were like you know kind of whispering like how do we know if she was real or not like you know kind of looking at me skeptically because when you first go in a lot of the time it's like overwhelmed shocked kind of thing but once they get used to it that but yeah they were kinda looking at me skeptically like you know is she the real deal like I'm in the right oh I know I know oh so uh and they asked me they were like how did you get you and I was like told them you know I wasn't gonna say that I came in my mum's Ford Focus to the party as I said the Kristoff brought me went in the sled would spend the reindeer you know all the way from arendelle and the kids were like she is real and I was like oh my god it is literally that easy like if you you know if you know the film if you know the the background and you know the character it's it's not too hard I get asked this even though it's really boring um people often ask me about taxes and how I pay taxes this is the problem so for me it was like really not a big deal like it's a part-time thing I said this up I started doing this when I was like 15 16 I was like in school still it was like a party a month I ever a couple of months literally not a lot so I knew that I've never it wasn't a big thing I wasn't like an adult I wasn't like doing this is my fault own thing but still I kept a folder that was full of like you know I recorded like the money I spent just in case my mom told me to do this but it was like just recording your spendings like for the business and like you know keeping invoices and really boring paperwork stuff that I feel you know bad even boring you with but if you have any further questions then feel free to send me a message anyway thank you for watching this video I will link the original video below and above and all the rest of it thank you bye

  • Just started my own business in Idaho called fantastic fairytale entertainment these videos saved my life and answered many of my questions!

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