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Lego Minecraft Movie

(music)Very good, I love it. a story of minecraft welcome to minecraft Steve good wait a pig!!!!!! wow a basement one creeper wait let’s get some wood a crafting table shovel..oh man .no pickaxe…no axe…yes! wo hooo… more wood pig! other pig! sand no yes picaxe I know were not supposed to dig straight down, but it’s worth it now let’s dig front up in water creeper! zombie mobs! let’s make a house oh! {fast build…} its perfect! lets enter zombie it’s morning! let’s go. let’s start mining, let start mining, mining is fun! huh? my pickaxe won’t mine this ore. let me keep trying uhoh! show yourself zombie! A creeper! Hello creeper. die!!!!!!!! you too zombie come on! oh no. run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on!? not again i need to go! back home ahhh. yesterday was super bad. hope today will be good hmm water pig A TREASURE CHEST! what is inside yay!!!!!!!!!! a diamond pickaxe!!!!!!! a stone sword, and armor a person! ahh!!! a zombie let’s go to him Huh? Show yourself! wait?! Get out of here stupid zombie! Looking good! HAHHAHA It’s morning time! There it is! get out of here cow! A cow! AHHH! where am i? Spiders, Die! scaryzombie


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