this video I'm gonna be talking a little bit about um doing princess slash any kind of character parties for children and because I started doing it in 2014 which is like three years ago I don't know how it's gone that quickly so I know that whenever I talk to people about it uni or whatever that kind of like I'm gonna that's so cool I wanna do it you know and a lot of people do do it now it's very big thing in England it's got quite big in the last few years so I just want to share some information on how I got started were there why do and kind of give some tips to anyone thinking about going down the same route so the first thing I did was looked into buying the costumes and obviously they're quite expensive if you've looked into it you'll know and especially if you want to get a realistic aa stream like a really good quality one like a lot I got mine from some of them were from ebay and some of them were from Etsy now on eBay Amazon you get the ones that people work to like fancy dress parties but they're not what companies will call Park style or Park quality so like um for anyone it's bit too a Disney park for example you'll know the costumes are phenomenal and absolutely gorgeous really well tailored and absolutely stunning and so you really want to get one that looks as good as possible but obviously what a lot of people do is buy a kind of cheaper one to start with and then you can upgrade did you make money from it I guess I started with my bowel costume because that's my favourite I already had like long light brown hair at the time so I knew I didn't need a wake for it I could just put my hair in style and so that would have saved me money on another character and also I have set for him just a day and I wanted to go spell so I could kill two birds with one stone by having the cost to the balcony was from at say it was from a shop called angels secret and that amazing they make really fantastic ones and my favorite princess party complete and no princess parties based in Iowa in America and they use a lot of angel secret costumes for there's these do the weights they do the costumes they also sell them just the fabrics so you can meet your own costumes with them so it's really really cool check them out so once I got my Belle costume my mom took some pictures of me just up in it in the living room against my plain wall kind of like this one and we got them printed we used what's called Vista Print and we've got some leaflets printed for me and this is the tip to spread the word it's quite difficult to get your name out there so there's a few things that I did firstly set up a Facebook page for it invite all your friends and family ask them to share it because obviously a lot more have children and friends who have children so get the word out there that way secondly it was about summer time I think which made it easier when I sell I think was the July of 2014 and I found out that there was a local like summer faith's going on and if you couldn't if there's anything like that if you live in a city I think it's easier because you can kind of go anywhere I also identify who did this but I was just gonna go into town one day and just stand behind our leaflets dressed up because obviously you've got kids running up and I got pictures with you and then you give them a leaflet and you talk to their parents and you're like hire me so that's really very way to do it but yes summer faiths obviously you know there's gonna be kids there so I went on some fake justice Bell and about a year later I went to one a Cinderella which was really fun I also want to see the live-action Cinderella dressed up as Cinderella and because I knew they'd be kids there and I took my leaflets along just anything you can do to get the word out there thirdly I would say schools if you can go to any schools in your area and give them to the reception desk either to put on the desk or if they have a notice board or something up the front that parents will say and my fourth thing this wife found most important I think once you got that first booking if you take some leaflets along and kind of give them to the mum of the others party is and ask her to put a leaflet in each of the party bags because what I found was after I did my first bail party all the little girls were going home my mom bail was at the party today I want to hurt my party and then like within a couple of days I had someone running me up like hey my daughter's at the party the other day and she really wants you to do hers and by the time we did her party I had my Elsa costume I would recommend if here when I do Disney Disney copyright if you want to do fairytale princess kind of parties I would say start with Elsa because obviously at the moment frozen camera years ago now but it's still such a big hype the way they promoted it and pushed it and brilli I don't think milked it because that makes it sound bad but the way they've really they've done so much but they were just from like the one film and kids love it so if you can get Elsa then people lap it up I was also gonna try an Anna costume so if there's someone I could get a friend or someone to come along and do Anna so we could do both of them but I'm going to uni and I never actually got to that point and the other costumes I got was snow why my snow white costume I bought it from a secondhand from a friend who wore it to our dress-up day school it was quite cheap one from the Amazon it it looks good but it didn't it wasn't quite the right colors so what I did was I got my man to throw some of the sleep snow bread but with yellow bits on them instead of blue so I got my mom to just let her just and put blue bits on and up and make it look better I would say it's quite a daunting thing when you first do it because you know there's a lot of kids at birthday parties quite often and you're kind of like the center of attention obviously so it is kind of daunting but my only piece of while my main piece of advice would be just be confident and just know the film maybe what's the film the night before you're doing the party or something because for example I've done like Christmas boxes also as well and like sometimes you'll get kids they're like how do we know she's the brew born ask her how she got here I asked her what she score on and they asked me and I'm just easy just like I came from arendelle span brought me on the reindeer you know Christoph's gonna get me a blazer and the kids away oh my god she's the real deal yeah they're like and they it doesn't even cross that mind there I've watched the film so I would just no one said again so it's not you can kind of just play off aspects of that character the character story in the film that they're from then just kind of like bring the magical life in that way then it's kind of easy once you've kind of got them believing it then it's fairly straightforward I would say and I don't know what else to say about this but the other characters I do am l Elsa Cinderella and Snow White I did want to get some more like said bibot to uni and kind of got distracted but I will hopefully be picking up a bit more so in the future at some point if you have any questions about any of this sort of thing then just leave for man and also check out my facebook page fairytale princess parties I will post a link below thank you

  • I thinking of doing something similar as a birthday party performer but I'm scared of copyright issues. Any advice?

  • Hey! I am thinking of setting up my company, I have worked as a performer for 2 years and want to run my own, just wondering how you made the steps to get your first bookings etc? I am currently buying costumes and finding it hard to find good ones that aren't hundreds of pounds

  • Do you have any sort of disclaimer you give the parents to sign, so in the case of something happening to the child/property etc you are completely covered and they take full responsibility? This is a great video, thank you x

  • Hi, I’m wanting to start this as a business this Christmas and I was just wondering how you deal with copyright? Is it just a matter of not saying Disney? Or do I need to buy something/do something?

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