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Let’s Get Loud With AMAZING Filipino Alisah Bonaobra! Live Shows Week 2 | The X Factor UK 2017

Oh, yes, we have my little Filipino angel. Alisah! In my performance on last week shows I think I did well with a voice like yours you can be here to the end miss! I’am so happy! I’m really proud of myself that I go through to week two. I really miss my family back in the Philippines. however, I have some family here in London and my mom is staying with my aunt and cousins. I really miss this this is very different from our food in the house. I can tell that because you’re eating too much. Tita (Aunty) what re the reactions of the people in the Philippines? Oh my god? Overwhelming we are so bocal about how you represent the talent of you know Filipinos. I’m very really proud of you Alisah. Thank you, Mom! In my previous performance, you’ve seen a lot of ballad and this week is gonna be Latino, so yeah, I’m gonna dance My dance I’m gonna do is a little bit crunchy my mom will definitely make, make the face like. Look at you, you sexy little thing and its really good cuz you’re pushing yourself to do something different for victory let’s do this Not go into that little you become this She became Tina Filipina diva that you are you make all Filipinos You just you shut it down tonight little firecracker out there The start of the whole series I told you could just think the big balance and now your turn is just little Tiger tonight with always amazing energy I love the stage the dancing. I love the whole staging by the creative team it was fantastic There’s no messing around with you Is that I mean you are I mean you just bring it look if I had to give you any constructive criticism boo boo is You at some point Alisa are gonna have to put your own unique twist on a song otherwise It will be considered a beret and that won’t get you to where you wanna be More than just a ballad singer much much more Impress me tonight you come out of your comfort zone, and it was spectacular Thank You judges son as writer in this audience, but I think this is important for you Isn’t it because everyone does consider you to be a balladeer to come out and do something up-tempo? This week is something different, and this dance is a clue is to see for X Factor only so yeah They’re gonna see that once again. It’s a long way together She does not want to make the long trek home because someone has to and it’s your decision Voting is open enough that all the finalists had before but now it’s a Lisa

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