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LIE (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nithin, Arjun Sarja, Megha Akash | Riwaz Duggal

Smoking cigarette can result in
cancer. It is life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. RK DUGGGAL STUDIOS PRESENTS LIE NITHIN Hello! -The criminal we are
searching for since many.. ..years called the master
of disguise.. Probably he is at Hotel A lounge..
-What? What are you saying? How does he look? Sorry sir. I couldn’t find out though
being undercover since 2 years. Sir!
Maybe he is wearing a black suit. There will be many wearing
black suit at the lounge. How will I recognize him?
-He has a pocket watch, sir. It’s weird. Sir, he uses his left hand. One thing is for sure. This is the last chance
to catch him. He is leaving India forever. What? Please be careful. One person from
the department is with him. Tell me the name. -HIs name is.. Vikram! Hello! Hello! Hello!
Sir, there is a call for you. The party is very good.
-This party is so boring. Come, let’s go downstairs.
-Alright. Close all the entry and exit doors. Sorry for disturbing the party. I am Bharadwaj,
assistant commissioner of police. You need not fear anything.
It will take only five minutes. So guys, just give me five minutes. And after that you can
continue your party. Hey! Leave her. Leave the girl! You can’t escape. You can’t escape! Catch him! Sorry! You can go! You can never catch me. Happy Diwali! Who is it today? Mohini! How did you do it? That’s a long interesting story. I will tell you the story. Come, let’s go downstairs.
-Alright. What do you want, sir? I want your dress. Listen!
Did you see the children around? They must be somewhere here.
Go and search there. Hi Darling! Why are you so tensed? You are thinking.. ..whether your son is alive or not,
right? What rubbish are you talking?
Who are you? His life is in my hands. Come. Hey! What do you want? What do you want? I want my son back.
-Then you must die. First kill yourself. Hey! If I die then your
son will also die. Don’t kill me but yourself. No! Listen!
Listen! Listen! Today’s headlines. It’s very simple. People say that marriages
are made in heaven. In the days of Whatsapp,
Facebook and Twitter.. ..are marriages made in heaven? This question still lingers
in the mind of people. When Narad asked this question
to Lord Indra. At that time Indra’s ego got hurt. Ego and Lord Indra. Yes!
There is ego amongst God’s too. And this question of Narad. Became a challenge for Lord Indra. Are marriages really
made in heaven? To prove this.. ..Lord Indra came on Earth
along with Narad. Lord Indra was searching
for a boy and a girl. As the saying goes ‘Ladies first’. He started searching for the girl. Lord! If we speak about this girl. Her mother is Laxmi.. ..father is Narayan Murthi and he
works in the television industry. Hello! Now the weather forecast. There won’t be rains for
another one week. The forecast says it’s
going to be very hot. And also.. Murthi who thinks he is
an expert on weather. He hasn’t given the right
forecast on weather yet. Today is his daughter’s
naming ceremony. Chaitra! Chaitra! Get the pitcher quickly. Today is ritual of feeding
first morself to Chaitra. Her father wishes his daughter
to hold the book. Mother thinks she can hold
anything but not money. Let’s see what Chaitra does. Well done! Chaitra is her grandma’s replica
who never did any work. Uncle! -Her uncle came on
Dassera with his family. He was returning home after Diwali. Tell me what is written
in the book. Forget the book.
Give me a gift before leaving. Poor Chaitra. It’s the first
day of school after Diwali. In some time,
lesson from Page 22 will be taught. Children, open page number 22! Yes ma’am. A writer takes efforts
to write a chapter. Children find it much more difficult
to study it. -What happened? But Chaitra’s problem is different. I didn’t do anything.
I asked to open page 22. She started getting hiccups
on opening the books. Please come along. Expert doctor’s couldn’t find
a treatment for Chaitra. But her mother had a
treatment for that. Chaitra,
uncle’s note was lying at home. The newspaper that Chaitra
is holding. Let’s see how that
changes her life. The person who wins 100 millions. I want to become a millionaire. Oh my God!
It is difficult to leave the house. Nothing will happen until the
goons are not tackled. Oh God! Hit bad boy. Chaitra, what are you writing?
Show it to us. What is the secret! -Chaitra!
Chaitra! I won’t tell you. What are you doing? Wait. I won’t show you. Yes! -The third wish that Chaitra
wrote on this paper.. one beside her knows about it. Kirti! Which location is this! It’s amazing! This is Suvena! It’s in America. When did you go to America? Did your dad give you
the permission? There is only one benefit
in marriage. You can roam the whole world
for your honeymoon. Suvena! Dad, get me married. I can marry in a week’s time. Okay. Did you like me? Do you have problem with my weight? The family thinks that Chaitra
likes this guy. This boy is just a visa.. fulfil her wish
to visit America. You know that. But not the boy. So let’s do the engagement
and then marry. Marriages are made in heaven. Maybe the family is not aware
of it. They are celebrating. But which groom is chosen
for Chaitra by God.. ..we will know about
that very soon. Come on, stand in a queue. Form a queue. -What is your name? Ramkrishna! -Full name? Tiwari. Hey, stand in the queue. Name? Smoker. You called me that. Lord! Go in! His name is Satya! Satya means truth. He loves his name. Even if you make him vow
on ‘Bhagwat Geet’. He will still lie. If we talk anything more about it.
It will confuse you. We have no time. Let’s move on. I am ashamed to call him son. He is a grown up man. I am still looking after his needs
with his father’s pension. Get him married. He will change. Yes. He has gone to see a girl. Why do you have a beard?
Did you keep a vow? No. No. Why will I vow? I like it. I look smart. Right. What do you do for a living? Oh my God!
Why did she ask this question? You didn’t understand it. Okay. What do you do to pay
for your expenses? Do you do any work? Precisely!
How much do you earn in a month? Actually! We get Rs.16,000 pension of my dad. After he passed away
we go Rs.4 billions. The interest is about Rs.12,000. If you add 16 plus 12 equals to.. ..28,000. Right. Ma’am, your bill. He works hard the whole day.
He will pay it. I am annoyed with this.
Who will marry this boy? He gets up late.
