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it's Friday you are so welcome to let's talk showbiz here on your favorite news channel joy news on multi TV I'm trying to rhyme everything that I'm saying but I am very excited because today is Friday and we have the Friday hangouts coming up soon we also have something from lunga bells so you should stay and stay with me I have a song that I want to give you today I've been listening to it all morning and I think that you will be inspired by this particular song I'm talking about Dinah Hamilton's song Nami ne na de because it's fighting [Applause] you guys join me this is less stop show base and my name is Becky today let's start with long the bell and Oh Bell says that journey and should take it easy with Coach questio here the only thing we need from you ghanians is to take it easy with coach cassiopea and support him because he's one of our own and that's the only thing he needs right now asked black stars are playing tomorrow with Cameroon and of course wish them all the best but let's take this advice from Blanca pearl when we're back we'll give you the fairy hand out the art were sufficient for the couch ok question is basic we all chop the same food any card and food will wear I'll chop and position Bangu Georgia table which hopefully which ob-la-da buttock book will every gonna shock auto body after that I present to our son goodness we have two guys what a little Becky alright let's move away from lunga Bell and talk about a yappin oh yeah porno is a man for today we are hanging our yeah Paulo what is yeah pull up to he told me that he has an album coming up while he makes off medicals and strongman's beef everything please stick and watch this interview therefore all right let's talk some shoulders here or enjoy news today I have one special my one whopper why he calls himself a porno I still don't understand why do you call yourself a porno you know when I am Felicia from the album such as into me Sanna me obey me and a lie or body that's a huge fish I am from an image from unknown trésor me upon over the name is to show how king king you are but because of language people you know it's a kind of promotion to you know is coming up Pannonia Prince of New Order and I said Prince of the origin is to make me focus and do my music great problem with your eyes because we don't normally see you this I have a have busy eyes I don't have a real white you have dirty eyes is it my family there my dad has a massive I think I have little yours is brown by – dates yeah it's cool it's very nice it's sexy yeah very nice okay you you you will just sign on to my bed how do you feel about that and what does this mean to you for the past two weeks in Philly great sand for me to be on view today each other my first brand ambassador so I wouldn't feel cool if it wasn't cool in my pocket see my new album my happiness collection I have to travel across the world do a whole lot of things I did my own album myself did everything myself so as this deal came in I was like oh because it's not even about the deal is about the kind of projects I want to do an impact our to have on our YouTube because we had direct contact with the people I'm the kind of guy you see me on the street talking to my people and and because most of the brand ambassador is that they are brand ambassadors I think the brand Natomas only has effect but they don't know how to go to the people and then know what really what the people want so me being a brand ambassador for that kind of this year has been I think great for you I must say you've been traveling around the world you want something at the vgm is where which you didn't pick up somebody pick it up for you can you round up I mean we are in the city month half of the year tell us how your year has been with the awards and the shows that you've played before before I wonder Hippolyte song of the year the VGA me I've already won Hippolyte song of the year in the UK 2018 I want the best collaboration and I want the best rap as well in 2018 in UK got a musical so I was excited for that time but it's been 10 years now as the 12 years now I've I've been to the VGA is this your very fast VGA I suppose corrects me for mistake I've been nominated several times but it's the first of all I wanted not so good but good I'm saying awards the awards so if to me it didn't reward me because I felt like that song should have won the award last year but see they have a board anyway and they didn't know what they sit down and see a media board so I also have a company and I have my own board so we sit down whether we talk excuse me to say trash or good is our own board you get me so I feel like for me I feel like it was good but it doesn't fit my work there's something going on in the rap industry something that yourself sarkodie manifests and the rest started rap music here in Ghana or Bravo I mean we can go on and on I'm talking about strongman and medical I know that you've been following what do you make of the beef you know ongoing and the music industry is it cool what's up it's been hard for me to be on social media on that kind because all you see on my page is promoting my new song because of my new album coming up this is normal you don't think so do you think that we are taking it out of you know proportion like everybody's talking about it because over the weekend has been something this is where I come from we have done this understand tango and I mean my big link advisable though yes it is advisable and open Indian advisable an adviser will be on the Karim it is very very advisable about your new album it's not advisable nobody she advised them my new album is up in its collections there's not really an album is a collection from my songs my album will be coming in October I just want to put this down because for six months now Ghana hasn't released like most of the musicians hasn't been releasing like I we used to release two after like put in an album in so that we have a lot of our music in our industry so we have on the album and you know I don't know yet but the album will be coming like a thief in the night I'll be dropping quickly soon which means top boys on the street encouraging stubbornness because that's what we are not or we are trying not to encourage so wouldn't that be courage in them but we can't kill them yeah we have to give them a good song your new album which you're set to release what else do we have up to up your sleeves and you have my team the Uptown energy which I've already it's like a boot camp everybody is ready now black boy rebel is ready Shido Quan is ready people like on here mark on London kids here and I'm a tree you know and a whole lot of people that we are putting in the process gee Quinn from London yeah so who on the rap game which one medical and strong radio station all like how we used to do with dr. Duncan like microphone to microphone like yes reduced ich in Norwegian original you people are produced it hits a fantastic and organized that if they want to find a winner but me to mention you know because I haven't been following so much all mateesah movie unanimity because of my my album yet thank you so much yeah porno we hope to have a longer conversation with you subsequently thank you so much for being here too and thank you for supporting my this is what time will allow us thank you so much for sticking with us I like to say a very big thank you to Michaela Anderson for gifting me with this beautiful brooch thank you so much we hope you had fun on the show today please join the same time next week let's do this all over again my name is Becky I'll see you soon

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