Leverdez: EC medal makes me calm

please leave they're ready for the quarterfinals here how do you see a performance today I'm happy to win because the match wasn't wasn't the way I wanted to I couldn't put my game in in place today Michelle Michelle played a great game but it's it's really hard to play deal with this kind of shuttles which are really really fast and we are agree with most of most of the players here we we don't know why we change the shuttle yesterday certainly the first two days I showed was very good and since yesterday there they are really fast – it's bad for the show it's bad for the for the players we can't we can't really enjoy on court so I'm really happy to go through the quarterfinals and and hopefully they will change their mind and come back to reason with no more shuttles for tomorrow the draw was conducted yesterday night for for the knockout stage what's your opinion on the draw and and and how does it look for you now moving into the cold front I mean if every guy is tough I don't even remember who has to have to play tomorrow I know everyone is tough I know if I can play my best I can win against everyone so tomorrow it would be another match I'll go for one match tomorrow again and and let's see how it goes please if you could claim a medal here at the European games how important would it actually be to you I I got the medal last year so it's not it wouldn't be the first time but but I I'm trying to aim for bigger medal this time so it will mean a lot yeah I recall we spoke together before the European Championships last year where it was very important for you to win that medal I you mock home now that you know okay I got that one medal already so do you feel less pressure or how should I put it yeah of course of course I mean the first medal was hard to get I waited a long time to get it so now the pressure of the middle is not here I just want to to get a better middle and and win the European Championship one time

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