I don’t know where he goes. He returns home in the
middle of the night. Sometimes he is not
home for a month. That is why I’ve locked
him in the room. Let him step out of the house. I have taught him a good lesson. Hey! What are you doing? Hey! Where are you running? Again, I lost all my money today. It happens sometimes. I and Satya studied together. Studying with him is like
having an atom bomb. Such a bomb which will
blast your future. He blew my future too. If you don’t believe then
see for yourself. I know more than him. Benila.
-Yes. -Give me the answer sheet. Here. Benila, give me the next one. Benila! Give me half the sheet. Give it here. Five more minutes. Satya, give me the paper.
-Satya, quickly give me the paper. Did you see this? To avoid such cheats I need
to study some more years. I mean, I will do it now. In the name of the father. And of the son.
-He is calling me up. He must have called me on reading
my post of wedding on Facebook. Are you marrying without
informing me? I didn’t know about it.
I was told later. I met her one hour ago.
Just an hour ago? What is the name of the girl? Baby, what’s your name? Chow! -I am Vanilla. You are
marrying without knowing her name. It is very common in Las Vegas. Baby, where are you going?
-Such marriages do take place here. And this girl is very rich. The girls here are crazy
about Indians. I am giving you an advice.
Come here. I invited him. But right now I don’t
know where I am. But I am in good mood
at the place I am in. I will go to Vegas. Get down! The boss will scold me. This horse is booked for tomorrow. Vegas is in America. Find a cheap travel agent. America! I will go to Vegas on this horse. What will you do in Vegas? I will get married. You keep saying I am not marrying. I will marry there. Go away! Mother, listen to me. Take vegetables.
Take green vegetables. -Laxmi. This is my son, Satyam. He is ready to go to America
just to get married. I feel there are few
girls in this city. If my son says he wants to marry. Any girl will be ready
to marry him. What do you say? Never. Am I mad? Take vegetables.
Five bunches for Rs.10. I will hit you. Mother! Listen to me. You are a fool. Will you marry in America? You spend money here. Will you spend your father’s
pension even there? I won’t spend it.
I will invest in it. If I find a good girl.
I will earn in dollars. Give me just Rs.2 billion. You can stay with us there
if my work is done. Oh my God! They are fake jewellery. I didn’t know that you are
such a unworthy son. That you will take your
mother’s jewellery too. If it was real,
you would have sold it, right? I will not pay a penny from now on. Go! Go and die! It will cost Rs.6,40,000. Neither yours nor mine.
Say Rs.3,00,000. Go away! Ranju! -Take Rs.4,00,000. Please! Go! Go! O Lord! Mr. Sharma, agree for Rs.4,10,000. Alright. Rs.4,20,000. Please! I will kill you. Stop troubling me. Please! But Rs.1500 is less.
-Running after you cost Rs.1500. Lord, I feel this wedding
will take place. I don’t think so, Narad. The wedding is in the morning. How will you stop it? The farmers are looking at the
sky for rains since 3 months. And when will the Gods appease. When their wait for rain will end. The wedding will take place
in the temple porch, right? What problems will the rain create? When it rains you can
see lightening. When there’s lightening it
falls at different places. Maybe it will fall here. Murthy! Murthy! We found
a bad point of this boy. He has an affair going on. And he has called off this wedding. He ran away with that girl. Lord! Chaitra! -I am okay. Mr. Sharma,
my wedding got cancelled. How did it get cancelled? Shall I see another boy? I didn’t call you for that. I can’t go for a honeymoon now. So, return me Rs.4,18,5000.. ..which I gave you. I don’t mind if you pay interest. Do you know how much loss I
incurred with your scheme? The trip can’t be cancelled. If you want to go, you may go.
Or go to hell. You will not get a penny back. You cancelled this wedding. How will you get Chaitra
and Satyam together? I had set this programme
in Mumbai last night. Sorry guys. The reason for keeping
the meeting at night.. Master of disguise. It’s 20 years.
He is right in front of us. I can’t forget him. I couldn’t sleep for
the last 20 years. Forget him.
Or you will lose another 20 years. Mr. Singh! You are right. I was watching a movie
on tv that night. It was quite late. I got a call from our agent Vikram. He was in front of me that night. But no use. He ran away from there. At least 10 blast are one
by him since 1985. I want another chance to catch him. We got the clue after a long
time from our intelligence. It’s after 20 years. Think. -Like what? I will explain. Normal people are crazy for girls,
money and power. But he is a crazy man. His obsession is a suit. Suit? -Yes! Suit! It sounds weird but you
have to believe me. Just like Sachin likes cricket. This villain of us like his
suit more than that. The fabric of that suit.. imported from Denmark. Which place in India? Hyderabad. At the Old city. Noor Fateh. He is an ordinary tailor. Established in 1923. The first tailor of Nizam
and his family. He is their tailor till now. The fabric has reached Hyderabad
from Denmark two days ago. It will take one week
to stitch the suit. So we don’t have much time. If we follow the coat.. ..then definitely we can catch him. We got this clue after
a lot of research. And I trust it completely. Sir,
we must take the tailor in custody. No. No. If our villain gets an idea
then the mission may fail. It’s not one or two years.
Twenty years is a long time. I will not leave this
opportunity go by. I don’t want to do any mistake now. This is not a normal suit. We need to find out about
the suit first. Then follow it. For that, we have to run a mission. What mission? Sholay! Let’s start the show. Play. Brother, play. Try your luck. Bother, do you know where
the tailor shop is? Take a right from ahead.
-Thanks for the information. He is a good man.
Sir, we are at position number one. Follow him. Sir, we have reached position two. Keep following. Brother, play. Try your luck. Quickly! Quickly! Your luck will change. Your luck will change. Oh my God! It’s stinking. Sir, position number three. Just wait. Sir, he has a briefcase in hand. Hello sir, I am.. What happened? This is my identity card.
-About 12 Lbs. -Yes. What next sir? -Pick up the bag.
