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Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech ” What he really thought” @ Oscar 2016 (SUB ENG) [ SFOGO PARODIA]

yes..yes..thank you, thank you all I spent 22 years to get this fuckin statue, that’s incredible.. 6 nominations and now I won because of I’ve been raped by a bear, you know, I have been a handicapped without any consideration, a paranoid director, a friend of black guys and a rich and cocaine addicted business man with a lot of girls without any award, to get an Oscar being screwed by a bear it’s fuckin frustrating…am I wrong? yes..Now you are all here to celebrate me but until this morning you were on Facebook to post funny gifs or pics to take the piss out of me, what do you think?… I look fool but I observe and your invitation to those fuckin funny games.. what was the one about me? “let Di Caprio win the Oscar”? it is mother-fuckers, I won… not surely ’cause of your help, fuckin negative people. I though you were friends instead of being false and hypocrite to take the piss out of me every time we met at the bar hey Leo, Oscar said me to salute you” well now you must salute the champion I am. You know what, I will keep making movies with Scorsese while you struggle searching for the right movie to do, keep on screw every model I want to, to earn a lot of money without being involved on TV advertisement, chatting with chickens or drinking coffee like that pussy.. (Antonio Banderas) alking about my relatives, those parasites I had to support economically until today.. I hate you with a smile because from now on I deserve all your respect for this prize I won.. Anyway, Morricone has copied Subsonica… which in turn they have copied Morricone… with this one I got nothing more to say, fuck off you all.


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