Are you sure, sir? Immediately. Pick up the bag. Come on, play. Quickly. Quickly. Play. Play. Quickly play. Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. -I lost everything. Do it fast. -Just a minute. I have no time. One after another. Come on. Which one? Four. Four. No. No. It’s done. Boss! -Yes. -Looks like your
money has fallen down. Oh! I am from the Old city. If I bend to pick up the money.. ..and you will run away
with this bag. I know everything. Don’t take
me for a fool. -It’s done. You are here again. Again? Yes. You. He wants to take the bag by
dropping the money down. I want the money without
losing my bag. What happened?
You didn’t understand me. I will tell you. Hold the bag. Hey! Hey! -Thief! Thief! He was a good man. Not anymore. Catch him! Hey! -Wait! Come on.
Come on. -Wait! -Run! -Hey! Hey! Here. I need back up at the corner. Sir, the suitcase got robbed. Superb! Superb! But sir, we didn’t rob
the suitcase. -Superb! Idiots! If we don’t get this suit then
we can’t catch him ever. Catch him or kill him.
-I want that bag at any cost. Sir, we got it. We found the thief. But surprisingly he’s smiling. So many people are running
after this suitcase. It must be having a million in it. I can not only go to Vegas
but the whole world. Catch him. Come on. Come on. Get lost! Hey! You didn’t hit me. Brother, are you a thief?
Are you a thief? Go away! Tell me the truth.
Are you a thief? I told you to go away.
-I know you are the thief. I will slap you.
-Brother. -Brother, tell me. Oh my God! He is very dangerous. So many policemen. They never
came for me in such numbers. Leave from here.
That will be in my favour. What is there in the suitcase? Tell me what is there
in the suitcase. Sir, I don’t know about it. Open fast. -Okay sir. It’s a coat. I am already late. I have to go. I will lose my job. Show me the receipt. Okay sir. Here it is. Check it. Las Vegas. Go! There are good
people in the police force too. This is something new. And you are a bad man. Sir! What to do with him? Let him go! Go away! Hey! -Yes sir. Don’t tell anyone what
you just witnessed. You need to pay for it. Stop! Did you see the clue? Perfect. Who is leading the mission? Adi! Hey, don’t you have manners? What? Don’t you know you should
knock and then enter. Will you fire me from
my job if I say no? Bhardwaj, I am leaving.
You guys handle it. Alright. We can handle this. Adi! Your next trip is to Vegas. Give me a minute. -Yes sir. Hello! Chaitra, you cannot cancel the
ticket once it’s booked. Either forget the money. Or go for a honeymoon. With whom shall I go for
a honeymoon, Mr. Sharma? Tell me, with whom? Can’t you understand?
My wedding got cancelled. Shall I get a new husband
for the honeymoon? I will find. I will surely find. My future wife is in Vegas. I have the money that I needed. It’s a call from Travel Sharma.
Hello! There is a visa interview
for your friend. Tomorrow is your visa interview. Hello! -Chaitra, if you say yes. I will return your money and
also you can visit America. Wow! Tell me. Tell me. Silence! Sorry! -I have searched a good
partner for you to go to Vegas. But you need to show honeymoon.
Mr. Sharma. No. No. Just for the sake of visa. That will let you have your
50% amount deducted. I can’t do more than that. Think over it and let me know. I feel he is more of a broker
than a travel agent. I am waiting for your reply. If I get customer like you then
I will have to become a broker. What did you think about it?
Yes or no! Hey Chaitra! Seeing Chaitra situation I
am getting angry on God. What can we do? Beside watching. After all we are humans. -Chaitra. Wait! -Let’s see what Chaitra does? Come on, I am calling out to you. Can’t you hear? What have you thought?
Should I confirm it? Vegas! -What!? Yes mother.
I have just reached at the airport. Mother! Don’t worry. Hold a minute! I think he is mad. Are you alright? You are holding my hand
since some time now. I fear I will die. He was behaving strangely.
-He was also flirting with me. Chaitra, I don’t know maybe
he is your partner. Don’t talk nonsense.
Please! Please! Oh my God! Dirty mouth. You could have said.. ..that I win a lottery in Vegas. What? Oh! It’s him. Take care. Don’t give him any information. Or you will be in trouble. Don’t you know what happened
in Delhi the other day. I don’t have any news
about Hyderabad. How will I know about Delhi?
-Tell me what happened? Forget it.
The moral of the story is this.. Lie about yourself. Just lie to him. Okay. What? Do you know something? Actually.. I am not interested in
knowing anything. We both are strangers
for each other. This journey is a lie. I mean, we are not married.
But we are travelling together. So let’s lie to each other. That will be good for you.
Did you get it? Okay. I will start the game. I am Umrao Jaan. Okay. So then I am ‘Sholay’. Excuse me.
What do you want? -Excuse me. Two large Vodka. It’s free, right? Actually I am going to
Vegas to get married. I will find a girl there.
What about you? What’s that to you? Do your job. Will you drink? I don’t drink. Okay. I like girls who don’t drink. Oh! Hey! Why are you laughing? You don’t like girls who drink,
right? I lied. -What? You said we have to lie.
We will play a game. Etcetera. Did you forget it? Oh God! How do you know about Sholay? How do you know about him? Come on sir.
Don’t you know about Sholay? I have seen it many times.
It’s my favourite picture. Hey Sambha,
how many men were there? Sorry! America! 326 million population. Among them 3.3 are Indians. 50 States. Where will this guy be found? What is he doing? We are taking the interview
of famous Indian.. ..rope classic trick magician
Padmanabhan. He is also one of the best mimicry
artists in the world. The biggest magician and
mimicry king of India. But unfortunately he will retire
very soon. Hello sir! Thank you for giving us
time for the interview. I heard you are retiring very soon. The great Indian classic rope
trick act will end soon. Or are you telling that secret
to the future generation. No! I am very possessive. I am possessive about everything
that is mine. My next show Indian
classic rope trick. Last show. Why sir? -Because I am a bad man. Are you kidding, sir? I am serious. I am not joking. The doctor will get the
suit and the pant. Good! Have a nice day! Attention! Passengers travelling
to BNG airlines flight 041. Love you, baby! Love you, baby! Oh my God! She is already married. No. She has married many times. Hi!
Hey! Everyone thinks similarly.
Poor ones! Poor ones! Why are you being
so merciful to them? Where did they go? After they sober.. ..they are asked to pay 3
billion to get divorced. Why are you joking so
early in the morning? To save oneself from her.. Either you should have 3 millions
in your account. Or you should be already married. If I had that money I wouldn’t
have left India. Then you should be already married.
What would happen then? You would say in the court
that things happened.. ..under the influence of alcohol. You would pay 5 billion as fine. And the court would release you. Hello! -I am in Vegas.
Where are you? He came after I invited him. Listen to me. -Definitely something
will happen if he comes. Where are you going?
-I am not listening to you. Why aren’t you listening to me? I don’t understand who
is married to whom. Hello guys. I am married. I am already married. If her brother finds out
then just like me.. ..he will keep you as a servant. It means the mask guy was you. Absolutely. Prove it! Will you do anything you like
just because you have a gun? I will prove it. Hi! -White tunnel. Sure. Where are you from? India! I love India. I love America. Nice! -I am Satya.
What about you? Amber! Oh God! Bumper. Amber! Hi beautiful! Hi! Yeah! Honeymoon! Oh no! Umrao Jaan, even if you marry.. would have here
with your husband. How long would he live
getting bored of you? Did you think about it?
-How do you know about it? You told me after you
drank on the flight. What happened? You should have
come with your husband. But you came here with a stranger. You are thinking of that, right? I don’t think you have
your own opinion. Opinion? What do you mean? I mean..
do you know about yourself? You are just average. What do you mean by that? Whether you like me or not.
I don’t care. You can think whatever you want. You said you want to lie.
That game. Umrao. Sholay. Did you forget it? What you are speaking is a lie,
right? I am not crying because
of the wedding. My luggage has got exchanged. I haven’t worn such small
dress in my entire life. I need money to buy new clothes. What I now say is true. You are correct.
You will look ugly in this dress. And I am lying. Hey! Don’t leave me alone. This is a new place. I feel scared if I am alone. Okay. Hi Adi! How is Vegas? What to say? It’s shinning. Did you get any information
about your father-in-law? I am on that job. Just wait. On the camera. Now you can see me.
-Yes. I can see you. I am actually. Suit. You have come for the suit. But you haven’t completed the job. The work is going on. Give me your contact number. When did you learn this language? He has also come for the suit. Even you are here for the suit. But you don’t know each
other or what? Go away from here. Adi!
They have come for the suit too. They must have doubted you. Adi! If you miss them then
our mission is useless. Catch them or kill them. Go! Go! Get them. Don’t lose them. What the hell! Adi, don’t leave them. Catch him. Adi! Ad.. I can’t..
Adi, can you hear me? Hello! The job is done sir. The mission is safe. The guys who went to get the suit.. ..their dead bodies were
found on the road. Who did it? I don’t know that.
Good morning sir. But he was an Indian citizen. Indian? -I think he is from central
intelligence of India. Central intelligence of India?
-Yes. It’s been years that I haven’t
gone back to India. Do you remember any officer
who worke for us? Srihari.
But I don’t know where he is. Will he work for us again? Vishwanath, it is said 99% problems
in life is solved by money. If you try harder then
it solves 100%. That is the power of money. Get in touch with Srihari. Sir, why are you bothering
so much for the suit? Let it be! I feel that will be better. Vishwanath! I had gone to Vegas last year. I met a man there. I don’t remember the name. But.. A very interesting guy. He came to Vegas from India
to play in a casino. Unfortunately he lost his
money at the casino. He didn’t have money
to return to India. He begged from people.. ..for a month. But no use. Do you know what he did? Instead of begging he
committed a murder. And do you know what happened? That day he was born again. That day he found out to
get your work done.. must not beg but steal. You are with me since 20 years. But you don’t know what
is important to live? A small advice. Reduce your weight. Call up Ajay. Arrange a meeting quickly. What do you want? I am that God who will
change your destiny. 15 million dollars. I mean.. About Rs.100 million. Have you seen it? Would you like to see it? What do I have to do?
-Nothing new at all. You have to kill a man. You will be called up
to give the details. RAP LINES.. That’s cool! Please! Please! Good luck! -No.
No. You always cheated on me. This is not the first time. -You
are doing this again and again. I am seriously telling you if you
are going to do this again. I will call the cops. I don’t want to listen
anything from you. Don’t call me again, okay. Why are you staring like that? My name? I am Satya. And you? Amanda! Amanda weds Satyam. Oh my god! Oh my god! Darling Amu! I don’t see any Indian girl here. How do I explain it to him? I feel like hitting his head. Indian girl? My wife. My wife.
-Darling Amu, where are you? Oh my god! He is here! Hey! Satya! How are you? You didn’t call me after reaching
Vegas. Where are you staying? When I called up the other day
did you forget to ask me this. I was drunk. Have you come to marry
a local girl here? Switch on your phone. Right now
I am searching for a girl. Where did she go? Where is she? The reality.. We are friends.
This is how friends are in India. We are very modern. He took the girl here and in
college he took my answer sheet. What does he want? He will be beaten up. Why didn’t you pick up the phone? I picked it up. Tell me what to do now? Did something happen between
us last night? He did what he had
to do last night. He is asking me to
pick up the phone. Did something happen between
us last night? At night?
I didn’t do anything last night. He did nothing.
It means he did everything. I was drunk. How can you take advantage? You left nothing to do
in front of that guy. Now you say you haven’t
done anything. Hello! Did you use protection? I wanted to.
But you said it’s not needed. So I didn’t. Oh God! I am trapped. Chaitra, leave at once. I feel he is back. Hello ma’am.
I am the casino’s manager. Can I borrow your time, please! Congratulation Mrs. Sholay!
She won in the jackpot. I would like to present to you this
cheque of 40 million dollars. Jackpot? Me? Hey! Yes! Yes! Whoa! Mr. And Mrs. Sholay. Oh no!
I have to marry him for this money. I have sent you the mail.
-Just check and confirm. They have launched a mission
to catch you. And the one who is leading.. Adi. I told you money can
solve any problem. Why do you look sad? Do you know who is leading
the mission? If we kill him our problem
will be solved. Vishwanath, I feel you are
not completely convinced. I may be caught because
of the suit. But I still want it.
You are thinking of that, right? Just calm down! Don’t ask for details. Trust me. That’s worth waiting. I want this guy to be.. ..” When you came into.. ” “I can’t believe you are so low.” “You know you look beautiful!” You have to kill him. Five guns. Hi! How are you? What a tarot reader? He doesn’t even look at me. Freeze man. -Don’t kill me. You have killed my brother.
Who ordered you to kill me? He has given me 5 guns to kill you.
I don’t know him. Who ordered you to kill me? Sir, they know about our mission. They got a leak. Sir, they send a man to kill me. Adi, don’t panic.
Don’t panic. Relax! I don’t want to die.
They will kill me. I will do something.
Don’t fear. I will do something. Guys! Guys, we have a big problem.
-Sir. We have a big problem. The mission is compromised. They know about our mission. How did they find out? We have no option but to
terminate the mission. Why? What’s the need for it? Actually,
Adi is the showman of the mission. It will be Adi who will die.
Who cares! The real showman’s secret will
be hidden with Adi’s death. That is good for us. Right?
You vowed while you joined office. We will lay down our lives
for the country. Can’t he die for his country? Can’t he die for his country? Sorry Adi.
I had to lie in front of everyone. I can’t lose you at any cost. I really care for you. Take care. Hari had called up. The real showman is someone
else not Adi. It is dangerous to collect
the suit directly. It has to be stolen. Ajay will be helpful. Okay. The suit must reach
Jordan by tomorrow. This is the address. It’s time to kill the showman. But why should I die? I don’t want to die. Hello! Hello! -Hello! Hello! Hello
Adi! Who is this? Look to your left. Do you know why the
bullet got missed? As I want to give you a
last chance to live. We know about the mission. Who is the showman? Showman? Tell me quickly. We have no time. I will catch an Indian
from these people. I am thinking of marrying her.
What do you say? -Show it to me. Wow! You are cool! Whom should I catch hold of? Whom are you talking to? Listen. Showman! This is showman.
Sholay. Sir, what is Sholay? Showman. What are you saying? We met on the
flight the other day, right? Vishwanath,
this man must die today. The suit should also reach Jordon. “If you want to love you me so.” “Very fine.” Hello! -Suit and pant are with me. Time to kill the showman. Sir! Please sir! Sir. You are mistaken. Showman! Sir. Sir, don’t beat me. Sir. Ajay wants you to be alive. Ten more minutes. Hold your breath brother. A secret mission should
be a secret. Everyone must not know about it. Showman! Don’t worry.
No one will know that you died. Rest in peace! Sir! Please sir. Listen to me. I don’t know anything. The mission was secret until
I didn’t leak it out. Otherwise how could I find
you in such a huge city. This is not your game but mine. I got you in this game. I will decide about your future. Someone has robbed the suit. And killed the doctor. I am talking to him. T. T. Y. L. Why are you hitting me? Beat him. Hold him tight. Tell me. Who is the person who
wants the suit? Where will I find him? I don’t know. I don’t know. Pick up the call.
Pick it up! Pick up the call. The person who is calling
will know about it. Ajay,
did you deliver the suit to Jordan? I will deliver it. Let me deliver Ajay
to the right place. Who is speaking? Hello! Hello! I did it. -Who are you? Satya! Alias Showman. Hey! Speak up! Noor Fateh Tailor shop. Noor Fateh Tailor shop.
Third street. Bangle market. Well done Satya. Very good. Satya! Emergency. Satya, central intelligence. Adi, civil intelligence. They got a lead.
-Listen I will do something. Satya, they know about the plan. Now we need to activate plan two.
Start the show. Adi is not the real showman. Actually I thought you
would come personally. But you got saved. The suit that you want is
with me at the moment. I was searching for you until now. But hereafter you will
search for me. Every war is not won on the
strength of the soldiers. The victory the ‘Pandavas’ got.. was impossible without
Lord Krishna’s help. No war can be won without lying. Sanskrit Words! Show time! Hello Satya! You sent me to Jordan. And you are partying at Vegas. There is no party for me. I don’t have money to spend.
Send me some money. I want to flirt with a girl
and get married to her. Sir, you don’t understand.
Mother is harassing me. Come on, Satya.
I can’t do anything about marriage. Marriages are made in heaven. We can’t do anything about it. Lord Indra will arrange
your marriage. Just think about your
father-in-law. The villain. And one more thing. -Prepare
to leave Vegas immediately. FBI has found out that an Indian
committed the murders yesterday. I mean..
take care of yourself. Okay! You got it. Bye-bye. I don’t have a penny.
And he is asking me to leave Vegas. I need to pickpocket someone. You? What are you doing here? Listen. The FBI knows that an Indian
committed the murders. Did you tell them?
-I didn’t tell anyone anything. I didn’t tell anything. They are watching you. Be careful. Be careful? What did I do to be careful? I don’t know anything. Where did he disappear? I am a professional.
I don’t leave any finger-prints. Check it out. He doesn’t leave finger-prints? Purse. I don’t have a purse. Did you pickpocket me? Did you hear five murders
took place in Vegas? An Indian has done it.
Do you know about it? I don’t know anything.
We were not present there. How will we know? Tell her that. I know. I committed the murders. No. -Even he knows about it. He says don’t tell it to anyone
and he speaks about it. Stupid fellow! Okay. You have done it. How did you do it? Tell me. Please tell me. Come on. I found out girls like lies
for the first time. Girls like lies. Didn’t you know about it. Poor one. You are so innocent. I am going to Suvena the
day after tomorrow. And you are coming with me. I am not coming. I love you. I mean, I hate you! You know what I mean. I really hate you. Hello Satya. -Yes sir. I hate you. Oh my god! They are hitting each other
so much already. How will they marry? Narad, they will not marry
once but thrice. Watch the fun! Hey man, what are you doing? A big blast took place in Jordan. Six local officers who were
present at the location.. ..and the central intelligence
officer.. ..Mr. Bharadwaj is
seriously injured. The injured are taken to the
nearest hospital for treatment. Satya, the suit that you have. The delivery address.. ..was blasted by him.
-Please keep quiet sir. Ma’am, this is urgent. This is not about a suit.
There’s something more. What is wrong with you? There is nothing in this suit. It is there.
You are over-thinking.. We got the address of Jordan. That is why he played
a game with us. And left no trace of the
place by blasting it. I wish it was true.
-What does wish mean here? I mean, what doubt do you have? I don’t know how he looks. I don’t know where he lives. I have only clue to catch him. He knows we came near him
following the suit. He will surely try to
snatch the suit. He knows we will catch him then. What is there in this suit? That he is so crazy about it. I don’t understand. It’s possible he doesn’t
want this suit. I mean.. -I don’t know anything. We will never be able to catch him. He hired goons to get us killed. He is attacking us as
we want to catch him. True Villain. He is magnificent. Welcome Mr. Padmanabhan. I didn’t call you to
watch the magic. We paid you Rs.200 millions..
for a job. Tell me what did you
do about that job? And how did the central
intelligence find out about it. No one knew about this.. ..beside us. Within 2 weeks that suit
must be with me. What next? -I will try again. It will hit the target. I am talking about
my father-in-law. If he wants the suit then
he has to contact you. Hello! Adi! You won’t be able to refuse
it. The offer is very huge. Let’s meet. Hey! Are you God or the Almighty. I got the call. The meeting is at San
Francisco tomorrow. Location try. -Number 2782. Be careful! He called me and he got down? Thank you for coming here. I am sorry about the way you
got treated by our men. Satya is very dangerous. You should have killed him first. Come fast! Even he got down. Do they doubt me? We can bring Satya on our side. Adi, be careful.
Don’t take my name. Ignore it. I can handle it. He is my best friend. You know. I can handle it. Where is the suit? It’s with Satya. I mean, Satya has it. -Where? Where is Satya? Satya.. Satya.. Hotel Triumph.
Room number 2782. Adi, you speak too much. Why did you tell them that
I am in the same city? He thought I returned
with the suit. Now he will remove his gun out.
Try to run away from there. What is he doing here? What else does he know
about the suit? I am caught.
-You are double crossing us. Mr. Mali! Hello! Keep it down! Listen. 15 million dollars
almost 100 crores. Did you ever see it? You haven’t. Would you like to see it? Hotel Triumph. Adi, you could have
taken the name of some small hotel. I don’t have money for this hotel.
People come here for good fish. My name is Vanilla. -If you need
anything. Please call me. Yes! Okay sure. Thank you very much. Wow! Great timing. My wrong time has begun. Hello Vanilla! What are you doing here?
-I must ask you this question. If you ask me this question
then what will I ask you. Please go away from here.
-I beg of you. I have to commit one more murder.
I have come for that. What? What are you saying?
Are you a murderer? Ask me once again. Is this your job or profession?
Both. I have some work with you. Come
with me. -But I am working here. I spend all the money I had
on booking this room. Satya! Is this a room or a palace? I told them that I am living here. Whom did you tell?
Whom did you give the address to? The people who want to kill me.
I told those people. You mean the people who
want to kill you.. gave them your address and
you are waiting for them here. I was a gentleman earlier. Now I don’t have money to
even buy a pair of socks. Your friendship is dangerous. -Bye. What happened? I am going. I don’t want to die. Vanilla, stay with me. We both will eat together. We will murder together. -What? The room is so huge.
I will get bored alone. They will be here anytime now.
-Wait for them. Welcome sir! Where were you? I was shocked. Who was the passenger? Who was his man? And who was the manager? I don’t know if he was
present there or not. He managed very well. How much did he offer? 15 million dollar. 15 million means the
room will be bigger. Your bedroom.
My hall. Everything will be huge. What do you say? Yes Satya! -Sir, he offered 15
million for that ordinary suit. Something is wrong. A mere suit is worth
15 million dollars. 15 million dollar? Is the suit safe? Is the suit safe? Suit is safe! He left me. He didn’t even call me up. What is the matter? You sound sad. Are you missing him? Do you like him? Don’t ask me such questions. I don’t want to lie to you. Tarot card says he is Arjun
in the form of a woman. What he says and does is not true. But what he does.. Whatever he does, I like it. Disconnect the call. Tarot reader. I don’t know. The one who is calling up
he must be knowing it. 415. Triple.. Suit. Suit. Suit. Oh no! Triple 5. Why is she calling me
so late at night? Excuse me. You have to switch
off your phone, please. I am going to Suvena tomorrow. And you are coming with me. I am not coming. He said he will not come. It means he must come, right? Why hasn’t he come? Tell me. Hey! Leave me. I am doing exactly the same thing.
-Then don’t leave me. I am still doing the same thing. I hate you! I really hate you. I hate you too. Sir! Nothing found. Wow! You know I didn’t see such
a huge room in my life. Hello mom! -Stupid girl,
you didn’t call me for a week. There is no news about you.
-Do you know how worried we get? Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. Your uncle has seen an
alliance for you. Doesn’t uncle has any other work? Tell him, I don’t want to marry. Oh my God! Are you planning
to get a foreigner here? And tell us that he
is our son-in-law. He doesn’t know English. Wow! You cleverly told us that you
searched your husband. Hello! -Listen. Yes mom! If you marry a foreigner
and bring her here.. is better that I die. And entrust his property to a home. I am thinking of dying. That is why
I am going to commit suicide. You will entrust the
property to a home? Wow! You are worried about the
property and not your mother. You are not sad that I will die.
-Mom, the girl is from our city. I don’t trust you. If she is with you then
I want to talk to her. Just a moment, mom.
I will ask him to talk to you. Just a moment, mom. Actually I needed a help. Unknowingly I lied to my mother. Will you help me? Same here. Do you know I am very happy. Do you like my son? A lot. He looks like a hero
with the beard. Enough. Just come back soon. Your mom didn’t like me at all. And even your mother didn’t
like me at all. We are at the address
that you asked. You will meet Peter inside. Show him this. -He will give you
something. Bring it to me. Peter! How can I help you? AQ015866. Doctor Bol! Here. I am sure to get imprisoned. Sorry! -It’s okay. What are you doing? -Why did you
hold it with your left hand? This hand is wounded. Adi! Adi! Adi! Adi! Adi! Leave me.
-You will die. You will die. I will kill you. I won’t leave you. Ditto!
Did you see so much money ever? You will die. You will die. You will die. Bad! Bloody taste. Adi! Adi! Yes.
-What are you doing? Where are you? Spa. With beautiful girls. I am enjoying.
-Okay. Okay. Alright. I am going out for sometime. I will call you back. Okay. Perfect! Perfect! Close. Close. -Leave us. Don’t
harm us. Go to your country. What are you doing here? Leave! -Please! Push her. Push her. -Be brave. Go. Go away right now. Leave us. What are you looking at?
Get out of here. Okay. Okay. -Oh no!
These people misbehave. What is wrong with you? I didn’t know people will
fight on such things. What do you want to say? Can someone remove you from your
country in this manner? People come to America
for a better living. But they misbehave with them. Such people must be killed. You want to kill them, right? How can a human kill another human.
I can’t watch it. Then kill them without watching it. How? I am coming. Why did you come in this? Thank god I stopped myself in time. I don’t know what would happen. You are very brave, Chaitra. Don’t consider me weak. I badly need a shower. So baby,
put me closer in the backseat.. Hello Satya alias Showman. Is your vacation going on well? I will give you a breaking news. The suit that you hid for
so long is now with me. Now I have nothing to do with me.
Child. Good luck! Oh baby! Hey, what are you doing? What are you searching? The suit is here. Why did he lie? Something is wrong. Hey, whose suit is it? They must be here anytime.
-We need to go. Let’s go. Who is coming?
-I will talk to you while running. Here. Here. Catch him. -Get aside! Go! Go! Go! You Indian, stepped on my car. Go! Go! Hello! -We lost him. He got saved again. Yes Adi.
Tell me. -Satya, where are you? Lincoln statue. Can I have a lighter, please! Sure! Thank you! Catch him! Hello! -Officer. I need your help. We are searching for a guy in a
blue shirt with a backpack, Indian. Okaya.
Blue shirt. Backpack. Indian. Got it! I think I have found him. He is not the guy. Nice design, man! How did this suit have
this finger prints? Tell me sir, what are you doing? Sir! I sent you some pictures
of finger-prints. Check it. Who are you? And why have you come here for? I.. actually.. Who are the people you
are running away from? To tell you the truth they
are following me as.. I am talking to you.
And you are looking somewhere else. I am really sorry.
I am the reason behind this. Let me solve it. Thank God. You send them on time. Your fight is with me. Then do whatever you want with me. He has nothing to do with that. What had to happen has happened. You misbehaved first. Say sorry. -Sorry! -Sorry! Is she crazy! Yes! Problem solved. No one will trouble you now. Satya, these finger prints
don’t match with anyone. Neither a criminal nor a celebrity. It’s so confusing. To find out whose finger print.. ..they are,
we need to catch him alive. We need him alive. Why was this painting and suit
sent to the same address? There is some connection in them. Rope trick magician Padmanabhan. Sanskrit Words.. What does it mean? No one can change what’s
written in destiny. I know the meaning.
Tell me why you are telling that. When the suit left from Hyderabad
for our mansion.. should have disguised then. The suit was being delivered
directly to our mansion. But you send the suit to Vegas
first and you are still living. After that the painting that was
in our mansion for years.. ..on which your name was written. You sent it back on
the same address. This is how you reduced your age. God doesn’t let a person
be born with weakness. Humans create their own weakness. If you forget that suit. You have a chance to survive. God doesn’t let a person
be born with weakness. It was a world class statement.
I feel like hearing it again. Come on. Say it once again. Sir! You have a visitor. Hi! Hi Gentleman! -Hi! Sit. Sit. And you are Mr.. Satya. Central intelligence India. I know. Seeing you, I understood it. I love India. I like it. It’s been many years. Forget it. Tell me what can I do for you? We are searching for a criminal. We need help. Do you have any connection
with this painting? Wow! Beautiful! I feel I have seen it. But I don’t remember where
I have seen it. You know I am a magician. I perform Indian classic
rope trick. Maybe a fan gifted it to me. I don’t remember who gave it to me. Okay. I am very sorry. I have some important work. I will
call you up when I remember it. Officer!
I wish you find your amigo. I mean your friends. Wish? To end a powerful person
God creates another one. What’s in your pocket?
Give me your money. Oh no! Just cool! Just cool! You give me all your money. Money? Yes. -Sir, code number 55569996. Come on man? Here. 5555. I said go away from me. 4155555. I feel he is going to die. What to do with him? We have nothing to do with him. Let me think. 415. The one who is calling.. ..6996. At least get a good grave
ready for him. I will handle the rest. After he dies. Who is calling you up? It was a wrong number. 15 million dollars? This room will
be bigger. Is the suit safe? Yes Adi, tell me. Where are you? Lincoln statue. Wrong number. Did you find Adi? Good luck! We have to handover
the suit tomorrow. To whom? -Sanskrit Words..
I don’t know. What? You don’t know. Sanskrit Words.. How can you handover if you
don’t know who it is? I don’t know how he looks. What did you say? You don’t know how he looks. Then how will you handover
the suit? I got a code word for that. Sanskrit Words.. What is the location?
-Metro station. Time. 12.30. Train number. 2674. Code word Umaro Jaan. Hello! Umaro Jaan. No. There is no Umrao Jaan
here. It’s a wrong number. I told you it’s a wrong number. There is no Umarao Jaan here. What can I do for you? Satya. Central intelligence. I am Gurunathan. Please! I and the commissioner are
friends since 30 years. Sir.
Sir. I have nothing to do with him. Sir, listen to me. Sir! Sir, hello! Please! Please! Hello! Hello! Sir. No one knows where you are. Who wants this suit? How he looks? If you want to give this
information then call me or else.. Sir. Sir. Please sir. Open the
box or I will die. Die! Sir! Sir! Please sir! Hello Mr. Vishwanath, listen to me. I am trapped. I am inside a grave. I don’t know where I am. Be quick. Please! I told you that your time is up. You are lucky. You lived a lot. I will come after you die. With your favourite roses. Hello! Hello! Hello! Sir, I really don’t know him. But one man can take you to him. His name is.. Vishwanath! I will speak to him. Two minutes. Tell me, Mr. Vishwanath. If you don’t tell me then he will
kill you and me together. And I want to live. Sir! Give us some time. I can understand his fear. If he speaks they will kill him. If he won’t speak.
You will kill him. He will kill his whole family. Do you know why? Do you know why? Because he is a bad man. Right Mr. Vishwanath. I rightly fear, right? Tell me. Don’t you dare. A person creates weakness
for himself, right? You have a good family. You have small children. Think about them. You should have thought of it,
right? Sir, sir. He will speak right now. Tell me.
Aren’t you thinking of your family? Decide. Decide. So much has happened.
They will kill me. Please kill me. Sir! Please sir. Sir! His life is very important
until I get that suit. Oh no! You have seen a small
game until now. The reality show will now start. And no one will be alive
in this game. Get ready. Child! Child! Chaitra! Chaitra! Chaitra! Did you fear thinking its blood?
It’s sauce! I thought of cleaning it. But I wanted to see your reaction.
That is why I didn’t clean it. But I am pleased to see that
you worry about me. That is why I want to
marry you right away. I love you! I know I hate you! What.. what is this? Blood! Thank God! I thought it was blood. Thank god, it’s sauce. Come along with me. Please! I will get bored to go
alone and so far. Don’t worry.
Go. I will join you later. Satya, you scared me. Where is the suit? -That suit.. Satya, I can’t bear this silence. Do you know whose finger
print they are? Army General Subrotho Roy. Army General Subrotho Roy? How did the suit get
his finger prints? Subrotho Roy is a hand
painting artist. He gifted a painting ‘The great rope
trick Magician’ to Padmanabhan. He sent the painting to him. But before it reached Padmanabhan,
Villain robbed it. That painting was sent
to Steve in Vegas. That man is an expert to arrange
scattered finger prints in one place. And his job was to transfer those
finger prints on the suit. But what will he do with
the finger prints? He will control the
whole Indian army. He can launch nuclear weapons. He can destroy the whole country. It means he will destroy
everything. We need to send that suit
to India quickly. Where is the suit, Satya? Fairy Mall. Locker number 2706. Go! Get it, Satya! Master of disguise. Sir! -Satya, I am at the airport
since a long time. San Francisco. I am waiting since an hour.
Where are you? He can control the
whole Indian army. Where is the suit, Satya? The commissioner is at the airport. Then who came in the room. The reality show will now begin. We got the suit, sir. Do you have a lighter? Yes! Leave me. Yes Afzal. -Padmanabha,
the time given to you has ended. Where is the suit?
-Come to Triumph tower. Come in, Mr. Afzal Khan. Welcome Afzal. Sir, you and here? Where is Satya? The job is done. I know who
is the Master of disguise. Padmanabhan. The famous rope trick magician. Padmanabhan. He is in my disguise. He ran away. You are laughing? Come, come with me. -Hey! How did you run away from there? How could you escape
from that place? You.. Padmanabhan. Kill him. Hello! -Wow! Tough guy. I thought I would never
hear your voice. Good step. That coat is with me. And you can’t do anything. I will give you breaking news. The suit that you have.. ..and the suit that you
were searching for.. ..they are two different ones. The suit that you have will be
the reason for your death. Check the suit. We are going downstairs. Come on. I want your dress. Did you see the children? If you kill me you will
not find your son. You have to die. Dad! Dad! Dad! Flash back. Your past was
following you until now. But now on your death
will follow you. There is only place in the
world where you can hide. Go and hide in hell. Okay. Listen. Though I am
sounding stereo-type. But sentiments make a person weak.
You know why I am saying this. The commission who is
sitting beside me.. ..and your girlfriend
are still alive. Hey! If I don’t get that suit
within 30 minutes.. You are scaring me. If that is the case then I
will kill and bury them. I don’t want any relationships. Nor do I have to do anything
with anyone. I have only one agenda in life. And that is your death. I killed 28 people to find you. Hello Padmanabhan. And now the count is 29. If the commissioner dies
the count will be 120. Stop! Stop! Don’t do that. I want the commissioner alive. He killed my father. Though I am sounding stereo-type. Today is your last day. Just tell me, where do I come? Get that suit. Hey! We are searching for a criminal. I wish you find your amigo. I mean your friends. You look tired. I mean you will get tired if you
are searching me for 20 years. I am impressed, child. I have come personally
to give you peace. Are you ready? Are you ready? Hey, take care of the suit. I told you, take care of the suit. I had told you that
I will kill you. Is it? Hey Child, I am here. Your father was caught in a similar
situation 20 years ago. He begged of me and caught my feet. But you want to kill me. How can you both be so different? Do you remember your father? My dad will answer this question. Wait for some time.
I have arranged a meeting for you. Just few more minutes. Not bad, Child. I’m impressed. If.. That day I purposely.. If you still want to kill me then.. Sir, what are you saying? Why will
I kill you? -You are joking. I lied to him that I
want to kill you. Or he would have killed you. I had no other option
to save your life. Now he is dead, right?
-Why did you kill him? We wanted him alive. How will we know whose finger
prints they are? Sir, what will anyone do
with Army general.. ..Subrotho Roy’s finger prints? Lots can be done. He can launch nuclear bomb. He can control the army.
A lot can be done. Okay. How do you know those finger
prints belong.. army general Subrotho Roy?
-How do you know? It’s a long story.
I will tell you some other time. My girlfriend is calling up.
-I need to speak to her. Yes Chaitra! All my dreams are fulfilled. Only for one dream. Which dream? I won’t tell you. Tell me. -I won’t. Tell me. -I won’t. I won’t. -Tell me. I won’t. Chaitra, wait! Tell me. -Stop there. What are you doing? I want to marry a super-cop. Be it done! Lord,
when we went to Vegas, you said.. That they will marry thrice. When they looked at each
other for the first.. ..time you considered
that marriage. That is one. Roaming hand in hand is second. What was the third one? Innocent Narad.
When both were drunk in Vegas. They got married the first time.
-Hey! Love you! This is how Indra’s ego ended. Hence proved marriages


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